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In association with Melton Mowbray Flyball & Agility Club

The organisers of the East Midlands Grand Prix Agility Match series are aware that there is considerable interest in these events because they are not run under the auspices of the Kennel Club. Here is a report on the first match of three matches from June Bass.

We have been approached by the KC in respect of our events. We are pleased that they have confirmed to us that they have no jurisdiction over us. Their only request of us is that we make it clear to participants that these events are not licensed by the KC. We are happy to re-state that these events are independent and not affiliated in any way to any other organisation.

A total of approximately 200 dogs entered the first show. With up to four runs per dog in a variety of classes, there was something for everyone. The handlers enjoyed some well designed courses. The weather was kind well most of the time and, with a manageable entry in just two rings, all had a very relaxed and enjoyable show.

The standard of competition even in Elementary classes was excellent and, in some cases, the competition was very close. There was one run off for first place and very nearly had another in which the class was won by just one hundredth of a second, showing the benefit of electronic timing. Quality rosettes were awarded to a minimum of 20% in all classes.

One different rule we do have is that we allow dogs to enter at any jump height irrespective of the size of the dog which meant that veterans dogs, inexperienced dogs and dogs that wouldn’t normally be able to compete can take part.

An unplanned attraction was the local Whippet racing club training session. It made even the fastest collies look positively pedestrian!

Clever agility dogs
An added feature of the show was that on both days a Cleverdogs competition was held. Cleverdogs is an event which combines Agility and Flyball in which points are collected from heat heat, culminating in the Cleverdog of the Year Award along with a gift voucher for Agility or Flyball equipment.  It  is now well established on the country fair circuit. Many agility dogs after a short practice session did remarkably well both in a Starters event and also when competing against some of the established Cleverdogs stars. Overall it was a successful weekend.

Thank you
Many thanks to all of our judges, helpers, sponsors, equipment suppliers, members of Melton Rovers Agility & Flyball Club and all those that have supported us to make these events possible.