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Watch out youngsters, the Seniors are coming. Agility has been built on the idea that 'agility is fun' but we think it should be changed to 'agility is fun for all.' That's regardless of breed, size or age. The wonderful thing about agility is that it is not just for the youngsters and the fleet of foot. If you can steer your dog around the course, then you have a chance for a place or clear round rosette. We want to recognise those handlers who are no longer young and fleet of foot, and that's why we've started the Senior Agility League (SAL). After all is said and done, age is just a number!

Some handlers and dogs have reached special milestones which is why we created the SAL Hall of Fame in 2017. Nominations for outstanding achievement and / or longevity are welcome. Email with details.

Since 1979, when the sport of Agility was introduced at Crufts, it has grown and grown to be the most popular dog activity in the UK. Once addicted, agility people don't seem to retire. They get another dog. They take a joint supplement. If they can't run faster, they learn to run smarter. It's not uncommon now for handlers to still be competing in their 60s+.

And that's why we set up the Senior Agility League to celebrate age and mature handling. So if you are 55 years old or over, you are eligible to join the Senior Agility League (SAL) There is no annual membership fee or need to show your birth certificate. To register just go to or if you just want to know what it's all about, go to the League home page

If you have any questions whatsoever, email the League administrator Ellen Rocco.

SAL 2018 is now open for registration. It is not necessary to re-register if you were a member in 2017 or before. Just start adding your points and watch them grow.


News & Results

Jenny & Poppet Update

Jenny Rothwell sent us this little report on Poppet, one of the first dogs inducted into the SAL Hall of Fame.

I am 81 and agility is my way of keeping fit(ish) and my two woofs are still having fun. Little Poppet (15 1/2 years) does bits at Dig it Dogs now and then and still loves it. She just loves to hear people cheering her round a course and performs for them or she can look at them and show them she can do her own thing if she wants to. She is a delight!

I know I can't compete at KC and UKA levels so I mostly run NFC courses but I can still have fun and sometimes, with a bit of luck, get a rosette. Of course, I still love to watch the Senior League results,

My other rescue Blaine probably will never compete, but he tries at Dig It shows, too. After five years, he can now complete a full round albeit way out of time, but with a waggie tail and looking proud of himself so I may never say never.

Poppet's very very large framed rosette from The Big Dog Bed Co in 2017 takes pride on the wall. Thank you for all you are doing for the League.

Congratulations to the Agilitynet Senior Agility League winners who are the very first people to have received a Mango Glass award from all the team at Mango Glass.

Welcome to New Sponsor

Great news. The Senior Agility League has a super new sponsor, Nordikota Print & Embroidery, suppliers of a wide range of quality products from hoodies and jackets to T-shirts and club wear for dog owners, clubs, dog sport enthusiasts and dog welfare organisations.

Sandra Spicer of Nordikota said, 'Nordikota Print & Embroidery are delighted to be involved with the Senior Agility League for the first time this year. We look forward to watching your achievements and wish you all well for 2019.

As dog owners ourselves - we currently own three rescue Siberian Huskies - we understand the requirements of dog clubs and organisations.  We recognise the need for quality products - many having been tested personally by us whilst being dragged behind a sled dog team!'

We asked Nigel Spicer where the name Nordikota came from and he said, 'It's a mixture of two words - 'Nordic' after his favourite type of dog breed, and Dakota - like the Indians - after watching far too many Cowboy & Indian movies when I was a kid.

Nordikota originally started by creating merchandise to support of dog welfare activities and has grown from there. They now hope to offer their quality print and embroidery services to the Agility market.

If you are interested in learning more, visit their website or feel free to ring 01487 479709. They're always happy to talk about dogs.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Senior Agility League who accumulated an amazing 53,201 points in all.

The Overall Winner, Freda Wallace, with her Sheltie X BC Meisterwerk Tika AW/D, topped the League with an impressive 3140 points. Runner Up in the points department was Jenny Hastie with her rescue crossbreed Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D with 2922 points. All in all, the divisional winners racked up 53,021 points. Not bad for the oldies1

You can see all the winners below and / or go the League Table to see how you did against your peers.

Once again Norton has provided the most magnificent rosettes for the first three places in each age division plus 1st in Allsorts and we have adorable glass puppy trophies from Mango Awards for the winners of each division. They'll be in the post soon.

Altogether the total number of dogs with points was 433 in 2018 and 73 have already been on the scoreboard and it is only January.

The League is open to anyone at any level who is age 55 or more.

SAL Hall of Fame

We have two new nominees to what we think is the first Agility Hall of Fame in the world. Welcome to Jane Cameron who hung up her running shoes this year and Lesley Wilks' Catch a Dream (13) who ran her last KC class in September age 13.

Jane Cameron

Jane Cameron was a member of the Senior Agility League from the start. She won a trophy for three successive years with Borderstorm Lincoln Imp after which she retired from the League. After ongoing health problems, she has decided to hang up her running shoes.

Catch a Dream (Kat)

Lesley Wilks has nominated her gorgeous, little sable girl Kat (Catch a Dream) who retired from the Ring in September 2018. Lesley says that Kat managed to drag her up to G7. They also won the Allsorts category with a total of 1106 points.

For more information about the Senior Agility League, email Ellen Rocco (now Diamond) at

2018 Results

Overall & Division Winners






Overall winner

Freda Wallace Meisterwerk Tika AW/G Sheltie x BC 3635


Samantha Hall Miss Issippi Blu AW/D Collie 2429


Jenny Hastie Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D X 2922


Freda Wallace Meisterwerk Tika AW/G Sheltie x BC 3635


Dave Walker Josie Hopebeyondthestars Sheltie 2217
Allsorts Lesley Wilks Catch a Dream WSD 1106

Top Three in Each Category

Gold (55-59) Large

  1. Samantha Hall with Miss Issippi Blu AW/D (Collie) - 2429 points
  2. Mandy Davenport with And Then There Were Three (English Springer Spaniel) - 2109 points
  3. Shona Broome with Dans Defender (Labrador) - 1672 points

Gold (55 59) Medium

  1. Linda Seaton with Our Boy Zeus AW/P (Min Poodle) - 1405 points
  2. Heidi Rumble with Remedyclose Buckaro (Cocker Spaniel) - 1314 points
  3. Philip Goosey with Eddie Cookie Monster Goosey AW/B (Cockapoo) - 1014 points

55-59) - Small

  1. Ann Bide with Dexter Littleman AW/B (X) - 1513 points
  2. Susannah Chalmers with Miss Marshmallow (Pug) AW/S- 745 points
  3. Antoinette Traynor with Dealan of Maryville AW/S (Toy Poodle) - 729 points

Ruby (60-64) Large

  1. Jenny Hastie with Nessa Ainmhithe Girl AW/D (X) - 2922 points
  2. Christina Sheard with Dancing Diva of Valgrays AW/B (WSD) - 1744 points
  3. Jennifer Costello with Idonea Icknieldway (Golden Retriever) - 1277 points

Ruby (60-64) Medium

  1. Jan Linch with Sophia Isabella Star (WSD) - 1399 points
  2. Val Kidd with Bruich Laddie AW/P (Working Cocker) - 1295 points
  3. Gill Cowie with I Should Be So Lucky (Cockapoo) - 1057 points

Basileas Alpine Rose AW/G

Ruby (60-64) Small

  1. Mary Perks with Fuddy Duddy Buddy (X) - 1440 points
  2. Dot Mayhew with Little Gem of the Green AW/P (JRT) - 1429 points
  3. Christine Bailey with Basileas Alpine Rose AW/G (Mini American Shepherd) 1165 points

Platinum (65-69) Large

  1. Hazel Kemble with Redwarren Swift AW/D (Hungarian Vizsla) -1301 points
  2. Ken Whittington with Tri Againben (WSD) - 1293 points
  3. Gloria Tucker with Number Eleven (Collie X) - 936

Sandra Yates' Ruby

Platinum (65-69) Medium

  1. Freda Wallace with Meisterwerk Tika AW/D (Sheltie x BC) - 3140 points
  2. Sandra Yates with Our Jubilee Queen (Cocker Spaniel) AW/P - 2591 points
  3. David Spranger with Tearsran Tango Bachelor Boy AW/D (Cocker Spaniel) - 1628 points

Sandra Yates Poppy

Platinum (65-69) Small

  1. Vivien Spranger with Tearsran Tango Visions AW/S (Cocker Spaniel) - 1062 points
  2. Linda Hailstone with May in The Mist (Cockapoo) - 867 points
  3. Sandra Yates with Blaenpennal Beautrix (CKCS) - 733 points

 Asher (My Last Chance)

Diamond (70+) Large

  1. Margaret Hudson with Tammie Noorie AW/D (Working Beardie) - 1517 points
  2. Sally Wynes with My Last Chance (GSD) - 1217 points
  3. Trish Piggin with Sculbrook Lady Be Good AW/B (St. Poodle) - 1006 points

Diamond (70+) Medium

  1. Julia Morter with Meisterwerk Little Elle AW/G (Sheltie x Collie) 1549 points
  2. Rita Lloyds with The Flo Go Stick (Lurcher) - 713 points
  3. Trish Piggin with Trixlin Oh What a Frenzy (Min Poodle) - 653 points

Diamond (70+) Small

  1. Dave Walker with Josie Hopebeyondthestars (Sheltie) - 2217 points
  2. Gabrielle Chambers with Midnight Dream Suki (Min Poodle) - 1420 points
  3. Beryl Brander with The Gruffalo AW/B (Yorkshire Terrier) - 1414 points


  1. Lesley Wilks with Catch a Dream AW/G (WSD) - 1106 points

Senior Agility League Rules

Please note that by submitting your application for the Senior Agility League, you are agreeing to the rules below.

1. The Senior Agility League (The League) is open to handlers aged 55 years and over on 1st January in the current year.

2. Dogs entered in The League must be registered with the Kennel Club.

3. The League will run from 1st January to 21st December in each year. It will re-open on 23rd December. Points from shows between 22nd December and 31st December can be carried forward to the next year.

4. The League is organised in four main categories based upon the age of the handler on 1st January with three sub-categories in each according to size (Large, Medium & Small).

  • Gold:- 55 -59 years

  • Ruby: 60 -64 years

  • Platinum: 65 - 69 years

  • Diamond: 70+ years

5. Points can be claimed from places and clear rounds from open classes at all shows but not pairs, teams, qualifiers, club matches, leagues, fun days or simulated/training in the ring shows etc.

7. When claiming points, the show, day (optional), class and place must be stated. The administrator reserves the right to assess if the show is eligible under the above guidelines.

8. Placed points can only be claimed if a placed rosette is presented by the show. Otherwise, clear round points only can be claimed. Clear round points can be claimed even if clear round rosettes are not given by the show but must be within the course time.

    9. Placed points can be claimed for all Standard 'singles' classes including Championship qualifying rounds (but not the Final or Semi-Final) as well as Helter Skelter, Gamblers, Snooker, Steeplechase and other 'special' classes. Points may also be claimed for UKA Masters Combined result but not the individual rounds. Points cannot be claimed for Pairs or Teams.

    10. The Dog will remain in the category/level it starts in on 1st January for the duration of that year. If a dog transfers to 'Allsorts' during the year, please contact the administrator.

    11. The Handler/Owner must update registration each year.

    12. The Handler/Owner is responsible for changing the categories if required, when starting the year.

    13. It is the Owner/Handlers responsibility to send their points via post or submit points on-line.

    14. There is no time limit to claim points, although we would ask that you try to do so on a monthly basis.

    15. Final results for the year must be received by 21st December of the current year. The winners will be announced on Agilitynet and Agilitynet Facebook.

    16. Points claimed for the combination of dog and handler cannot be claimed when run by another handler, even if registered with The League.

    17. Allsorts dogs are welcome to join The League. Only points from special classes such as Anysize, Allsorts and Veterans can be claimed. Allsorts points cannot be used in the 'main' League. If a dog moves to Allsorts mid-year, points cannot be transferred from Standard classes. If no places are awarded by the show for the class, clear round points can be claimed. 

    18. It is not necessary to re-register each year if the Handler participated in the League the previous year.

Points Table

  •  1st place = 22

  •  2nd place = 21

  •  3rd place = 20

  •  4th place = 19

  •  5th place = 18

  •  6th place = 17

  •  7th place = 16

  •  8th place = 15

  •  9th place = 14

  • 10th place = 13

  • 11th place = 12

  • 12th place = 11

  • 13th place = 10

  • 14th place =   9

  • 15th place =  8

  • 16th place =  7

  • 17th place =  6

  • 18th place =  5

  • 19th place =  4

  •  20th place =  3

  • Clear round* = 2

* Clear rounds must be in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q, How soon should I add my points?

A. As soon as possible so that everyone can see how you are doing in The League, though officially you have until The League closes on 21 December to add your points

Q. Some unaffiliated shows allow dogs to run at their own level rather than the level of the handler. For example, when dogs are KC Grade 3 but are allowed to run in Elementary under a different organisation. Can you claim these points?

A. Yes

Q. I have won out. Do I need to change my Grade?

A. No, your dog remains in the category it started in January of the current year for the duration of the year.

Q. What system should I use to calculate points from a KC Limited show?

A. The points are the same as a KC Open show, Unaffiliated shows have different points values. Click here to see Points Table.

Q. Why does my dog have to be registered with the Kennel Club?

A. The League needs set a criteria to work with such as levels, heights, recognised breeds etc.

Q. Do wins / places have to be clear rounds to count or can faults be involved?

A. A place is a place. Claim it.

Q. When I try to register or add in points, I keep getting sent back to the Login screen. What do I do.

A. Click here for help. It's all about cookies - and not the eatable kind.

Q. As a resident in N Ireland, I frequently compete in the Republic of Ireland under Irish KC rules and regs. Do wins under IKC rules count and if so, in which category -- KC or unaffiliated?

 A. As the Two Kennel Clubs have similar standards - rules and regs, your points would count as KC.

Thank you to John Ward and the DARL Rescue League for their help with the League Tables.