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Alternative First Aid
What do you keep in the house for minor doggy health problems? A few carefully chosen alternative remedy basics along with bandages etc. in your first aid kit could save you an expensive and unnecessary trip to a vet. Frances Gavin of Canine Natural Cures explains.

Rescue Pooch

Animal CPR
At the request of several users, vets Lori H. Feldman, DVM and Henry J. Feldman MA EMT-M have written an easy-to-use Animal CPR brochure primarily aimed at Emergency Medical Personnel and others who may encounter animals in arrest and translated it into the simple web page below. Using the techniques described here, you could save the life of a dog (or other animal) that has stopped breathing. You can make a copy for yourself and/or your club but the Feldmans ask that you do not modify the contents but feel free, however, to give links/printouts to anyone.

Club First Aid Kits
Better safe than sorry. Take it your New Year's resolution to check your Club's First Aid Kit. It only makes sense for all agility clubs to have a first aid kit in a water-tight box, clearly marked and kept in a safe place. After all, it could be you (or your dog) that needs help. (25/01/00)
Emergency First Aid
Because things donít always go according to plan in agility and the odd accident or mishap can happen, people are often looking for first aid training. 

A Veterinary Guide for Dog Owners
A 'vet's eye' view of first aid emergencies and all the common health problems and diseases of the dog. It gives a level of detailed information and guidance that is missing from many popular dog books, yet explains the often-complex nature of canine diseases in a clear, jargon-free way. Each body system is considered separately. By Andrew Gardiner BVM&S, Cert SAS, MRCVS. Reviewed by Nicola Williams

Practical First Aid
Every dog owner will at some time or another come across a situation where it will be beneficial to know how to perform first aid on their dog. Often this requires only common sense, but sometimes it is important to know just that little bit more for the highest chance of recovery or even survival! Peter van Dongen outlines some baisc information to help you make the best choice when first aid becomes necessary. (21/04/02)



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