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Agility in the Neolithic Age
There are many relics in Britain and Europe dating from the Neolithic period, more commonly called the Late Stone and Early Bronze Ages including some of our most well known national landmarks, such as Stonehenge or Avebury. It has long been believed that they are aligned on the rising or setting moon or sun at significant times of year, such as Midsummer sunrise. But beyond that, their purpose has remained unexplained, and has been assigned to ‘ritual' use by the archaeological community. Recently, a theory has been put forward that throws new light on the use of these structures, and it is a ritual that we are all familiar with – that of meeting up and competing with dogs!
© Copyright of this design, research and plans will remain the property of Jo Baker Garden Design. Agility Inspired Greenspace
Garden designer Jo Baker recently designed and built an agility greenspace for a dog daycare Centre in Surrey. The brief was to create a practical design that would provide a stimulating and sensory environment which was fun and safe for dogs, staff and visitors. Her design encompassed the benefits of agility and combined them with horticultural principles. Most importantly, the dogs at Dogstroll love it!
Train Like You Compete T-Shirt from Clean Run Agility Slogans
A while ago, American Kurt Glaub requested ideas for non-commercial phrases to put on the jump boards on a panel jump at his local show. The response was tremendous! People took inspiration from everywhere - even the Bible, Star Wars, pop stars and even the ancient Greeks! The trial has come and gone, and by all accounts it was a great success. Kurt has kindly agreed to compile a list of the best suggestions in alphabetical order! His final choices are highlighted in red below. What's your favourite?
Agility Truths
Occasionally in agility you hear a comment that just sums up everything you are feeling, or tells you exactly what you wanted to know. A one-liner that's witty, pithy or wise enough to say more than an entire book. We've made a small collection. If you've got any favourites of your own, we'd like to hear from you...
For many of us in the dog agility world, our lives revolve around our dogs. As well as the close emotional bond we have with our dogs, we also have a close working relationship with them. They are our partners, co-workers, companions and team members. When this relationship comes to an end, the grief can be over-whelming. Agility competitor and counsellor Emma-Jane LaRoche recognises that grieving for the loss of a pet, whether through death, parting or enforced separation, can be a sad and difficult experience and that everyone deals with grief in their own way and in their own time.
Can You Top This?
As Richard Wilson of One Foot in the Grave was often heard to say, 'I don't believe it!' Sometimes we astound ourselves with our achievements and equally... our failures. It can be a good thing to be able to sit back and crow about our successes or laugh if we mess up. After all, no one is perfect all the time. Just because you haven't won out, gone clear or qualified for a specific final doesn't mean you didn't have a good run, or you didn't accomplish something.
Caravan Maintenance
The caravan is one of the most important and possibly the biggest expenditure in the agility competitor's life other than vet bills! It's what's fuelled the rise of the multi-day show and the week long agility camp. It doesn't have to be new or fancy - after all it is for the dogs - but it needs to be roadworthy and safe for whomever uses it. Dave Camble, owner of Diagnostic Caravans in Thame, makes a few suggestions as to things to check before you set off to a show.
Change for the Better
If you could change just one thing about agility, asked Jo Asher on Agilitynet Facebook, what would it be? Hers would be the early 8.30am starts! We liked your answers so much that we've put then altogether. Serious or cheeky, what are your niggles?

The Great Collie v. ABC Debate
As more people abandon their ABC dogs in favour of collies, we must ask 'Is winning everything?' Your comments are invited. Dave Cooper & Terry Woods join the debate. (28/09/00)
Horse Agility
First there was dog agility, followed by cat, rabbit, chicken, rat and even fish versions. Now there is a new spin off called horse agility. It's a new equestrian sport (obviously) that is growing rapidly in popularity for people who love horses and want to compete at the highest level without having to ride. Like dog agility, it's meant to be fun. Founder Vanessa Bee thought up the idea when she was helping a young horse and his nervous owner.

How to Make a Midi
Sorry... there is no sure-fire recipe for making a Midi. People often get a puppy of a breed hoping it will make the size and be able to run Standard classes as well. But those two magic Midi inches between 15-17 that can be annoyingly elusive - even with a pedigree dog. Thankfully 99.9%, if not 100%, of these people just shrug their shoulders with an ‘oh well’ and have lots of fun their big Mini or small Standard dog anyway.
An Insight into Professional Dog Agility Photography
Photography has been Chris Tarling's full-time day job for a number of years now. Over that time, he calculates that he must have captured well in excess of half a million images of dogs running an agility course and worn out several cameras with that level of shooting. He's agreed to share some of his professional tips for taking action shots of your dog in the ring. It's more challenging than you think...
Is Agility Really a Sport?
Here is a truism. What cannot be accomplished by a pocketful of frankfurter and chopped lumps of cheese? Sue Mott was about to find out. There are 6.5 million dogs in this country and most of them, from a Affenpinscher to a Shipperke, can be persuaded to hop over a hurdle for the price of a morsel of sausage. Obviously, do not try it with your St. Bernard. You would need a pound of fillet steak. Anyway, big lumpy dogs are no good at all. Reprinted from The Telegraph.

Little Dogs: Does Size Matter?
Hey, Mini and Midi handlers - do little dogs get as much coverage in the Agility media - including Agilitynet - as Standard dogs? Possibly not! Do big dog handlers taunt you with jibes of 'get a proper dog!' Do you long for lower contact equipment to match your dog's little legs? Agilitynet asked six Mini and Midi handlers with various levels of experience to talk about some of the issues that effect small dogs in agility in a 'virtual' roundtable discussion. Feel free to join in.
Minority Agility Competitors
problem with homophobia in sports and 66% felt there was a problem with transphobia in sports, i.e. prejudice again people attracted to those of the same gender and prejudice against people who have transmitted from one gender to another respectively. This made Kayden Medcalf reflect upon agility as sport, and he wondered whether the human competitors within agility had experienced anything similar and, if not, he wanted to explore what it is about agility that makes it so different from other sports which seem to struggle to overcome discrimination. So he posted a survey on Agilitynet Facebook to find out more.

The Price is Right!
If you are like most of us, you probably never admit to yourself how much money you spend on agility. The final sum would send you into epileptic shock. I would rather have my dogs than a Ralph Lauren wardrobe, and you can keep the Costa del Sol for yourself – I’ll spend my holiday at Dogs In Need. These days I make few purchases that are not dog orientated – whether they be a pair of shoes or a new car. Agility is not a hobby  It’s why I go out to work! Mary Ann Nester calculates the real cost.
Rabbit Agility
American judge Leona Hellesvig also judges rabbit agility, according to a 'Minnesota version' of rules. Rabbit agility is getting to be a fairly popular event in 4-H these days (at least in Minnesota), along with goat agility. There is also a cat agility national organisation out there which often holds events in conjunction with CFA cat shows. And don't forget Bob Baily's 'chicken camps' where people teach chickens to do agility as a method of learning to do clicker training correctly. How do they compare to our fast and furious dog agility? And will it ever catch on here?
In Defense of Slower Agility
Anyone who has been involved with agility for a while will agree that, over the past few years, the sport has been getting faster and faster. These days, unless you have a dog that takes off like a bullet, speeds like lightning, turns on a blade of grass and virtually thinks for itself, you will get stuck in the lower Grades, like the bulk of us. All of which gave Martin Gill reason to wonder if there is a place for another form of agility where skill and accuracy - not just speed - are the prime movers. He's been having fun dreaming up a slower agility.
Surprising Success Stories of 2019
It was a year of ups and downs, changes and challenges. When we asked for your surprising success stories, we were inundated with the most wonderful accounts of your achievements - and not necessarily the ones you'd expect.

Star Quality
Eight years ago Kay Westgate thought she would try and get information on how to get her dogs into the world of advertising, film and television, so she rang the BBC and asked where they got their animals for television work. The joker on the other end of the line said he thought dogs had to become members of Equity, the actors union! But Kay wasn't falling for that.



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