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The 2009 Trophy Team Steeplechase Final was held at the UKA Cornwall show on Saturday, 15 August and judged by John Omlo. This was the second year this competition and once again it was sponsored by Trophy Petfoods. After the five nationwide heats, the last of which had been held earlier in the day, ten teams lined up to compete in the final. Cyd Griffin reports.

Luckily the drizzle of the afternoon had cleared and a very smart-looking John Omlo was ready to judge the first team. John had set an interesting and flowing course which was ideal for any of the height combinations as each team could have three dogs of the same height or a combination of two different heights.

First up was the 60 Something team with two Standard dogs and a Midi, They finished the course with just 5 faults. Next came a local team of Cornish Spans who all belonged to Zoe Dingle, but they had an elimination to add to 10 faults. The Cavelties followed, and unfortunately they had a faulty baton change as well as 5 faults. The next team really blasted round the course, living up to their name of A Trio of Tryers but they amassed 115 faults.

Fifth to run were the team from Oxon who had come 5th in last years final. Could they improve on this? They put in three good clear rounds in a time of 89.87 seconds which put them in the lead. Laura Derrett and her team of Here Come the Girls knew that they would have to go clear to be in with a chance of winning. Unfortunately Karen's Zorro dropped a pole for 5 faults but they finished in a much quicker time which put them into 2nd place.

So could Pete and Iris Richards in their second team -  this time with Shaun Hunt - do any better? Again it was a very fast time for Our Teams Been Phixed, but they incurred 10 faults as did the next team The Honeys. The penultimate team, the Tolnedra Wanderers with two Toys and a Midi dog picked up 15 faults.

So it was all down to the last team Play Your Cards Right who won it last year albeit with one change of dog and handler. They knew they had to really go for it, so no pressure there then! Unfortunately 5 faults meant they would not be doing the double and they had to settle for 3rd place which meant that the winner of the Trophy Team Steeplechase with the only treble clear rounds was Hazel's Hopefuls who all train with Hazel Horrobin. So congratulations to Lisa and Lauren Jeffery and Rachel Draper.

Finally a comment from John: 'I was honoured to be asked to judge the finals. I set a fast, flowing course with a couple of subtle traps needing careful handling which caught out a few. All the competitors entered into the spirit of the event. The defending champions were unfortunate as they were beaten by a new young team who were petrified at the start by seeing me in a suit!'

The Winners
Hazels Hopefuls with Judge John Omlo and Trophy Petfoods representative, Katie Grant.




Dog Sizes




 Hazel's Hopefuls

Standards (2) and Maxi (1)



Lisa Jeffery with Misty





Rachel Draper with Konnor





Lauren Jeffery with Amber





Here Come The Girls

Maxis (3)




Laura Derrett with Spider 





Karen Laker with Zorro





Michelle Spencer with Maverick





Play Your Cards Right

Midi (2) and Toy (1)




Jane Tatam with Jaggers 





Rosemary Anson with Jack





Jeanette Hurrell with Jess





60 Something

Standard (2) and Toy (1)




Geraldine Chubb with Sally





Val Millward with Em





Jenny Collinge with Dee Dee





Our Teams Been Phixed

Maxi (3)




Shaun Hunt with Phix





Pete Richards with Buffy





 Iris Richards with Ellie









Bob and Cyd Griffin of UKA Cornwall would like to congratulate the winners and thank the judge John Omlo. Thanks to Trophy Petfoods for sponsoring the whole event and to Katie Grant, representing the local agent, who presented the super engraved glass decanters to the winners and glass tankards to the runners up. Place rosettes went to 5th and all the finalists received a commemorative rosette.



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