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Every year the Federation Mondiale du Berger Belg (FMBB), an international society for Belgian Shepherd Dogs, organises a huge competition of different events exclusively for Belgian Shepherd Dogs for all four varieties. It is held in a different country every year and run under the rules of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Great Britain has been sending a team to the BSD Agility Worlds since 2003.


Official Communication FMBB Championship 2020

We regret the decision to have to cancel the FMBB 2020 World Championship in May, following the current pandemic (COVID-19), and the health measures taken by all official instances which are only getting stronger every day.

France has been declared as a contaminated country. For the moment, gatherings of more than 1000 people in France are prohibited. Following the evolution and spreading of the coronavirus, the coming days, weeks, months, it will spread further and further over the world. A consequence is that we will have few competitors present due to the current and future restrictions imposed by the different authorities in many different countries.

Since we normally receive over 40 countries from different continents, we would put everyone at high risk. The FMBB acknowledges and assumes its responsibility in this matter. That is why the world Championship is cancelled.

We fully agree and confirm the views of our French organiser, the French Belgian Shepherd Association. They do not have to put their technical staff, volunteers (often elderly) at risk, whom we will put in contact with competitors, supporters, a large part of which will have crossed Europe and more. It is, therefore, preferable to make this wise decision to cancel or postpone.

Stop press... The French Club of the Belgian Shepherd Doghas agreed to postpone the FMBB World Championships to the week of 17 to 23 August 2020 on the Aubigny sur Nčre site, the same period as the French National Breeding exhibition Belgian Shepherds.

Selection Day News

The BSDA of GB and WBSDS would like to invite all eligible Belgian Shepherd dog agility handlers to register their interest for the GB Squad going to the FMBB World Championship 2020 being held in France at Aubigny-sur-Nčre between 12th and 17th May. The Selection Day is to take place  on Sunday, 1st March at Steventon in Oxfordshire, a short distance from the A34 at Milton

Tony Parmiter, GB Team Manager, explained. 'Usually the location for the FMBB World Championship known at the end of the preceding year’s event or shortly thereafter. This year, however, it took several months for the venue for the 2020 event to be announced, further delayed further by the withdrawal of Romania who are now planning to host in 2022 after Greece in 2021. The lead time for a host nation can be up to two years so it took a while for France to step up to the mark which they did at the end of 2019.

'Unfortunately meant that Team GB missed our usual Selection Day window around mid-November at Moreton Morrell College (Warks) where the trials have been held in recent years. We have, therefore, needed to secure a suitable indoor venue with equipment on a weekend ideally in February which also avoided other events. Finding a location which is sufficiently accessible to everyone has not been easy. We had been waiting for a newly-built venue to open but this turned out to be too small as we require an arena of sufficient size  (40m x 25m) to set out FCI courses including width for working space according to FCI / FMBB Rules.'

Email your name together with Kennel Club/pet name of your dog, variety, gender, age, KC Grade/height and contact details to Tony Parmiter by Sunday, 2nd February 2020.


2019 GB Team Report

FMBB World Championship 2019 – Czech Republic

It was an early meet in Kent for Eurotunnel on the Sunday for our journey through France, Belgium and Germany and then an overnight halt at Würzburg (Bavaria.) Next day it was onward to into The Czech Republic to Písek in South Bohemia. The venue was an hour from our base in the Bechynĕ Golf Resort and weather mixed, sunny and breezy then cold with strong northerly wind and rain.

There were 154 competitors taking part in the Agility from 24 countries and 20 countries that qualified to take part in the Team competition.

Team Manager Tony Parmiter said, 'It is always a privilege and great opportunity to represent Great Britain abroad and an exciting challenge to compete at this level against so many from Europe and beyond who train and run FCI courses the whole year.'

Representing Great Britain were:-

Team + Individuals

  • Tony Parmiter with Nightsabre Elara in Ebony AW/D (Groenendael)

  • Gill Raddings with Minka Quinton Zero (Terveuren)

  • Agata Wieczorek with Amazing Black Lady Yassalen (Groenendael)

  • Tina Simpson with Hawksflight The Phoenix AW/S (Terveuren)


  • Sharyn Hall with Grandbelge Krosby (Groenendael)

  • Sue Cuddon with Hawksflight Take It All to Ered AW/G (Terveuren)


Fitmin Open Cup (Jumping / Agility rounds)

  • 22nd        Sue with Mischief

  • 25th        Tony with Ebony

  • 32nd        Gill with Zero

  • 38th        Tina with Phoenix

  • - --          Sharyn with Thula

World Championship (2 x Jumping / 2 x Agility rounds)

  • 11th        Tony with Ebony

  • 17th        Agata with Lilu

  • 74th        Sue with Mischief

  • 91st        Sharyn with Thula

  • 96th        Gill with Zero

  • - -           Tina with Phoenix

GB Team results

  • Team Jumping - 17th

  • Team Agility -  12th

  • 15th - Overall

Tony and Ebony represented GB in the Individual Final.

Afterwards he told Agilitynet, 'I was so pleased with Ebony. We were clear in the Jumping round of the Fitmin Cup, but had an unfortunate E in the Agility and in the World Championship finished 11th overall after the four qualifying rounds (2 x Jumping and 2 x Agility). She worked really well, only clipping one pole (my fault) and missing an A-frame off with R blind after. We qualified for the Final, too. We were clear in both rounds ending up 23rd. I was especially proud as she hurt her shoulder a little in the Jumping due to the slippery conditions, and I had to take it steady in the Agility. We were the only GB pair to get both the Team Jumping and Team Agility Clear.

  • 39th - Jumping

  • 26th - Agility

  • 23rd - Overall

The return journey was through The Czech Republic back into Germany to an overnight halt at Aachen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Then, for obvious reasons, there was a brief visit to Tervuren in Belgium and onto France for Eurotunnel. It was a 2,000-mile round trip and the only delays (potholes) were once we got back to Kent the following Tuesday with inevitable queues/diversions on M26 / M20 / M25.

With many thanks from all within Team GB for the support given by the BSDA of GB and WBSDS. Special thanks to Jenny Kimber at Rogue Agility for her training input.

FMBB WC 2020 will possibly be in Romania or Spain and then in 2021 it travels to Greece.

Tony Parmiter (GB Team Manager)



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