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The Longhedge Show Processing Large ABC Jumping Qualifier is a competition for all Large dogs excluding Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs and their crosses (Any Breeds but Collies). There will be approximately 10 qualifying heats. The top five dogs from each heat (top three if the heat is split into two parts), will qualify for the Kronch Final comprising of approx 50 at the Dog Vegas show at the end of July.

Final's Report
By Jackie Kenny

What a great mix of breeds we saw at the ABC final. Dogs of all Grades from 1 to 7 competed on a lovely flowing jumping course set by Alan Bray. The course was not so simple and the handlers were tested - in fact, there were five eliminations !

The weather held apart from the odd drop of rain, but thunder was in the distance which caused concern for some dogs, including my own, who stood on the start line with his tail between his legs. One dog didnít even run the Final as it had been scared of thunder as a puppy and the owner didnít want to risk her running away. What a shame to have come all the way to the Final and not be able to run !

Nigel Staines with Morgans Assassin AWG  (Kelpie) was first to run and they set the goal by going clear in a great time of 28.143 seconds. This was followed by two eliminations and then Mike Walker with Fourpaws Caddy Shack who went clear in 28.788 seconds. The next clears managed times of 29 and 30 seconds.

It wasn't until running order 19 that we had a new leader. This was Jo Hyslop with Bonvivant with Extra Zoon (Belgium Shepherd)  who did it in a time of 27.586 seconds. Jo Hyslop had two more runs with Bonvivant Kronick and Bonvivant Objet D Art, who also went clear in very similar times of 27.337 and 27.828 seconds. No one else managed to beat these times and so Jo Hyslop pulled a hat trick taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Jo and her Bonvivants received prize money -  a grand total of £220, plus all the other goodies that the Kronch sponsor supplied.

Paula Triggs / Wolf in Seeps Clothing, Heidi Johnson / The Munsters Apprentice, Maria Jenkinson / Blakanis Sweet Jasmine, Helen Wright / Accra Scarlet Armani, Paula Triggs / Off Like a shot, Gillian Barrett / Oaken Holt Conwy, Lesley Short / Jetril Rustler, Andrew Green / John o Gaunt Rocky Rover and Phil Spliman / Delark Indecent Proposal were all eliminated but still got to run in this great Final. A few did not due to ill health and our best wishes are with those dogs and handlers. xx

2013  Final

The Final of the LHSP Large ABC Jumping Dog Vegas qualifier was held on 29 July 2013 at the Winterton Showground and was judged by Alan Bray. The results are as follows:

Position Handler Dog's name Points
1 Jo Hyslop Bonvivant Kronik 27.337
2 Jo Hyslop Bonvivant with Extra Zoom 27.586
3 Jo Hyslop Bonvivant Oject d'Art 27.828
4 Nigel Staines Morgan's Assassin AW(G) 28.143
5 Nigel Staines Ag.Ch. Dragonheart Dark Destroyer AW(G) 28.654
6 Mike Walker Four Paws Caddieshack 28.78
7 Paula Triggs Acer the Racer 28.826
8 Paul Sensky Bonvivant Ciel des Reves 29.801
9 Laura Richardson Nemesis Red Kangaroo 29.86
10 Hailey Summerfield Vizellvan Ocean Zeus 30.037
11 Elaine Sherwin Penwest Phoebus at Tarnwalk AW(B) 30.207
12 Nigel Staines Elfinvale Legend AW(G) 30.261
13 Gina Pears Scissor Sharp 30.745
14 Elaine Sherwin Hawkfield Black Tie at Tarnwalk AW(G) 31.123
15 Gary Wilkes Walking Dynamite 31.319
16 Jackie Kenny Morgan's Son of a Legend AW(G) 32.504
17 Lynne Stanley Scruffy Miss Millie 32.523
18 Jan Grayson Brown Girl in the Ring with Blakanis 33.443
19 Suzanne Hale Subessen Bit of a Pickle at Broadholme AW(B) 34.803
20 Vicki Dunlop Evie Ivy Over 38.773
21 Sue Daley Topeka Mississippi Line 42.436
22 Sam Hatcher Kelluki Rhapsody 30.537 (5 faults)
23 Dan Millwood Red Leopard 30.681 (5 faults)
24 Jan Grayson Blakanis Harriet's a Flyer AW(S) 35.297 (5 faults)
25 Tracey Toms Carishill Circe 36.206 (5 faults)
26 Anne McMillan The Colonel 45.249 (5.249 faults)
27 Moira Bowden Twist in the Tail 30.194 (10 faults)
E Lesley Short Jetril Rustler 0
E Phil Spilman Delark Indecent Proposal 0
E Andrew Green John O'Gaunt Rocky Rover 0
E Paula Triggs Off Like a Shot 0
E Paula Triggs Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 0
E Maria Jenkinson Blakanis Sweet Jasmine AW(S) 0
E Gillian Barrett Oaken Holt Conwy 0
E Heidi Johnson The Munster's Apprentice 0
E Helen Wright Accra Scarlet Armani 0

Rules and Regulations

  1. The competition is open to all Large dogs excluding Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs and their crosses. (Any Breeds but Collies). In the event of dispute, the judgeís decision will be final.
  2. This class must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Rules in force at the time of the competition.
  3. If the entry for a heat exceeds the KC limit for a judge in a day then the class will be equally and randomly split and another judge appointed for the second part.
  4. All competitors entering the class will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules of the Kennel Club and the specific regulations governing this class.
  5. Handlers may enter more than one dog in the competition and may qualify more than one dog for the Final event.
  6. Once a dog has qualified for the Final it may enter further heats.
  7. Handlers who have already qualified their dog for the Final must report this fact to the appropriate Show Secretary before running in the class. If the already qualified dog then qualifies again, the place will be awarded to the highest placed unqualified dog.
  8. The first five dogs from the heat will be invited to compete in the Final. The next five dogs will be held as reserves.
  9. If the class is split the top three dogs from each part will be invited to compete in the Final. The next top three in each part will be held as reserves.
  10. In the event of a dog being unable to compete in the Final due to unavailability, illness or injury the reserves from that heat will be called up in numerical order.
  11. In the event of a handler being unable to compete in the Final due to illness or injury a substitute handler for the qualifying dog will be allowed to run the dog.



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