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New league for Beardies

Suzanne Morrison came up with the idea for a Bearded Collie Agility League about when talking to other Beardie owners around the Agility circuit. Wouldn't it be great, they said, if their breed had it's own league table! As a result, she ended up taking on the task, and thus the Bearded Collie Agility League was born.

The BCA League is open to all Beardies, Working Beardies and Beardie crosses.

From the Beardie Newsletter
Edited by Suzanne Morrison

First the congratulations. Well done to:-

  • Colin Skeaping with Pelham Tulley for qualifying for Olympia and Crufts – getting eighth in the Pedigree ABC final. Also well done for their first in Novice Agility at Spring at Shuttleworth – halfway to Senior!

  • Richard Wiggington with Cascades Fantastic Mr Sox for winning into Novice with a first in Starters Agility at Lansdowne Show

  • Tracy Warren with Traymak's Blue for winning into Novice with a first in Starters Jumping at Barnard Castle

Best Overall Beardie Trophy
Thank you to Thelma and Richard Wigginton for donating a perpetual trophy in memory of a Beardie mad agility friend. The Jo Joyce Zest for Life Bearded Collie Agility Trophy will be awarded to the Best Overall Beardie.

The Agility League
Just to clarify what points can and can't be claimed for.

Yes -  All standard Jumping and Agility classes,

Yes - Gamblers, Helter Skelter, TFO, Touch 'n' Go etc.

Yes - Allsorts and Veteran classes can be claimed so long as the dog is only taking part in these classes.

No - Knockouts, Pairs, Teams, Pay on the Day etc.

The results of the League thus far are below.


Group Level Handler Dog Points
Group 1 Level A      
Suzanne Morrison Arranbourne Patina 298
    Vivien Antcliffe Willowmead Evening Star 63
    Lynne Barraclough Potterdale Kerry of Tykesway 62
    Suzanne Morrison Sulynbourne Mischief Maker 43
    Jo Anglis Beardonis Windcharmer 15
    Lynne Barraclough Tykesway Twilight Eyes 4
  Level B      
    Petra Chaffe  Sevarna Jacobstow 184
Group 2 Level A      
Tracy Warren Traymak’s Blue 792
    Sue Bond Kiz Be Quick 369
    Richard Wigginton Cascades Fantastic Mr Sox 32
    Carol Holdsworth Tabouret Little Fellow 24
  Level B      
Colin Skeaping Pelham Tulley 292
    Pat Spray Tic Tak Tarka 243
    Pat Spray Herbal Remedy 206

If there are any outstanding points, please send them to Suzanne Morrison. Be sure to include your name, date, show, class and place/CR. Her computer will work out your points.

To qualify as a Veteran, the dog must be nine years old before the start of the year. Any dogs turning nine after 1 January have to wait till the following year.

Introducing Suzanne's Girls
Arranbourne Patina, now seven years old, has been a privilege to live and work with. She is always up for it be it agility, show or obedience but it is agility she prefers!

And Sulynbourne Mischief Maker who is two and a half, is Annie’s baby and lives up to her name! She has inherited Annie’s love of agility but is also showing promise in obedience.

And finally
Suzanne is going to be at the following shows so please come say hello. Just look for the 'Oscar' van and at camping shows the blue beardie flag. Kennel Club Festival, DINAS, Ely & District (Shuttleworth), Letchworth, Burnham (only Saturday), WBSDS (Orsett) and Orchard Events (Hop Farm).

Bearded Collie Agility League 2006 Rules & Regulations

  1. Open to all Bearded Collies, Working Bearded Collies and Bearded Collie Crosses.
  2. The league shall run from the 1 January until 31 December
  3. Open Agility Shows, Limited Agility Shows and Unaffiliated Agility Shows scheduled classes count towards the league. Special classes count towards the league. No pay on the day classes.
  4. In all levels, points for more than one dog cannot be added together.
  5. The league is concerned with the dog’s achievements; therefore you can still claim points even if run by a different handler.
  6. Points to be awarded 32 for 1st to 3 for 30th, 2 points for a clear round. Points are only awarded for places if a rosette is actually awarded. Points are only awarded for clear rounds within the course time.
  7. Dogs will be divided into two groups:
    1) Show type Beardies
    2) Working type Beardies and Beardie crosses.
  8. Dogs may compete in one of the following levels:
    A)  Elementary/Starter
    B) Novice/Intermediate
    C) Senior/Advanced
  9. Awards: Rosettes for best in groups 1 & 2 at each level. Perpetual trophy for overall winner in each group and for overall top Beardie. There will also be rosettes for best Junior Handler Under and over, best Beardie veteran (age 9 and over) and best veteran handler (age 60 and over).
  10. It is the handlers responsibility to forward any points gained by no later than 31 January 2007
  11. Cost for entry to the league for first dog will be £2.50 per year and £2 for each additional dog . This will go towards postage costs, quarterly newsletter (depending on material) and the rosettes and trophies. At the year end anyone wanting a copy of how the money has been distributed may request so.

To enter the BCA, download and fill in this entry form and return it to Suzanne Morrison be email on or by post to BCAL, 9 Stonham Ave, Clacton -on -Sea, Essex CO16 7EH. Text: 07887 547356



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