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Music to Do Agility By

Background music for an agility docu-soap

Imagine you're a film producer working on a series of 'fun' sports for the small screen. First on your list is Agility, that exciting dog sport which is growing in popularity around the world. You've cast your main characters - a feisty handler, some adorable dogs, the Judge (da' heavy) and a cast of hundreds in comfortable clothes and running shoes. Now it's time to organise the background music. Your 'music spotting notes' might look something like this...

Working title: Agility is Fun

A green and pleasant field somewhere in the UK



  • An intrepid competitor - our hero/heroine!
  • Assorted dogs, mostly black and white
  • Judge - wearing dark glasses
  • Other competitors, wearing Dita shoes and brightly coloured fleeces

Agility Avid & Others

How to read this script

Music spotting notes are the end results of a conference between the film or video director and the composer and music arranger.

Here is some of the jargon to help you decipher what's going on.

BCU = BIG close up
CU = Close up
CUE: Start music
ELS = Extreme long shot
LS = L  o n g Shot
MS = Mid shot
PAN = Move right to left or left to right, pivot to encompass a broad view
TILT = Move up or down
TRACK = Follow with dolly or tripod on wheels
VLS = Very long shot
ZOOM = Move in or move out

Reel one.
Lights camera action...

Scene 1 - Opening sequence

Photo: Eric Trafford
CU: Competitor loads the dog–wagon with assorted dogs into cages etc.
ELS: Then sets off, driving doggedly onto the motorway system.
FOLLOW van into the night.
I Drove All Night [Roy Orbison]

Scene 2 - Arrival

PAN event venue.
ZOOM IN on van entering grounds.
Competitor arrives at show site and parks up.
Competitors exits van, opens doors and immediately releases assorted dogs.
VLS: Blur of fur.
Scene 3 - Footloose and fancy free

Photo: Eric Trafford
CUTAWAY to green and leafy exercise area.
Background music lots of barking
Relieved dogs race into view.
Cue: Walkin' The Dog [Rufus Thomas].

Release Me [Esther Phillips]. Let off their leads, they charge about madly - as dogs do -
Cue: Young Hearts Run Free [Candy Statton]
Music fades.

Photo: Eric Trafford
Scene 4 - The Paws that Refreshes
CUTAWAY TO BACK OF VAN. MS: Erstwhile handler reaches for flask.
ZOOM TO CUPPA TEA. Sighs and drinks contentedly to the strains of
Cue: Everything Stops For Tea [Jack Buchanan]

Scene 5 - Round the Ringside

MS. Handler heads for the rings to walk the course.
Cue: Que Sera Sera [Doris Day]

Music fades.
Competitor stops to chat to other bleary-eyed competitors.
CU: Handlers huddle in earnest conversation.
Cue: I Heard It Through the Grapevine [Gladys Knight or Marvin Gaye]

Scene 6 - The Run

PAN ABC ring.
ZOOM IN to sign post. Pause.

Cue: ABC [Jackson 5] which is this classification at this ring.

MS: Eager handler is first to go. Looks cool.
LS: Enter 'da Judge who strolls along to the music
Cue: Here Comes the Judge [Shorty Long]

Music changes almost immediately. Drum roll. Tension mounts.
Cue:  Get Ready [Temptations]

LS: Scribe and timekeeper take their positions.
CU: Timekeeper breaks into song.
Cue: In Your Own Time [My time! – Family].

MS: Competitor takes the start line. Decides to do a recall. Walks away.
CUE:  Stay [Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs]

CU: Dog breaks into song.
ZOOM in on big brown eyes.
Cue: Don’t Leave Me This Way [That gorgeous little Jimmy Sommerville of the Communards/Thelma Houston]

PAN to handler who suddenly halts and cries
Cue: Stop [In the name of love – Supremes]

MS: Competitor calls
Cue: Old Shep [Elvis]
CU: Signals to dog.

Cue: Go Now [Bessie Banks]

Photo: Eric Trafford
TRACK handler around the course. Fade to a medley of verbal.
Cue: Move, Over [darling – Phyllis Nelson]
Cue: It’s Over [Roy Orbison]
The Only Way is Up [Yazz]
Get Up Offa That Thing [James Brown]
Walk On [By – Dionne Warwick]
Over The Sea-saw [Jess Rae]
Let’s Jump [the broomstick – Brenda Lee]
Cue: Moving on Up [M People]
Both Sides Now [Glen Campbell]
Under the Dogwalk... opps Boardwalk  [Drifters]
Go Go Go [Chuck Berry]
Weave [your spell – Level 42]
Cue: Run, Baby Run [Newbeats]

CUT to center of ring..
Judge shakes head and makes cut-throat motion.
Cue: Once, Twice, Three Times... an elimination! [Lionel Ritchie]

PAN to finish line.
MS: Breathless handler and dog cross the finish line. Dog jumps up a la Alan Bray/Ian Fraser style!
Cue: Back in My Arms Again [Supremes]
EXIT handler and dog dejectedly.

Photo: Eric Trafford


Handler pats dog and says 'Good dog'
Cue: Wait Till I Get You Home [Dolly Parton]
PANS to dog who wags tail and replies
Cue: I Apologise [Timi Yuro]

DISSOLVE to handler and dog
Cue: Everyone’s a Winner [Hot Chocolate]

Scene 7 - The Presentations

Background soundtrack: Whooping, cheering, whistling and clapping
BCU: Gallant competitor stares dejectedly at the winner
Cue: It Should Have Been Me [Yvonne Farr] 

What’s this?
Fellow competitor whispers something softly in our handler’s ear.
CU: Big grin
Cue: Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir [Labelle] Play gently in background (that is if Patti could ever sing that song gently!)

Photo: Eric Trafford
Scene 8 - The End
Handler climbs wearily back into van.
LS: Vehicle drives out of the showground with fellow competitors waving farewell.
Time to Say Goodbye [Andre Boccelli/Sara Brightman] .
Melancholic strains rise to a full crescendo


Credit: Eric Trfford
PAN slowly from  rosettes lined up on the dashboard to tired but contented competitor
CUTAWAY to dogs in their cages, curled up, sleeping and satisfied.
Van drives into the sunset.
Alternative ending
PAN slowly from plastic nodding dog on dashboard to exhausted competitor
CUTAWAY to dogs barking at all and sundry, leaping about and trying to bite each other etc etc??!!
Van breaks down leaving competitors on the soft shoulder.

Screenwriter An Agility Avid

Thanks to John Bell, music arranger extraordinaire for his advice. He says that to produce a film with some many different sound tracks would cost the moon.
Photos: Ellen Rocco & Eric Trafford

Agility Music

Description Song Contributor
Nervous handler on line  Madam Butterfly Martin Pollard
A fat pet dog   My melon collie baby Martin Pollard
Through the tyre  Ring Cycle by Wagner Martin Pollard
Very fast weaves Rigoletto Martin Pollard
Oops, a pole's gone down Falstaff Martin Pollard
There's a spaniel on the dogwalk Rosenkavalier Martin Pollard
Clear round Surprise symphony Martin Pollard
Elimination   The walk to the scaffold Martin Pollard
Elimination (fouling) The Water Music  or Where ere you walk Martin Pollard
A-frame Take the A-frame  by Duke Ellington John Leslie
Missing the dogwalk Under the Dogwalk Mick Chambers
Knocking the wall Another brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd Ellen Rocco
What not to do on the see-saw Fly like an Eagle Ellen Rocco
What to do between rounds Walkin the Dog by Rufus Thomas Ellen Rocco
Clearing the jumps Up Up and Away Ellen Rocco
Rescue dogs Rescue Me Ellen Rocco
Jump by Chris Kross Annie Leslie
Getting lost on course Opps, I did it again by Britanny Spears Annie Leslie
Winding up your dog Wake Me Up Before you Go Go Annie Leslie
Tyre Big Wheel keeps on Turnin (Proud Mary) Jeri Bernard
Jump Jumpin Jack Flash by Rolling Stones Jeri Bernard
Tunnel Friends in LOW places Jeri Bernard
Running wrong course Three blind mice or should it be two blind mice) Jeri Bernard
Climbing the A-frame Stairway to Heaven Dan Prestby
Knocked bar Another One Bites the Dust Jeri Bernard
Last dog in class Save the Last Dance for Me Jeri Bernard
Tripping over your own feet  I fall to pieces Jeri Bernard
E'd again! I get knocked down, but I get up again Ellen Rocco
First clear round ever Hallelujah Chorus John Leslie
Thanks to Eric Trafford for his photos. You can see more on http://community.webshots.com/user/jackrussells100