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Meet the People

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Abi Orme Rings the Belle
Abigail (13) joined the Young Kennel Club at Crufts this past March. She had one ambition this year and that was to get the dog she trains to Crufts 2005. (08/07/04)
Philippa Armstrong - Agility in a Para-llel Universe
Just seven  months after becoming only the second handler in the UK to have used a wheelchair when competing in agility, Philippa Armstrong exceeded expectation and won her first competition. A long time advocate of equal opportunities, Philippa is now practicing what she preached. Here's what she's learned so far.  (18/11/04)
Georgie Bearder - Young Fundraiser of the Year
Georgina (Georgie) has been borrowing dogs and running Agility courses since she was six years old. After the family lost their previous GSD Cara, her parents decided that, at the age of nine, Georgie was ready for her own dog. The next one would be hers. Their initial thought was a spanielly-sized rescue. South West German Shepherd Rescue (SWGSDR) came to do a home check for them. the home checkers were fostering Bella, a Romanian rescue. It was love at first sight and the rest is history! This is back story behind a determined young lady who saw how awful the first few months of her best friendís life had been and how much she has overcome to get to where she is.
Big Husky Trek 2006
Well known agility vet chills out on a five day dog sledding expedition for charity.
Chris Bradley: A Wet Wet Wet Introduction to Agility
When Chris Bradley started agility training two years ago, she simply wanted to do it for fun. Being completely non-competitive and with a life-long horror of performing anything solo in front of others, she had no ambition to compete.

Alan & Jayne Bray: The 'First' Couple of British Agility
An up close and personal interview with Alan and Jayne. By Lisa Gantly. (07/02/02)

Mr & Mrs Bray Renew Their Vows
August 2011 marked Alan and Jayne Bray's 10th wedding anniversary. Jayne had bravely fought off the dreaded lung cancer once again, and they decided that they wanted to renewed their wedding vows surrounded by their many friends and family. This is an article about their big celebration, a day they honestly thought they would never see together!

Children & Shows
A day in the life of an agility mum, proving that there is agility after childbirth. Janet Wagner, mother of two small boys, wife and agility handler writes about what it's like competing with young children. With some cute pictures of kids. (26/09/02)
Mick Chambers: How I Got to Vyne
As a child Mick Chambers always had dogs around the house, and he would have loved to have one or two of his own. When he married Lorraine, they were both in full-time employment so they felt it would be unfair to have a dog. They agreed to wait until the time was right. That time was 20 years later! (02/06/00)

Don Cooper: Profile
The first in a series of articles about our top handlers by Theresa Lawrence of Agility Needs, starting with Don Cooper. (14/03/01)

Laura Chudleigh
Laura Chudleigh and her dog Rodney (Flickcee Hot Rod) finished 2010 on a high, winning the Kennel Club Agility Stakes at Olympia, in association with Joint Aid for Dogs. 2011 though has so far seen mixed fortunes for Laura and her Border Collie. In their bid to qualify for Olympia again this year, during a training session in June, Rodney had an accident which meant that they did not qualify for Olympia in 2011

Deaf Handlers in Agility
Mary Elizabeth Simpson never learned to use sign language and was mainstreamed all her life. She learned to take the ups and downs of being a deaf child in a hearing world. Everyone's love in the family was no match, however, for the love that her dogs gave to her. (25/09/00)

Lee Gibson
Lee Gibson runs Lee Gibson Training (LGT) based in the picturesque South Shropshire hills. He started agility at the age of 12 and now trains full time. Lately he's been to clubs all over Europe to both train and judge which is why you probably haven't seen much of him at shows! Gina Graham reports. (07/09/09)

Barbara Handelmann; Agility on Wheels
Barbara Handelmann may be newbie to agility but not to dogs. She has two different conditions, each causing chronic pain - diabetic neuropathy in her feet and fibromyalgia. She can walk, but pays a heavy price with pain, so she has been using assistive technology for about five years. She says, 'I've had to swallow a lot of pride to use the wheelchair, but the choices are that or have my life progressively more and more constricted!' (21/8/99)

Jody and Ralphie enjoying cuddles in a beautiful poppy field. 

Jody's Agiity Adventure
Jody Brigden may only be 13 years old but she's been doing agility for four years now and competing for around two or three of them. It is her life. She can't imagine living without her two amazing dogs and her agility. It's more that her hobby. It's what keeps her going. Sometimes it has been tough but she loves it and she can't picture doing anything else.

Meet Michelle Johnstone
Michelle Johnston has been a sculptress for well over 20 years. Dogs are her other love. No wonder she thinks there is nothing nicer than watching dog agility and then capturing that enthusiasm in porcelain in her pottery pets.

Samantha Lawrence - French Under 11 Champion
Samantha  Lawrence moved to the France with her family in 2004. Battling through ill health she persevered at her agility and at the age of 11 became the Junior French Agility Champions (Under 11). She wrote this article which first appeared in Fetch, the YKC magazine.

Magic Moments
Agility handlers share their personal triumphs and disasters - hopefully not to many of those - with people with you. Kicking off with:-
  • My Rescue Champion - Carol Hughes
  • Cassie The Battersea Lassie - Glenda Cutler
  • Winning Out of Starters - Jenny Lovegrove
  • Mencap Charity Run - Nick Jones  (13/04/02)

Monica Percival
Not many people in the UK will recognise the name Monica Percival, but in The States she known as the driving force behind Clean Run Productions, the company which publishes dog training books, DVDs, videos and Clean Run Course Designer as well as a monthly agility magazine. She talks to Mary Ann Nester.

Lesley Olden: The First Agility Champion
The British have their first Agility Champion. On August bank holiday Monday, at the Wilton agility event in the north of England, Lesley Olden from the Romsey area in the south, won her third Agility certificate with Waggerland Whoosh of Nedlo under the judging eye of John Tallentire. Agility pioneer Peter Lewis salutes Lesley Olden and Loobie.  (04/09/01)

Olympia 2010 Qualifiers i-List
We wanted to get to know the people who had qualified for the KC Olympia Stakes so Mandy Wallington asked them to compile an i-List. We think you will find their answers informative and amusing!

Val Philips

Val Philips: Hands Up, Who's Got a Valgray?
If you have anything to do with the agility circuit, you cannot have missed hearing the name Valgray. One very fiery lady called Val Phillips (ĎAuntie Valí to her dogs) runs Valgrays Border Collie Rescue. Heather Noddle had a long chat with this petite, blonde human dynamo who has done more for the welfare of collies than most of us can imagine. (24/10/00)

Gwyn Roberts

Gwyn Roberts: Meet the Olympia 2000 Judge Who Never Was!
With an enforced year out due to major knee surgery, the year 2000 was looking to be a very bleak one for Gwyn Roberts. However, an invitation from Pedigree Masterfoods to judge agilityís most prestigious final soon put a smile back on his face. Cruel twist fate, however, meant that he never got to use the courses he had drawn up.

Ellen Rocco Interview
Ellen Rocco doesn't usually give interviews because she thinks that the focus should be on Agilitynet and not her. So  when the Editor of Dog World asked her to do a Q & A for the Companion Dog supplement, she surprised herself  by saying 'yes.' Here she talks to Rebecca Durrant about Agilitynet. (21/11/10)

Lolly Scott & Tigger
Having a super fast dog may not be all it is cracked up to be. Lolly Scott shares her story of dedication and hard work. (02/05/06)
Bob Sharpe's Field of Dreams
Soraya Porter tracked down Bob Sharpe in deepest Dereham, to hear about his 'field of dreams.'

Morgan Shoosmith
Allison Shoosmith never ever thought her 10 year old daughter Morgan would be so passionate about agility. Morgan's life has been a bit of a roller coaster since she was diagnosed with ADHD. She finds it hard to concentrate at school but is excelling at agility with her Standard Poodles. Nothing makes her mum prouder than when she sees what a great partnership Morgan has with her dog. Morgan has written her story in her own words...

Mary Stephens & Flora
The story of Mary Stephens, a remarkable lady who started agility in her 80s with a rescue WSD and is beating the younger generation.

Paul Oldfield - Substitute
Large dog handler Paul Oldfield couldn't resist the opportunity to run Wendy Clay's Small dog in the Agility Club Champ class when Scout's regular handler was away. What happened next? (28/11/09)

Joyce Turner: Interview
How she got to be the Administrator of the Galloway Midi Challenge and why. (31/03/03)

Lynn Voyce
Agility has been a life saver for Lynn Voyce who has cancer and emphysema. She has lived to watch dogs run, albeit with other people. It meant the world for her to see her Lucy compete at Crufts 2009.  (28/03/09)

Dawn Weaver
Soraya Porter managed to lure Dawn Weaver away from her many duties, not to mention seven competition dogs, to try and find out the key to her amazing agility successes.  (09/12/08)

Hayley Wells
Dawn Williams talks to the ten year old winner of the YKC Agility Dog of the Year talk about her thoughts on Crufts 2003, her dog and her ambitions.