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Agria Agility Challenge 2019

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For the rising stars of agility...

The Agria Agility Challenge celebrates all that is good in the Agility calendar. It is one of the 'must try' for annual finals for the rising stars of the Agility world. Once again it is being organised by Country Shows Agility and is open to Large dogs G1-4.

Top Agility on Display at Top Barn!

Worcester’s Premier Agility Show, held at Top Barn on the 18th May, was a brilliant event at a great venue which also provides a location to several agility events throughout the year. With a backdrop of a farm shop, a maize maze, 44 tonners loading chilled crops and an activity centre, it was a perfect day out for the 150 rising stars of the agility world who came from far and wide, seeking one of the five quaifying places at each heat of the Agria Agiity Challenge.

This was the third heat of the Agria Agility Challenge, judged by Agility Team GB Manager Mark Laker, who set a course that sent handlers from one side of the ring to the other, just to get going! Those making it have joined the finalists at the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday, 29th September 2019, set to be judged by Championship Agility judge, Hannah Banks.

In a fast and thrilling clear round, Hilary Jordan, with Amduki's Crispy Temaki Zooka, took 1st place, beating her nearest rival by almost two seconds.

Heat 3 - Worcester Premier Agility Show

  1. Hilary Jordan with Amduki's Crispy Temaki Zooka - 24.295 secs (C)

  2. Carolyn Davies with Mister Wisdom - 26.003 secs (C)

  3. Julie Stevens with Kinaway Grease Lightening - 26.357 secs (C)

  4. Anne-Marie Waugh with Chazak Skys The Limit - 29.494 secs (C)

  5. Ian Radford with Adric of Alzarius - 29.507 secs (C)

Huge congratulations to Hilary and all of our qualifiers so far!

The Winning Continues at North Somerset

The second heat of this year’s Agria Agility Challenge 2019 was held at the fantastic North Somerset Show. With car parks overflowing, the fine day had everything from award-winning cattle to unbelievable tractor pulling – and of course, the wonderful spectacle that is the Agria Agility Challenge!

Many different breeds - from a greyhound to a boxer – took part in the second heat of the competition, which is especially designed for the rising stars of the Agility world. Judged by David Sweeney, the course resulted in many clear rounds right up until the last fence.

Winner Ally Weller, with My Teddy Boy, did manage to retain her clear until the end – completing the course in an impressive 31.96 seconds. She was thrilled to have won and qualified for the Agria Agility Challenge Grand Final at the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday, 29th September 2019 and commented, 'I am very excited and slightly stunned to have won a qualifier!'

The Agria Agility Challenge 2019 is open to Grades 1- 4 dogs, with heats throughout the year. The top five placed at each heat will qualify for September’s final, be judged by Championship Agility judge Hannah Banks.

Heat 2 - North Somerset Show

  1. Ally Weller with My Teddy Boy - 31.967 secs (C)

  2. Lou Pink with Follyfleet Thief of Time - 33.039 secs (C)

  3. Julie Palmer with Alfie Loves a Sweetie - 35.098 secs (C)

  4. Hilary Bowden with Son of a Gunner - 36.967 secs (C)

  5. Lesely Dean with Melindhowr of Godrevy - 37.825 secs (C)

Huge congratulations to Ally and all of our qualifiers so far!

Heat 3 will see the Agria Agility Challenge head northwards to the Worcester Premier Agility Show to find our next five Agria Agility Challenge 2019 qualifiers.

The Season's First Winners at Andoversford

 Congratulations to the first winners of the first heat of the Agria Agility Challenge 2019 which was held at Andoversford Point to Point Festival on 7th April, and attracted many of agility’s rising stars.

Country Shows Agility Graham Taylor said, 'We were delighted to see Agility at the forefront of this fabulous spring event, amongst some other great family attractions. This is one of the venue’s premier equine events, and set in the lovely spring sunshine, spectator numbers were high which added to the exciting atmosphere..

The competition, appropriately judged by ex-jump jockey Veronica Hill, was every bit as exciting as we could have wished for, with five fast clear rounds taking the top five places. Beating their nearest rivals by 1.5 seconds were Becky Bryant with Batfink Bombs Away, who completed the course in just 29.761 secs.

Becky said, 'I was extremely happy when we found out we had qualified for the final! Bomb has a mind of his own sometimes, so clears can be rare. We are both very much looking forward to the Final and fingers crossed he listens when it matters! But whatever happens, we are going to go and have fun as that’s what it’s all about!'

Heat 1 - Andoversford Point to Point Festival

  1. Becky Bryant with Batfink Bombs Away - 29.761 secs (C)

  2. Rachel Williams with Blamorder Just like Magic - 31.262 secs (C)

  3. Karen Sanders The Merle of Valgrays - 32.860 secs (C)

  4. Rosie Reid with Splatterday Night Fever - 35.667 secs (C)

  5. Peter Dowie with Fearless Seal - 38.759 secs (C)

Hopefully the Andoversford weather will continue across the outdoor season as Heat 2 of the Agira Agility Challenge heads southwards to the North Somerset Show to find the next five Agria Agility Challenge 2019 qualifiers. Congratulations to our first set of finalists, and good luck to those taking part in the remaining heats!

Agria Backs Agility in 2019

Agria Pet Insurance will continue to support the Agria Agility Challenge in 2019. With its regional heats for dogs at Grades 1- 4, this competition is for standard height Large dogs during the spring and summer, culminating in a thrilling final in September in the Top Dogs Arena at The Malvern Autumn Show.

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, said, 'We’re delighted to announce continue Agria support of Agility in 2019. It’s fantastic to see the speed and skill of the rising stars of the Agility world and we cannot wait to watch their progress through to what no doubt will be thrilling final in September. Agility is an outstanding activity for the health and well-being of both dogs and handlers – great for fitness and mental well-being, and to deepen the bond for the most rewarding of animal-owner partnerships. We can’t wait to follow the up and coming agility stars of 2019 through to the final in September. It’s going to be an exciting year!'

Heats for the Agria Agility Challenge 2019 have been announced at the following venues:-

April 2019

  • 07 April - Andoversford Point to Point Festival (Gloucestershire)

May 2019

  • 06 May - Severnside at The North Somerset Show (Wraxall, Somerset)

  • 18 May - Worcester Premier Agility Show (Top Barn, Worcestershire)

June 2019

  • 22 - 23 June - Dogs Unleashed (Bakewell, Derbyshire)

July 2019

  • 05 -07 July - RVA Championship Agility Show (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire)

  • 13 - 14 July - Rugby Championship Agility Show (Royale Farm, Staffordshire)

  • 20 -  21 July - Holkham County Fair (Holkham, Norfolk)

August 2019

  • 16 - 18 August - Welsh Kennel Club Championship Agility Show (Builth Wells, Powys)

  • 24 - 25 August - Bromsgrove Premier Agility Show (Dodderhill Equestrian, Worcestershire)

  • 31 August - Chatsworth County Fair (Chatsworth, Derbyshire)

September 2019

  • 29 September, The Malvern Autumn Show (Worcestershire)

For schedules, please visit The Agilitynet Show Diary.

Agria Pet Insurance, recently awarded Pet Insurance Provider of the Year and Best Claims Service at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2019, is one of the few insurers to cover dogs while they work. This includes agility dogs during training, travelling to events and competing.

Agria strongly believes in animals leading full, happy and healthy lives, and so supporting agility is a natural match. Agility training enriches dogs’ lives by giving them a mental and physical outlet, enhancing their level of focus and self-assurance while encouraging a strong owner/ animal bond. Agria is proud to support an activity that fosters such positive outcomes.