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New Competition at Blenheim Palace Announced

Adams Agility has announced a prestigious new competition for 2018. The Blenheim Palace Horse Trials Dog Agility Stakes will be open to Large dogs (full height only) G1-7. It will be held under under the appropriate Kennel Club Regulations H & H(1) in force at the time of the event and consist of five qualifying heats at various shows around the country.

Sandra Adams said, 'I have aspired to create something like this for years! It's wonderful to see it finally become real. My aim was always to look for an event which could parallel Olympia and really get people excited about qualifying for the Final.  The structure may change, but for the first year, it's just such a privilege to begin our relationship with Blenheim Palace Horse Trials , courtesy of SSangYong, their main sponsors.'

The top three previously unqualified dogs from each heat will qualify for the Final comprising of a minimum of 15 and maximum of 20 dogs.

The Final, judged by the much loved Charlie Wyatt, will be held at SsangYong Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials on Friday, 14th September 2018.

Sandra added, 'Charlie is known through the agility community for his flowing, spread out courses, ideal for the 80 x 40 metre arena. This may be Charlie's very last judging appointment, not just for the year, but quite simply, his last ever. He has threatened to make this his final year of judging, but really, what a fitting swan song if it is.'

Qualifiers for this year are:

  • Rugby July - 14th-15th July

  • Derbyshire July - 28th - 29th July

  • Paignton - 4th-7th August

  • Adams Bank Holiday - 25th - 26th August

  • Prestbury Park - 1st-2nd September

  • Blenheim Palace Horse Trials Final - 14th September

Rules & regulations

The final will consist of one round of Agility which will be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Regulations H & H(1) in force at the time of the event.

  1. Competitors entering any of the Heats will be deemed to have agreed to abide by KC Rules as specified above.

  2. All heats must take place at Kennel Club licensed shows and the class name in the schedule should replicate exactly the name of the competition as stated in these rules.

  3. If the entry for the heat exceeds 400 the class must be split into two equal parts, with the top two previously unqualified placed dogs from each part going through to the final. If the entry exceeds 600 the class must be split into three equal parts, with the highest placed previously unqualified dog in each part going through to the final.

  4. Rosettes and trophies remain unchanged if the heat is split and will be given for each part.

  5. Handlers may enter more than one dog in the competition and may qualify more than one dog for the final event.

  6. Qualifiers may enter further heats for competition, providing they are eligible. Handlers who gain a qualifying place in a heat with a previously qualified dog should inform the Show Secretary on the date of the show of this fact.

  7. In the event of a dog and/or handler being unable to compete in the Final due to unavailability, illness or injury the reserves from that heat will be called up in numerical order.

  8. Rosettes will be provided to 20th place, and trophies to 3rd.

First published 29 March 2018



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