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Olympia 2010 Qualifiers

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The i-List

As Olympia is the pinnacle of achievement in the agility world, we set out to find out a little more about the handlers who have achieved these dizzying heights. Our Olympia reporter Mandy Wallington asked as many qualifiers  as she could find to answer a few questions about themselves and their dogs. You may be surprised at their answers.


Kennel Club Olympia ABC Stakes

Nigel Staines & Zico (Kelpie)

  • I like... being at home with dogs and family.
  • I have... no hair.
  • I regret... rushing Zico twice at Olympia, costing a pole both times and letting my dog down.
  • I am... still learning.
  • I get.. excited when I hear a beer pouring.
  • I love...  watching my dogs run about and play.
  • I fear... nothing.
  • I value... what my dogs have achieved.
  • I would like... the KC to recognise kelpies so that I may be able to qualify for the World Agility Championships.
  • I advise... lots of people when training them.
  • I believe... in foundation, foundation, foundation, patience, practise and praise.
  • I achieved... yes, I did.
  • I love it when my dog... has fun.
  • I learned... and am still learning.
  • I listen to... people I respect.
  • I make... lots of wind.
  • I manage... my money well.
  • I hope... I can get to Olympia and the WAO having been buried under 4- 5' of snow this past week, and it's still snowing!
  • I prefer... quiet.
  • I like... to be looked after.
  • I predict... who can?
  • I would stop... to smell the roses as they say.
  • I feel... not much.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it's a special place and a chance for all to show just what their dogs can do on the best surface and atmosphere in the world.








Joanne Hyslop & Keisha (BSD Malinois)

  • I regret...  not doing agility sooner.
  • I love...  it when it's home time. Work takes far too much time up.
  • I value...  my dog's opinion, especially in the ring when they show me I've done something wrong.
  • I would like...  to see the world from a dog's point of view.
  • I believe...  I've got so much to learn. It's true, you learn something new everyday.
  • I love it when my dog...  brings my slippers in. If only they could make a brew!
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because...  this is our first time of qualifying and we are going to enjoy every moment of it.

Mark Douglas & Ruby (Kelpie)

  • I like... being fussy and pedantic!
  • I have... far too much grey hair for a man as young as me.
  • I regret... far too many things!
  • I am... 18 years old (in my head.)
  • I get excited... occasionally.
  • I love...  all the family/people and animals close to me.
  • I fear... clowns.
  • I value... learning.
  • I would like... my own purpose-built agility venue.
  • I advise... people to be consistent in everything they do and keep it simple.
  • I believe... is a song that isn't on my i-Pod .
  • I achieved... some things, but not as much as I want.
  • I love it when my dog... manages to get round some agility courses despite my bad handling.
  • I learned... how to use the potty by the age of 16 months, and I'm barely holding on to that skill.
  • I listen to... anything so long as it is interesting.
  • I make... bloody good food.
  • I manage... just!
  • I hope... to do oh so many things.
  • I prefer... anything Scottish!
  • I like to... be quiet.
  • I predict... great things for the future.
  • I can... snore quite loudly, according to my wife.
  • I would stop... doing anything I didn't enjoy.
  • I feel... fluffy on the inside.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... there is nowhere else in agility with that atmosphere.





Anna Braley & Revel (Kelpie)

  • I like...  watching my dogs play and watching them sleep.
  • I have... three dogs, but two of them are now retired to Anysize.
  • I love... running Revel in agility. He is always fun to run even when I get it wrong.
  • I love it when my dog...  waves his paw at me on the start line when I don't release him quickly enough.
  • I am excited... to be going to Olympia again. This will be my fourth time there, second time with Revel, and I have loved it every time.








Jackie Kenny & Kinder (Kelpie)

  • I like... competing with my dogs.
  • I have... eight dogs, but I share them with my hubby.
  • I regret... not starting agility at a much earlier age.
  • I am... so chuffed to have got Kinder to Olympia.
  • I am excited... about the whole experience.
  • I love... my dogs to bits.
  • I fear... falling on my face at Olympia and not being fit enough to get around the huge course.
  • I value... my husband's backing.
  • I would like... to say a huge thank you to all my trainers.
  • I advise... anyone with a dog to try agility.
  • I believe... that dogs are the best animal on the planet.
  • I achieved... my goals so far with Kinder.
  • I love it when my dog... runs back to me when out on a walk for assurance and to say hi.
  • I learned... so much about dogs and training over the years.
  • I listen to... constructive criticism about my handling, even from my hubby!
  • I make... lots of mistakes in my handling, poor dogs!
  • I hope... that we get to Olympia next year and the year after ....
  • I prefer... my dogs to many people.
  • I like to... socialise at shows by going out for meals.
  • I predict... that I won't win Olympia.
  • I feel... very incomplete without a dog.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... It's a great achievement and I hope to make my hubby proud of me.

Kennel Club Olympia Novice Stakes

Georgina Baker & Spud (Border Collie)


  • I like...  to read books and go for long walks with my dogs.
  • I have...   two dogs of my own (Spud and Crumble) but five including my mum's dogs.
  • I am...  16 years old and studying A-levels at Burleigh Community College
  • I am excited...  about going to Olympia as it is my very first time competing there.
  • I love...   nothing more than curling up with my dogs and a good book on these cold winter nights.
  • I value...  my friends, family and the bond I have with my dogs.
  • I would like...  to thank Lisa Adamson for entrusting me with one of her very special Borderstorm babies. I hope we will do her proud.
  • I believe...  that my dogs are first and foremost my best friends and the agility we do together is just a bonus.
  • I achieved...  getting both my dogs to Grade 6 and got two wins to Grade 7 with Crumble before her cruciate ruptured.
  • I love it when my dog...  Spud comes to me and sits with me for cuddles when he knows I am feeling down
  • I learned... a lot from my first dog Crumble who was rather a wild young dog. She taught me that with time and patience you will get there in the end.
  • I listen to...  any help or advise that people kindly offer when training my dogs.
  • I hope...  that i will get Crumble back to agility for at least one more season competing.
  • I like to...  play netball, watch basketball and rugby as well as competing in agility.
  • I predict...  that my mum will be a nervous wreck the day we go to Olympia.
  • I feel...  very proud of my boy for getting me to Olympia.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it is some where I have always wanted to compete.

Lyn Thompson & Bedey (WSD)

  • I got... Bedey for my 60th birthday. He was a 9 week old rescue that had been hand-reared. The rescue people were looking for a working home.
  • I started... agility with my first rescue a GSD X in 2003.
  • I value... Bedey's current good health. At five months he was attacked whilst on lead which left him with a limp. I wondered whether he would ever manage to do agility.
  • I have... never had a pure collie before. What a shock!  He demanded attention and stimulation from the first day, and he is still 'full on'.  I now multi-task; household jobs and play ball; watch TV and play ball!
  • I love... my dog although he is a challenge. I have to fight to get a wait and contacts when in a show environment.
  • I value... the help I have received from my vet, Julia Boness, who got Bedey sound.
  • I listen to... my trainer, Elaine Auty. Without her positive training methods, neither of us would have achieved our goal to get to Olympia and reach Grade 6 - scary as that is!

Lindsay Cheshire & Wish (Border Collie)

  • I like... meeting up with agility friends at shows.
  • I have... two grandchildren.
  • I regret... not discovering agility earlier.
  • I am... privileged to own two wonderful collies - No More Tia's and Darleyfalls No More Wishes.
  • I love... white chocolate.
  • I fear... caterpillars.
  • I value... my health.
  • I would like... more sun next year.
  • I believe... that hard work pays off.
  • I achieved... two Champ tickets with Tia and was a qualifier last year at Olympia. Previous finals include TuffStuff, SuperDogs & CSJ.
  • I love... it when my dog...  wants 'up' for a cuddle.
  • I listen to... constructive advice
  • I make... nice lasagne.
  • I prefer... tea to coffee.
  • I like... to spend time with my family.
  • I would stop... war. drink/drug driving and inflation.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it is such fun to run.

Sarah Wolley & Cruze (Border Collie)

  • I have... never qualified for Olympia before.
  • I regret...  not having a Novice dog to try and qualify for Olympia next year!
  • I am... very very excited about going to compete at Olympia and very pleased to be sharing the experience with several friends.
  • I am excited...  about what I can achieve next season with my dogs.
  • I like... that we own South West Agility Goods as it means I get lots and lots of colour co-ordinated goodies for my dogs!
  • I love...  my dogs, my boyfriend and my friends.
  • I fear...  I may not be able to run fast enough at Olympia!
  • I value... my dogs' belief in me doing the right thing.
  • I would like... to always have dogs in my life.
  • I advise... people to cherish their time with their loved ones - including their dogs!
  • I believe... that no one can get more excited just by the sight of a tennis ball than my merles!
  • I achieved... more than I thought I could this show season.
  • I love it when my dog... comes up for cuddles in the morning.
  • I learned... lots and lots this year.
  • I listen to... what my dog is telling me.
  • I make... sure I listen to the people I respect.
  • I manage... to ignore those that I donít respect!!
  • I hope... Cruze enjoys himself at Olympia.
  • I prefer... life with Collies.
  • I like to... spend time with my agility friends. They know who they are!
  • I predict... I may fall over at Olympia.
  • I can... hope that I am wrong about my prediction and not fall over!
  • I would stop... cruelty to animals.
  • I feel... very very lucky.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... It has always been my dream to get there. Thank you Cruze for making it happen.







Patricia Bowley & Rainie (WSD)





  • I like...  having a clean kitchen floor.
  • I have...  only four dogs and two cats.
  • I regret...  not joining an agility club 20 years ago.
  • I am...  getting old.
  • I am excited...  about going to Olympia.
  • I love...  my new van.
  • I fear...  having to walk three courses in a row and then forgetting everything. It's an age thing!
  • I value...  my friends.
  • I would like... to be able to sing.
  • I advise...  anyone with a pet dog to join a club for agility or obedience.
  • I believe...  just about anything anyone tells me.
  • I achieved...  not a huge amount over the years but I've enjoyed it.
  • I love... it when my dog(s) are happy.
  • I learned...  patience.
  • I listen to...  Radio 4.
  • I make...  lots of errors and the occasional patchwork quilt
  • I manage...  a husband, a pack of dogs and a house.
  • I hope...  to be back at Olympia next year.
  • I prefer...  red wine to white.
  • I like to...  have all my family here for Christmas.
  • I predict...  there will be more snow.
  • I can...  not sing.
  • I would stop...  I donít think I would!
  • I feel...  nervous.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because...  it's a dream come true.

Danielle Jeffery & Lily (WSD)

  • I like... genuine people.
  • I have... seven dogs.
  • I regret... nothing. It all adds to life's tapestry.
  • I am... devoted to my hubby, my daughter and, of course, my dogs.
  • I love ...the above with all my heart.
  • I value... friendship, true friendship.
  • I would... like more time to spend with my family and dogs, but running two businesses doesn't really allow
  • I value... life.
  • I don't often advise... as people need to make their own decisions and mistakes.
  • I have achieved ... many things - and nothing.
  • I manage... to juggle work, family and dog training pretty well!
  • I believe... in fate, love at first sight and Father Christmas.
  • I used to... sing and be in a band, playing keyboard.
  • I used to... compete horses in show jumping/eventing etc.
  • I am... just an ordinary woman, very happily married, with one daughter who is my best friend as well as seven dogs and three cats.
  • I love... the fact that Lily (my Olympia star) was a scruffy puppy, whom I didn't choose. She mkes me smile every day and amazes me with her loyalty and her ability.
  • 97yu6 byh6tbgv6yt52a\z~I am looking forward to Olympia because... I am not sure that I am! I think my nerves will be shot. I will get it all wrong, and let my poor Lily Fudge Cake down!! But I am going to try and soak it all up, enjoy every second and do my best for my £50 working sheep dog Lily.


Lauren Langman & Reef (Border Collie)

  • I like... the experience of running my dog in a big public arena.
  • I have... the joy of seven dogs to look after every day.
  • I regret... that I didn't start agility sooner. I was 21 when I started and am hooked.
  • I am... a half full type of personality.
  • I am excited... at the prospect of Reef in 2010/2011 as he is developing so well.
  • I love it... when he lines up to start his run and looks at me like, 'Well, what are you waiting for?'
  • I fear... not making the most of life.
  • I value... my friends, family and my lovely boyfriend Mathew Rouse who is also competing at Olympia.
  • I believe... life is what you make it.
  • I achieved... FCI World Championships on two occasions and Olympia on three occasions.
  • I love it... when my dog looks at me with his 'I love life,' expressions.
  • I learned... to be more patient with life.
  • I listen... to my soul mates, my friends and family and occasionally Matt!
  • I predict... that 2011 at Bowerlands, my new home, will be fantastic.
  • I can... do anything I set my mind to.
  • I would stop... at nothing.
  • I feel... alive!
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it is simply the best!

KC Olympia Agility Stakes
Saturday, 18 December

Lee Windeatt & Bold (Border Collie)

  • I like...milkshakes.
  • I have...  an attitude.
  • I regret...  most of my adult life.
  • I am...  therefore, I think, or is it.. I think, therefore, I am. Can't remember so perhaps...I am not.
  • I am excited... not often enough.
  • I love...  my dogs, of course.
  • I fear... nothing. I am far too tough.
  • I value... good, kind people.
  • I would like... an ice cream.
  • I advise... far too many people with my opinions.
  • I believe... in my dogs.
  • I achieved... very little.
  • I love it when my dog... is happy.
  • I learned... and aim to carry on constantly learning throughout my life.
  • I listen to... classical music that others find rubbish.
  • I make... a mess of most things.
  • I manage... my finances badly.
  •  I hope... I can get better at managing my finances.
  • I prefer... mayonnaise on my Shelties.
  • I like to... teach the world to sing.. in perfect harmony.
  • I predict... loads but am usually wrong.
  • I can... I think I can. I know I can. Of course I can.
  • I would stop... writing nonsense but it just is so difficult when you are stupid.
  • I feel... with my hands and as frequently as I get the chance.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because...  it's the best agility event in this country.


Helen Davey-Smith & Nellie-Bean (Border Collie)

  • I have...  three beautiful dogs who think Iím the best Mom ever!
  • I am...  a cup is half full person.
  • I am excited...  to be going to Olympia with Nellie-Bean as this makes her my third dog to have qualified me for the various Finals there.
  • I believe...  that lots of things can come to she who waits - though hopefully not too long!
  • I love it when my dog... gazes into my eyes, and we have a perfect moment of trust,
  • I listen to... my head and my heart, but my heart usually wins
  • I make... great soup,
  • I hope...  I will continue to improve as a handler and as a trainer.
  • I feel...  immensely lucky.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... well, who doesnít?


Ian Balchin & Bess (Border Collie)

  • I like... roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
  • I have... pretty much everything I need.
  • I regret... not flying years ago.
  • I am... a Libra.
  • I am excited... by speed
  • I love... my family and my dogs.
  • I fear... lions
  • I value... life
  • I would like... to be ten years younger and a Harley Fat Boy.
  • I advise... people who ask me for advise, if I can.
  • I believe... fate sometimes takes a wrong turn.
  • I achieved... Agility Club G6 Dog of the Year 2010
  • I love it when my dog... leaps on the bed to wake my son up every morning.
  • I learned... that not everything is as it first seems.
  • I listen to... good advice and music.
  • I make... great toad in the hole.
  • I manage... to misunderstand (on a regular basis) what Eleanor has asked me to do.
  • I hope... to have a great agility year in 2011 and not to misunderstand (on a regular basis) what Eleanor has asked me to do.
  • I prefer... brunettes
  • I like to... relax in a deckchair on warm sunny days.
  • I predict... a long hot summer.
  • I can... waggle my ears.
  • I would stop... the war in Afghanistan.
  • I feel... pretty lucky really.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... there is nothing else like it in the UK. The atmosphere, the noise, great dogs and the buzz are fantastic!








Laura Chudleigh & Rodney (Border Collie)

I wish... I was a millionaire.
I regret... not starting agility younger.
I love... Rodney.
I learn... mainly by watching others compete and train.
I hope... Matt Cardle has just won the X Factor (Editor's note: He did!)
I am looking forward to Olympia because... it is Rodneyís and my first time competing there

Jo Thorpe & Kyp (Border Collie)

  • I like... being outdoors
  • I love... spending time with my dogs
  • I value... my friends
  • I would like... to be thinner
  • I believe... with hard work you can achieve your goals
  • I love it when my dog... picks up the weave poles
  • I learned... loads of what i know from Lee Windeatt
  • I listen to ... advice (usually)
  • I make... less money than I'd like to
  • I prefer... winning
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it's fantastic

Nikki Collins & Yam (WSD)

  • I like... chocolate.
  • I have... three dogs
  • I am... blonde
  • I am excited about... the next agility season and competing in grade 7
  • I love... my bed
  • I fear... spiders
  • I value... the special relationship I have with my dogs
  • I would like... to win the lottery and retire. Oh and buy an indoor venue with a full set of equipment and a hydro pool. Don't want much, do?
  • I advise... people to enjoy every minute they have because life is too short
  • I believe... normal people think I am a crazy dog lady ;-)
  • I achieved... a degree in Equine Sports Science (and now I work in an office???!!!)
  • I love it when my dog... is his crazy self, he makes me laugh every day
  • I learned... how to do a hula flick (special agility move) a couple of weeks ago
  • I listen... to my iPOD everyday
  • I hope... to have fun at Olympia
  • I prefer... doing nothing than going to work
  • I like... to eat sushi
  • I would stop... animal cruelty, if I was capable!
  • I feel... lucky to be Yam's Owner
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it has an electric atmosphere. It's a privilege to have the opportunity to compete there.

Dawn Weaver & Breezer (Crossbreed)

  • I like... the way that Breezer goes hunting bunnies on Portland!
  • I have... total respect and love for all my dogs. Agility is for dogs!
  • I regret... that promise didn't get the chance to go despite coming 3rd in the qualifiers
  • I am... totally in love with her brown hairy face!
  • I am excited... to be taking Breezer for the first time to Olympia
  • I love... her enthusiasm and zest for life!
  • I love it when my dog... can't wait to train with me. What a privilege!
  • I learned... that my dog can handle better to me so I better listen to her...
  • I hope... that Breezer enjoys every second of her time at Olympia
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... I love the Christmassy atmosphere and seeing Father Christmas at the end of the show!

Dave Munnings & Dobby (Border Collie)

  • I have... just got a new cat called Miss Noodles.
  • I am excited... when I hear the rustling of a Haribo packet
  • I love... Dob Dob!
  • I fear... eating near Sian. She is food aggressive.
  • I would like... more European style courses in England.
  • I advise... you to buy my new Q-Me DVD, available from Tug-E-Nuff.
  • I believe... in warming dogs up correctly before competing and training.
  • Dobby and I achieved... a silver medal at this years FCI World Champs.
  • I love it when my dog... goes crazy for the word 'swimming'.
  • I learned... agility has to be fun for dogs no matter what.
  • I listen to... views from those I respect.
  • I like to... bore the world with permanent 'Dobby talk'.
  • I would stop... eating Haribo if it was humanly possible.
  • I feel... lucky to own such great dogs.
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... of the chocolate fountains. Oh and the atmosphere.

Nic Jones & Caleb (Border Collie)

  • I like... training my dogs and walking them
  • I have... never been to Olympia before
  • I am excited... to get to Olympia and have a go
  • I love... being with my dogs
  • I would like... to qualify for more events as big as Olympia
  • I love it when my dog... gets really excited to see me every day after work
  • I hope... I have a good day and enjoy myself
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it is my first time there and it is the biggest event I have ever been to

Lucy Osborne & Ben (WSD)





  • I like... people rewarding their dogs, some donít do it at all. Meanies!
  • I have... the two best dogs in the world!... Of course as Stig is a pup of Ben!
  • I regret... nothing!
  • I am... a go getter!
  • I am excited... when we get to Olympia!
  • I love... having cuddles on the sofa with my two boys Ben and Stig.
  • I fear... spiders. So does Ben!
  • I value... the fire on a cold day.
  • I would like... someone to give me a full set of rubber contacts and wooden contacts for Christmas, please.
  • I advise... people not to shout at their dogs. I donít like it!
  • I believe... people should have fun and enjoy their dogs.
  • I achieved... I mean 'we' achieved loads this year!
  • I love it... when people learn from my training.
  • I learned... not to listen to people trying to put me off!
  • I listen to... Eminem to get me ready to compete in big competitions
  • I hope... to do well again at Olympia.
  • I prefer... not running at the end of a Champ final!
  • I like to... change the rules of FCI World champs to all breeds! I canít compete as I have WSDs.
  • I predict... the FCI world champs will never change the rules!
  • I would stop... nothing
  • I feel... excited about training my dogs
  • I can... believe in my dogs
  • I am looking forward to Olympia because...  it is the best Final of the year, tons of atmosphere and lots of fun. Ben loves people cheering when he runs. C'mon Ben, pick those paws up!

KC Olympia Small Agility Stakes
Friday, 17 December

Helen Nelson &  Lula (Miniature Poodle)

  • I have...  five dogs including a collie, lab collie X and three miniature poodles.

  • I would like...  to clone my collie, Chad.

  • I regret...  not having discovered poodles years ago.

  • I predict...  our next pup will be a miniature poodle.

  • I believe...  I could give up agility tomorrow, and still have a life.

  • I love... first - and foremost - the joy of walking with my dogs.

  • I fear... the time when I have to say goodbye to each one of my babies.

  • I love... it when the dogs actually understand me.

  • I value... my husband's time and commitment to me and our dogs. He is known on the circuit as Q!

  • I predict... Lula will never win an award for intelligence, but could for her sense of humour.

  • I am excited about Olympia... because the atmosphere is electric. Although on paper we may not be the fastest partnership there, we will enjoy every moment the occasion presents.

Dawn Weaver & Puzzle (Papillion)

  •     I like... the way that Puzzle bites me when I get it wrong!

  •     I have... always wanted to take Puzzle to Olympia as I think the crowd will like his enthusiasm!

  •     I am disappointed... to be only taking one dog when 2 qualified and Tigger needs the experience!.

  •     I am excited... to be taking Puzzle for the first time after taking Chelsea for the last five years.

  •     I love...  the atmosphere at Olympia.

  •     I fear... that Puzzle could get injured when I run him.

  •     I value... the time we spend together on a course.

  •     I love it when my dog... launches himself at the back door when he thinks I may be doing any training.

  •     I listen to... what my dog tells me and try and learn from my mistakes 

  •     I predict... that Olympia will be much too big a venue for Puzzle with his tiny strides but we will enjoy it!


Marc Wingate-Wynne & Mr Big (Toy Poodle)

  • I like... poodles.

  • I have... . a toy poodle and three border collies.

  • I regret... not getting a poodle sooner.

  • I am... married to my darling wife.

  • I am excited... occasionally.

  • I fear... boredom.

  • I value... my guys.

  • I would like... a lottery win or another poodle like Big (one day).

  • I advise... you to be nice to your dog, work hard, set yourself achievable goals.

  • I believe... I can do it.

  • I achieved... getting to Olympia.

  • I love it when my dog... wakes up happy in the morning.

  • I learned... to sort of clip a poodle.

  • I listen to... dreary music.

  • I make... a good partner to my dogs.

  • I manage... to get round an agility course more often than not.

  • I hope... for a long and healthy life with my guys.

  • I prefer... agility to working.

  • I like to... go away at weekends, socialise and compete.

  • I predict... success.

  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it's a great event and Mr Big will love it.



KC Olympia Medium Agility Stakes
Thursday, 16 December

Alan Gardner and Jude (Border Collie)

  • I like... running before lunchtime. After that my motivation disappears until about 16.00!

  • I have... had an amazing journey to date with Jude.

  • I regret... losing Joe Boy this week, my dog of a life time.

  • I love... being on the line with that hint of nervousness, the adrenalin raising the sense of motivation.

  • I fear... our journey coming to an end; age says it will happen, but hopefully not for another 4 years +!

  • I value... where Jude has taken me as a handler - World Championships, European Championships, Agility champions and many finals like Olympia.

  • I believe... that you get back what you put in. I look at my fellow competitors and know their success has come from hard work

  • I love it when my dog... crosses the finish line, looks back at me and has that look of 'we gave it our best shot'.

  • I learned... that losing isn't defeat, but an opportunity to learn and improve next time.

  • I listen to... my dogs with there innate feedback. Something only a dog / handler partnership can understand.

  • I like to... keep fit, both my dogs and myself.

  • I predict... an exciting final. Just look at the quality of the line up.

  • I can... win, but then again so can any of my competitors. It's about the day.

  • I would stop... doing agility if I wasn't enjoying it. Even the cold dark winter months have advantages!

  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... it is a chance to meet up with my fellow competitors and compete on a one-off competition.


Samantha Lane & Daim (Cocker Spaniel)

  • I like... Cadbury Creme Eggs.

  • I have... appeared on a TV programme Called Dog Borstal (BBC3) with the worst dog they have ever had - my beagle Bertie

  • I regret... not being able to compete with Bertie, my rescue Beagle, at what would've have been my first agility show as he was involved in a hit and run in November 2007 and died

  • I am... very passionate about agility. If it could be a career; I'd do it.

  • I am excited... less than a week to go to Olympia. I've heard the atmosphere is electrifying! Never been

  • I love... the way Daim works so hard for me at all times. You can definitely see he always gives 110%!

  • I fear... not remembering the course as I'm told I only have one minute to walk it!

  • I value... the support my friends and family have given me.

  • I believe... you can achieve anything you put your mind and determination to.

  • I achieved... a win out of grade 1 at Thames show 2009 and a win into G7 at Thames show 2010 exactly a year later with Daim

  • I love it when my dog... howls when I sing which sets the other spaniel off howling!

  • I learned... a lot but the most important one is always to enjoy yourself

  • I listen to... everything my trainers teach me and believe that is why I have achieved what I've achieved in such a small time scale.

  • I make... awesome (allegedly) Daim chocolate cookies.

  • I manage... to hold off getting another spaniel!

  • I hope... we make all spaniel owners proud this year.

  • I prefer... gundogs!

  • I predict... the agility world will have a lot more spaniels competing in the future which can only be a good thing!

  • I can... now tow a caravan!

  • I would stop... eating Creme eggs and other naughty foods until Olympia so I can be as fit as possible!

  • I feel ... . we are the odd couple there (Olympia) and hope we don't stand out for the wrong reasons!

  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... I cannot believe I qualified!








Ashleigh Butler & Pudsey (Crossbreed)

  • I like... spending time with Pudsey and creating a stronger bond with him every day.

  • I learned... a lot about dog training from my mum, so I owe her a lot of thanks

  • I am excited... to be going to Olympia because it has been my dream to compete there for many years now. I am going to make sure Pudsey and I have a fantastic time.

  • I love it when my dog... suddenly starts performing all of his tricks when I am just standing with a treat in my hand, doing nothing.

  • I fear... that when Pudsey and I step up to the start line at Olympia, I will put him in a wait, walk away, and then turn around to see him eating horse poo!

  • I am going... to make sure Pudsey and I will try our hardest at Olympia and have a good time no matter what.

  • I feel... very pleased with how this year has gone. We've worked as hard as possible and by doing so we have achieved quite a lot.

  • I am very grateful... to everyone who has supported me throughout, and hope Pudsey and I make them proud at Olympia 2010!


Heidi Windheuser & Cody (Crossbreed)

  • I have... a dream... a song to sing!

  • I regret... completing this questionnaire!

  • I am... legend. Enough said!

  • I am excited... Iím so excited, I think I like it... .

  • I'd like... to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony.)

  • I advise... this will never happen as I can't sing.

  • I believe... I can fly / I believe I can touch the sky / I think about it every night and day / Spread my wings and fly away / I believe I can soar ...

  • I love it when my dog... tries so hard to please.  But equally, when she looks at me, sticks her ears up in a V sign and does what she wants; thatís what gives her attitude and character and I wouldn't change her for the world. Might have to consider a dog without prick ears in the future though.

  • I predict... a riot.

  • I would stop... if the light turned red.

  • I feel... the need, the need for speed. Lets face it Iíll need some to come anywhere near Tash and Dizzyís time, velocity and tablet form both considered.

  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... itís been an ambition since I started agility, to compete at Olympia, having finally managed to obtain my invite.

  • I fully intend... to enjoy the experience. Hopefully this will be the first of many. Bring on the ABC, Novice, or Senior next year. I can dream!





About the author...

Mandy Wallington & Marley (WSD)








  • I like... enjoying the good things in life.

  • I have... a PhD in Molecular Biology

  • I regret... the after-effects of enjoying the g.ood things in life.

  • I am... going to get fitter to give my dogs the best chance of reaching their full potential.

  • I am excited... about the future of my kids and my young dogs.

  • I love... the feeling you get when you know that your dog knows what you're asking of him.

  • I fear... not being able to run my dogs.

  • I value... a warm home, my family and dogs, a good book and a nice bottle of wine.

  • I would like... a Kindle for Christmas.

  • I advise... everyone with young puppies to socialise, socialise, socialise!

  • I believe... in Father Christmas.

  • I achieved... a win out of Grade 1 with Marley (finally!)

  • I love it when my dogs... meet and greet a new foster dog; their communication is wonderful to watch.

  • I predict... I will indulge too much this Christmas.

  • I learned... to talk less.

  • I listen to...any kind of music from ska to classical.

  • I make... really good Cornish Pasties.

  • I manage... to juggle 5+ dogs, two teenagers, a teaching job and a cafe.

  • I hope... everybody does something that makes them smile this Christmas.

  • I prefer... mutts.

  • I like to... eat the inside of a Creme Egg first.

  • I can... play the saxophone - well almost.

  • I would stop... indiscriminate breeding of puppies.

  • I feel... tired but happy after five days at Olympia.

  • I am looking forward to Olympia because... I love watching showjumping and I love watching agility, so Olympia is a match made in heaven for me!

Published 17/12/10