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Agility Truths

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Get inspired...

Occasionally in agility you hear a comment that just sums up everything you are feeling, or tells you exactly what you wanted to know. A one-liner that's witty, pithy or wise enough to say more than an entire book. We've made a small collection. If you've got any favourites of your own, we'd like to hear from you... Email your words of wisdom to Agilitynet.

 About Agility

Loyalty in agility is a funny old thing.
People soon forget who got them to the stage/place they are today . 
Happens a lot . 
Just sometimes it pisses me off!
That's it really. Move on.
Den Keeler
Some pet dogs are loving agility.  All agility dogs are loving pets. Something perhaps we as handlers need to remember when frustrated with our performance.
Mark Bunyan
Yes, I have a collie that I compete with but I don't have a collie for agility. I do agility for the collie!
Teamwork -  without it, it's just obstacles.
Amanda Nelson

Guys, before you start to brag about your agility successes, just remember that there does not sound to be much difference between importance and impotence.
St. Georges

Agility is rocket science.
Jane Tatam

Agility is fun! Life is serious!
Dane Redford

Agility is like life; there's always another obstacle.'
Agility Ability

We British are good at inventing things, and then we export it, and the rest is history.
Jackie Gardner

At work I speak a foreign language. It's called 'agility.'
Mick Chambers

It's the little things in life and agility that make it special. If you stand around waiting for the big things, you will be disappointed...

Obedience never claimed to have been designed for the dog and handler to have fun but agility was...

We are clearly drawn into two separate camps as agility enthusiasts. It's true. Some of us do agility for our dogs. Some of us do our dogs for agility. If there really were any "good old days", these ain't them.
Bud Houston

All you need for obedience is a dog, a collar, and a lead, right? Since you don't need the collar or the lead for agility,
it should be even cheaper than obedience, right?
Yeah, right!
Kathryn Foran

People get the kind of dog they deserve.

Alan Bray's Skylar
Alan Bray's Tiggy
Alan Bray's Tig

About Competition

Once I get outdoors, I think a good round is better than sex!
Name withheld for obvious reasons!

Wanted - a Paris partner.
Bridget Jamieson

Editor's note: Ooo la la!

A fair bit of judging is following 'accepted practice' rather than written rules. If the rules tried to cover every possible eventuality the book would be three feet thick (and still ambiguous.)
Bill Glover

Losing isn't as much fun, but if I learn something from it, then it's not such a bad thing.
Lee Ann Mott

On Knock Out Pairs: Why do judges have set traps on the course, if one pair gets knocked out anyway?
Keith & Nikki WIlliams

Go fast slowly.

'Agility is won or lost on the ground between the obstacles.'

Experience is a hard teacher. She gives us the test first and the lessons afterwards.

'Be aware of what role you play in your dog's mistakes. Do not blame your dog of an off-course or missed on contact. Our dogs are only a reflection of us'...
Susan Garrett

Obstacles on course are closer than they appear.
Jim Basic

If dogs could talk, they might say... 'I gave it my best, despite the marginal handling I received today!'
Marq Cheek...

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals...

When you go to a show make a promise to yourself that you will run past the last jump of the course even if you've had a jump down or missed a contact. Then you will have something to celebrate!...

Be aware of what role you play in your dog's mistakes. Do not blame your dog of an off-course or missed on contact. Our dogs are only a reflection of us.
Susan Garrett

'Agility is won or lost on the ground between the obstacles.'

 About Training

Matthew Goodliffe
Diane Griffin's training day
Chris Varon Fakis
Lynne Shore's Wispa
Your dog's attitude is a reflection of your attitude.

Agility is all about motion and the timely execution of manoeuvres, not prancing across a course like a ballerina doing pirouettes.

Never limit a student's potential in words or actions...

You cannot be a credible trainer in agility unless you own a border collie.

Q. How do you make a slow dog faster?
A. Train less and play more...
Guy Blancke (I think)

You should not do in class what you cannot do in the ring.
Donna Dufour

If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise.

There are so many good dogs on the circuit now. While it does begin with what they are born with, most of what you see in the ring was trained!
Barbara Craig

Crosses are easy with a fast dog. You just send it out and cross as it comes back to you!...
Kathryn Horn

Learn it, know it, do it, feel it, believe it!
Marq Cheek

Have you tried running a course with another person and taking turns being the dog and the handler. There's nothing like understanding agility from the dog's view point of view.

When commenting on someone else's performance, don't forget to start your dissertations with something supportive and positive, all you critics! Especially if the one you are criticising happens to be a dog...

May the course be with you!