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New league for Beardies

Suzanne Morrison came up with the idea for a Bearded Collie Agility League about when talking to other Beardie owners around the Agility circuit. Wouldn't it be great, they said, if their breed had it's own league table! As a result, she ended up taking on the task, and thus the Bearded Collie Agility League was born. The BCA League is open to all Beardies, Working Beardies and Beardie crosses.

Bearded Collie Agility League 2007 Results

The points for the 2007 BCA League are in. The dogs are divided into two groups:

  1. Show type Beardies

  2. Working type Beardies and Beardie crosses.

The Winner of Group 2 and Best Overall Beardie is Traymak’s Blue (Blue) and the winner of Group 1 is Sulynbourne Mischief Maker (Mischief). The Best Veteran is Herbal Remedy (Cedar). Congratulations to the winners.

Group 1 – Level A

Dog Handler Points

Deedledee In Da House (Coco)

Jane Gemmill


Arranbourne Precious Embers (Bracken)

Roy Greenhalf


Athemburg True Delight (Misty)

Roy Greenhalf


Plumlucky Princess Bess ( Bessie)

Lucy Craven


Group 1 – Level B

Dog Handler Points

Sulynbourne Mischief Maker ( Mischief)

Suzanne Morrison


Arranbourne Patina AW( Annie)

Suzanne Morrison


Group 2 – Level A

Dog Handler Points

Kiz Be Quick ( Kizzie)

Sue Bond


Poetry In Motion

Karen Young


Rock Melody

Karen Young


Tabouret Little Fellow ( Bailey)

Carol Holdsworth


Group 2 – Level B

Dog Handler Points

Traymak's Blue ( Blue)

Tracy Warren


Herbal Remedy ( Cedar)

Pat Spray


Burfords Sandy (Sandy)

Colin Skeaping


Nutty Notty Nora ( Domino)

Elaine Stott


Snapdragons Blue Bounty ( Bounty)

Ian Davis


Group 2 – Level C

Dog Handler Points

Pelham Tully (Tully)

Colin Skeaping


Whisper in the Breeze( Whisper)

Pauline Davis


Tik Tak Tarka (tarka)

Pat Spray


Bearded Collie Agility League 2008 Rules & Regulations

1.       Open to all Bearded Collies, Working Bearded Collies and Bearded Collie Crosses.

2.     The league shall run from the 1st January until 31st December 2008.

3.     No new members will be accepted after 31st July 2008

4.     Dogs will be divided into two groups:

  • 1 – ‘Show’ type Beardies

  • 2 – ‘Working’ type Beardies and Beardie crosses.

5.     Dogs will accumulate points in the grade they are in on the 1st January 2008.

6.     Dogs over 8 years on the 1st January can accumulate points in their grade OR in veteran.

7.     Points can be collected from Kennel Club open and limited shows and Independent shows. All scheduled classes count towards the league except knockout, pairs, trios  and teams. Pay on the day classes do not count. Classes for which you have competed in a qualifying round, where league points have already been gained in that qualifier do not count.

8.     In all levels the points for more than one dog cannot be added together.

9.     The League is concerned with the dogs achievements; therefore you can still claim points even if run by a different handler.

10.  Points to be awarded 32 for 1st to 3 for 30th, 2 points for a clear round. Points are only awarded for places if a rosette is actually awarded. Points are only awarded for clear rounds within the course time.

11.   Trophies for best in group 1 & 2 at each grade, trophy for overall winner in each group and a perpetual trophy for overall top Beardie.

12.  Please ensure that points are submitted no later than 3 months after the show (in order to give a fair picture of how the league is progressing). All points must be in by 31st January 2009.

13.  Cost for entry to the league for first dog will be £2.50 per year and £2 for each additional dog.

To enter the BCA, download and fill in this entry form and return it to Suzanne Morrison be email on or by post to BCAL, 9 Stonham Ave, Clacton -on -Sea, Essex CO16 7EH. Text: 07887 547356



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