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The LSA League is open to all Lurchers & Sighthounds that compete in agility in the UK. The League uses the Agilitum database and has eight classes including dedicated Rescue and Veteran classes with each class being placed to 3rd. Yearly subscription fee is £5.00 (plus £1.00 for each additional dog in the home) and the League year starts on the 1st September each year. All profits will be donated to our three chosen charities: Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue, Medical Detection Dogs and Agility Against Cancer.

My crazy Lurcher and I were competing at Severnside KC show in May 2016. It was raining. I was frozen to the core and in no mood to entertain the 'zoomies.' After Rudy's third expedition out of the ring and round the show, Mags Hayden-Smith took me aside and uttered five very important words to me - 'Please, do NOT give up!' Little did she know what she had started...

I am hopeful that this League will achieve three important goals:

  1. To show people that Lurchers & Sighthounds are great agility - despite the difficulties we may face!
  2. To give us crazy owners somewhere to go for advice, support and to share their achievements
  3. To promote our leggy hound breeds, especially those in rescue and encourage more people into the sport with them

We have been running for over six months now and had our 1st League Year presentations at Dickson & Brown's KC Show on 24th September where we also ran a stall to raise money for our three charities - £441.16 in total! 

There are currently 52 subscribed members with 171 members on our Facebook page. Many of these have only just started training so are not competing yet but we are looking forward to them doing so in the future.

For more information and any enquiries, please email Lou Abbey - or visit our Facebook page and website: 

Rules & Regs

  1. The League year starts on 1st September and ends on 31st August (inclusive)
  2. Any queries should be sent to the Administrator via email to
  3. The Administrator reserves the right to amend these rules at any time
  4. All profits will be donated to charities chosen by members of the League.
  5. By joining, members of the League agree that they will always be kind to their dogs and enjoy their agility as much as possible
  1. Annual subscription fee is £5.00 per dog and £1.00 for each additional dog from the same household
  2. Members are allowed to join part way through the year but the full subscription fee still applies. Points cannot be backdated. This does not apply for the 2015-16 League year
  3. Subscription fees must be paid before membership is confirmed and you are added to the League
  4. Payment information can be found on the Join Us page
League Eligibility
  1. Lurchers – something crossed with a sighthound; historically either a terrier or a pastoral breed but these days it can be anything. It must be clear that the dog has some sighthound parentage
  2. Purebred sighthounds – e.g. Greyhound, Whippet, Borzoi, Saluki, Pharaoh/Ibizan Hound, Deerhound, etc. (KC reg not required)
  3. Longdogs – sighthound X sighthound
  4. Italian Greyhounds – even though they are in the Toy group, it would be unfair to exclude our miniature cousins
  5. If you are unsure if your dog(s) belong in the League, please send the Administrator a photo and a description of their breeding (what is known) via email
  1. The League will use the online results database Agilitum and all members are required to register (free of charge)
  2. Each member is responsible for inputting their own data and points, as well as any grade/height changes. The only exception will be members who do not have access to the internet. The member(s) in question must regularly send their results to the Administrator at: LSA League, 59 Pilley Crescent, Cheltenham, GL53 9ES
  3. Once the League year ends (31st Aug), results must be added by 14th Sept. Points added after this date will not be counted
There will be seven classes within the League:


  1. Grade and height changes can only be made at the start of each year (1st September.)
  2. Dogs entering the Best Veteran class must be 7 years or over at the start of each year (1st September.)
  3. A dog’s highest grade counts (based on Performance programme only), e.g. if a dog is Grade 5 in KC but only Beginners in UKA (Performance), they must be entered in the Advanced class
  1. Points can only be gained at KC, UKA and BAA shows. Unaffiliated shows may be counted with the following ruling
  2. Unaffiliated shows may be counted as long as they are publicly advertised, have a minimum of 30 dogs attend and adhere to KC, UKA or BAA marking standards
  3. Points cannot be claimed for the following:
    • Team/pair classes
    • NFC runs
    • Invitational, inter-club or single breed shows
  4. Points can be gained for placed runs with faults. Unplaced clear runs will gain 2 points in agility classes and 1 points in all other classes. Exact points can be found on the Points page.
Sponsors & Awards
  1. Sponsors of the League so far are:-
    • Dickson Dog Training
    • 3 Counties Canine Massage Therapy
    • Yellow Hound Photography
  2. Awards will be given to the top 3 dogs in each class. Prizes for the awards will be determined by the Administrator in collaboration with the League sponsors
  3. Presentation of awards will be at the Dickson & Browns KC Show in September. Details of this show will be posted on the Results page and Facebook group
  4. If awards cannot be collected at this show, the winner(s) will need to arrange collection at another show before the end of the next League year



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