The Big Fat Agility Quiz
Bored? Missing your regular agility fix? Here's a little something to do to while away the time until training begins again. Each question is worth five points - just like on an agility course. Some questions are harder than others but all the answers can be found on Agilitynet or the internet
Christmas Carols
Agility versions of some Christmas favourites. Oh come all ye faithful... sing along if you dare.

Christmas Cheer
Holiday etiquette for dogs and how to wrap Christmas presents with the help of a puppy

Christmas Fun 'n Games
Ho ho ho and a big fat Bonio! Suggestions for games to play at your annual club Christmas party or with your doggie friends.

Christmas Poetry
Mostly dog-adapted versions of T'was the Night Before Christmas but a few other offerings as well
T'was the Night Before Christmas
Or how the infamous Twerphounds saved Christmas