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Agility Team GB Training Day 2008
Paula Zupkus found herself standing in a sports field, feeling slightly apprehensive about the next couple of hours. It was the Agility Team GB Supporters Club Training Day with Alan Bray. What was she doing there? Would she make an idiot of herself? Read her account of the day and find out what happened to her and Jack Dog.
Agility Instructor Training the Diamond Way
Don't underestimate what is involved in being a dog agility training instructor. It is very challenging. Just ask Mike Bacon. He knows because he teaches the teachers.
Barbara Sykes
Just who is Barbara Sykes and why you should attend one of her seminars. Diana Lowe attended one of Barbara's packed seminars last year and says that Barbara's enthusiastic and positive comments helped sort out her difficult dog Storm.
Crazy Masey Agility Camp 2010
It's not often agility people put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard - but everyone who attended the Crazymaesy Camp this year had such a fantastic time that they wanted to promote its success.
PACE Coaching Techniques for Handlers of All Standards
Combining his experience as a handler, trainer, judge and Manager of the Kennel Club's World Championship Agility Team, Steve Croxford explains his approach to coaching and why he believes it can be of benefit to all handlers no matter what their level of experience. Steve also explains his coaching system which he calls PACE - Performance Agility Coaching & Evaluation (28/02/2024)
PACE Training - The Seminar
Peter van Dongen,  British Agility World Championships Team Vet, recently took part in a rather special agility weekend, organised by Steve and Yvonne Croxford, of PACE Agility (Performance Agility Coaching and Evaluation). It was called the PACE-Agility Performance Academy, and it was meant to be an agility weekend with a difference.
Mary Ann Nester Training News
Training news of agility seminars, workshops and private tuition by the best of British.



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