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K-9 Creative


Agility Clipart
Danny and Val Clarke have introduced more colour schemes and created different variations with them. They've also adapted hurdles (which now have feet] etc. for Mini height.
Agility is Poetry in Motion
Sometimes only a poem will do to express your feelings especially about something as special as agility! It has been known to make even an Advanced For me all judging appointments are special, not least because the host club has invited me to fulfil an important role for them, but Championship classes always create unique memories and this was no exception for very personal reasons.  What I had not told anyone beforehand was that this would be my final weekend of dog agility as I had decided to retire from the sport. No-one knew until in a voice breaking with emotion I explained at the end of my champ final briefing that these would be the last 20 dogs I would ever judge. handler weep.

Cheekiest Dictionary Ever of Agility Terms
Just for fun - an irreverent attempt to put what we think into words. Terms you'll never to able to spell but everyone knows what you mean! With apologies to Messrs. Chambers and Webster. (27/08/02)
Bon Mots
Clever sayings about agility from clever handlers and instructors.

Dogs in Life & Literature: Quote Unquote
Here is selection of things worth saying about agility and dogs in general, a wonderfully diverse collection of comments and observations from many sources. Mostly they reflect the good cheer and camaraderie of agility people everywhere and sometimes they are thoughtful and profound.  (15/06/00)
Poet's Corner
Dogs can make you wax lyrical. It could be verse!
Ringside Seat
Ten short stories, beautifully observed, written by The Agility Whisperer, the Garrison Keillor of British Agility and illustrated by Kim Blundell. Sit back and enjoy the gentle humour, charm and honesty of these delightful insights into agility.
Silver Lining
Stephanie King wrote this fiction story, in the Janet Evanovich school of writing and dedicated it to Jesse, the best friend and dog warden a girl could ever ask for. Not to be read before the 9 o'clock watershed.
Somerset Star
Lots of us have dusty black bags full of rosettes in our lofts which we can't bear to part with. But what can you do with them? Helen Walland has come up with a crafty way of displaying past successes.