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The Triple Team Qualifier (TTQ) is a new agility event for teams of three handler/dogs of any height combination, organised by Hannah Grantham. Heats will be held throughout 2015 with two teams from each heat qualifying for the final Who will be crowned the TTQ Champions?

How TTQ Was Born

Ever since running as part of Newton Heath Rat Pack who qualified for Crufts 2013, I realised just how exciting teams can be. Teams are great fun and what agility should be about.

As most teams required four dogs of the same height, this can make it very difficult to put a team together. Also, I have always wanted to run in the same team as my best friend, but we hardly ever get a chance as I run Small dogs and she runs Mediums. After speaking to few other people in passing, it became apparent it was not just me who had friends with different height dogs who would like the chance to run together, too.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to experience a similar team event at a UKA show that made it possible for different height dogs to run together and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me the idea to for TTQ!

I knew I would need help to make it happen. By using the power of Facebook, the idea became reality. Soon had not just one but two fantastic sponsors on board - Katie Long Agility and Online Classroom, and AgilityEdge. Combined this with Norton Rosettes who has offered to provide the rosettes and trophies for the qualifying heats. It wasn't long before clubs were offering to host heats in 2015 as well/ It seemed I was not the only one who loved team events.

TTQ is designed to be fun, and make it easier for friends to get together in agility as a team, whatever height dog they run. The TTQ heats and final will now be taking place in 2015, and I really am looking forward to finding out who will be the finalists and TTQ champions, plus I can’t wait to take part as a competitor. Who knows I may even get a chance to judge a heat as well

Confirmed heats include:-
  • Norfolk Easter: 4th – 5th April

  • Lincoln AE: 17th-19th April

  • High Peak: 17th-18th May

  • Oswestry: 13th-14th June

  • Dog Vegas (Thetford): 27th June – 5th July

  • West Lakes: 22nd – 23rd August

 The Final will be held at the Dog Vegas show on 25-28 September Show at Southwell Racecourse.

Some excellent prizes are on offer for the overall winners. Thanks you to TTQ sponsors atie Long Agility & Online Classroom and Agility E for their support, making this event possible. Rosettes 1st to 3rd place, Trophy to 1st place kindly provided by Norton Rosettes

Anyone wishing to kept up to date with TTQ, there is a FB page

Triple Team Qualifier Rules

  • Team relay open to Small, Medium and Large dogs, KC Grades 1-7

  • Standard KC rules and marking apply. Elimination = 100f. The judge must continue marking once an elimination has occurred. This will include all further faults and eliminations.

  • Teams will consist of three dogs and three handlers, plus a maximum of two reserves, any combination of heights. Heights must be stated on entry form.

  • Small and Medium dogs will compete over KC Small height, Large dogs will compete over KC large height.

  • The class will be a team relay over similar courses consisting of 10 obstacles (e.g. mirror image). The courses must contain weaves and an A-Frame. The Dog walk and Seesaw must not be used.

  • Dog 1 and  Dog 3 must compete over the left-hand course and Dog 2 must compete over the right-hand course. Where a team consists of a different height dog, this dog must run second in the team. (e.g. a team of a Small, Medium and Large, the different height dog is the Large and the Small and Medium runs over Small height)

  • Teams will be issued with running orders. It is at the judge’s discretion if these should be strictly adhered to. Teams should be available to run when the heights at set to suit their team. Team runs should take priority over individual runs.

  • Handlers may be entered into more than one team. Dogs may only be entered into one team. Dogs can be entered as reserves in other teams but may only run in one team both in the heats and final.

  • Baton changes must be hand to hand and take place in the designated area allocated by the judge. The baton must remain in this designated area during the teams run. The baton must not be thrown or dropped. Incorrect baton changes will incur 100f.

  • Judges decision is final.

  • There will be six qualifying heats. The 1st and 2nd placed teams will qualify for the final at [add show name and date here]. in the event that the teams in 1st and/or 2nd have previously qualified, then the qualifying place(s) will be given to the next highest places team(s), until the two qualifying places have been allocated.

  • Only dogs and handlers entered as part of the team or reserves at the qualifying heat will be able to compete at the final.

First published 6 September 2014



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