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This years Adams Derby Final, judged by Ruth Jones, was hosted by Derbyshire DAC on the Saturday night of their at Catton Hall on 31 July. It was sponsored by Adams Agility and Land of Holistic Pets. Sandra Adams, sponsor and herself a finalist, reports on an exciting final.

We had a fantastic audience again this year. It is always a great pleasure to run this event especially when we see all the competitors and spectators enjoying the final!

Commentating on this occasion was Rachel Rogers. She did a great job making the crowd laugh and urging them to do a Mexican wave as the handlers walked the course.

This year's course was cleverly designed by Ruth to provide all the excitement of a real flyer but, at the same time, requiring a large degree of control and handling from both dog and handler.

As always the dogs were some of the best in the country at this level, whittled down from many hundreds through the season.

It was interesting to listen to the commentary. There were dogs from various backgrounds including many rescues. It is quite humbling to see them doing so well now they have been given a better life!  One particular handler and dog that sticks in my mind was Hazel Williams and Luna (aka A Present from Loon Vali.) Hazel described Luna as 'a wild woman and, if human, would be a cross between Margaret Thatcher and Amy Winehouse.' What a combination!

The first clear was second to go. Tim Marsh with Nedlo Starry Nite had a good run with a time of 21.63 that was held until Christine Wingate Wynne and Nedlo Drives Me Wild put in a storming clear in 21.02. This pair have a lovely partnership and, as Christine rightly proclaims, this is her 'one and only!'

A few dogs came in at around the 22 second mark, but nothing came close to Christine until Sue Leach and her Kelpie Rio (Blackthorn Red Devil) took their turn, putting in an amazing time of 20.99.

The dog right after Sue and Rio was my own dog Pip (Darleyfalls Pipistrelle) who posted a respectable 21.43 after a wide turn. Again, this course really tested and I think we still need some ring experience under our belt!

The last dog and handler to go was Julie Chapman with her dog Oz (Indistorm Warning.) This dog was certainly one of the favourites, and we all held our breath as she approached the jumping section. Oz was not sure about leaving the start line at first, which was rather comical given the dog's brilliant form. But when he set off, he was like a rocket. Alas, this was not to be their day as this resulted in an elimination. I'm sure they have an excellent agility future ahead.

Final results

  1. Sue Leech with Blackthorns Red Devil
  2. Christine Wingate Wynne with Nedlo Drives Me Wild
  3. Sandra Adams with Darleyfalls Pipistrelle
  4. Tim Marsh with Nedlo Starry Nite
  5. Steven Pluves with November Ten
  6. Diane Graves  with Comebyanaway Catchphrase
  7. Dick Farrar  with Rickta Chipbob
  8. Sue Choux with Bryning Gold Rushed
  9. Louise Evans with Getajeda Edie
  10. Carol Pollard with Billsbonnie Meg

I hope those who attended enjoyed the final. We hope to see you all again next year at the Adams Agility/Derbyshire week show at Catton Hall!



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