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Some people will have no idea...

Anne Davis started agility about 1989. She was not very old at the time and did KCJO for a while but stopped competing in 2004. In 2014, she came back and she found that 'things had changed.' She reminisced on Facebook about the old days of paper score pads, pencils and bulldog clips -  before era of electronic scoring and hand held devices, and what a response she got!

Scoring was my favourite job.
Jacqui Watts

I loved scoring.  I had my own pencil case with different coloured bull dog clips for the grades.  Good times.
Lisa Taylor

Me, too! Also different coloured bull dog clips for size of dogs.  Happy days.
Dorothy Dowling

And trying to get them in time order with Bulldog clip' And someone taking them to see what time their dog got and not clipping them all in.  Nightmare.
Gillian Eales

Being of the older generation I prefer these. I am slowly getting used to them, but you have to keep up with technology, or at least try.
Sandra Easom

I’m definitely of the older generation, but I love the electronic scoring systems.  No way I want to go back, thank you.  Love my tablet.
Liz Balderstone

Oh, brings back the days of trying to peer in the back of the tent to see if you were in the placings, without upsetting the scorer.
Sally Friswell

Yes, but it took three of the ring party, and you had to fend off the natives seeing if they had won.
Andrew Sully

I remember doing the pads about eight years ago for an enormous Olympia qualifier in the pouring rain, about 200 dogs.  The pads were was papier mache by the end of the class!
Julia Carr

I remember rigging up a line in the score tent and hanging them up to dry! Still loved it though, people coming to check how they’d done and cheerfully chatting.
Dorothy Dowling

Me too, and trying to squeeze them all into little folders before they blew away.
Jill Leyland

And great big paper score sheets, anchored to the table to stop them blowing away.
Jean Starnes

When you had to go through the pile of clears to make sure there was no ties for time.
Julia Maxted

We were saying at a show last week about this for when the technology fails!
Tracy Brewer

Its not that long ago BUT technology does brake down as well.
Sue Thorpe

Ha ha yeah. It is much better now, but funny when you look back.
Kelly Harrison

I remember trying to scrime in the pouring rain with a pencil, much prefer the tablets now.
Lisa Mugridge

Old school but not that old.
Ian Balchin

Comfy slippers though my ticket was always in such a state by the time I came to run!  it was crumpled and ripped and a bit worse for wear by the time it was handed over for the shrine! 
Deborah Phillips

Ah, the old North/South divide of whether you got given your ticket to hold or not.
Jayne Anderson Armstrong

I loved scoring and seeing the results come in, The excitement of people waiting for the class to close to check results was great.
Niki Irving

My favourite job was being scorer.  As much as I love the convenience of it all being online now, I miss this!
Danielle Newport

Me too.  Loved it when people came and asked how they did too and seeing them so excited to be in the placings.
Nikki Dew

I used to score with those A3 size sheets where you had to write everyone's ring number and time.  Then go through them all at the end of the class to do the placings!
Christine Short

I used to love sitting in the tent and entering the scores back in the days.
Georgina Springall

They had to go back to paper and pen on a ring when the tablet was playing up at a show I've just been to. It made me feel quite nostalgic!
Penny Scott-Williams

I’ve heard of this thing called ‘paper. Legend has it that people used to create markings with coloured liquid to communicate and record history.
James Bevan

Used to love doing scoring, although I do think the Plaza system is great and does save time. I remember frantically looking round the scoring tent for a pencil sharpener /new pencil when the one you were using snapped,
Chelsea Coles

I'd prefer this as the amount of times tablets kept failing at Stonebridge. I was stood in the queue for about 25-30 minutess as it kept playing up.
Charlotte Jones

I love the old fashioned scribe sheets.
Jan Ice

Still used at local independent shows in East Anglia.
Val Jackson

Loved doing this. It was a great way to meet the people'
Alison Smith

Had an old school moment today. Phone signal was so bad I had to go to the Secretary tent to check my place.  Quite enjoyed the sense of anticipation flicking through the folder.
Sarah Dalesman

My ticket always had greasy dog treat thumb prints on it.
Emily Osborne

It isn't really because you don't need a scorer.  Quicker for the scribe possibly yes, but writing up the results at the end if each class took forever. With everyone impatiently gathered round to see where they were placed.
Christine Mary

It's much quicker for the judge and scrime.  Classes take longer to progress as the scrime has to input the time.  All this takes time which over the course of a day adds up.  I'm sure in the future the tablets and software will be improved but at present it's slow. .
Vanessa Layton

Soggy paper in the rain made it hard to write on.
Lesley Olden

The days when the ticket had to use the KC dog's name not like now its pet name.
Diane Taylor

OMG that’s really old school, having to write handler/dogs name. Score sheet, too? I rather enjoyed that back then. Not so much, writing up the results.
Amanda Luttman

My son, aged 8, was the best scorer! He would sit all day in the tent and fill in those massive sheets. He taught loads of people how to do it.
Anne Davis

Whilst people dismantled the tent around you on the last day.
Jayne Anderson Armstrong

Ah yes, that.  No chance to even go to the loo between classes!
Lynn Anderson

Come to Northern Ireland, we still use these
Laura Kirk

Not really. We still use them in Southern Ireland!
Jane Martin

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