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In Memory

                   Remembering agility friends who have passed away...

Paul Bingham

Paul Bingham was diagnosed with melanoma in February 2017.  We always seemed to be two steps behind this terrible disease.  We knew there was no cure but we tried to stay positive.

Paul had a groin dissection and radiotherapy but the melanoma spread which meant he was in and out of hospital throughout 2017.  In December he was told it had spread to his spine.   He fought it but it was not to be and Paul passed away on 22.1.2018.  

He was one of the gents of our sport. we said goodbye to another gentleman of Agility in Paul Bingham. He always had a good word for everyone whether competing or judgeing. I really nice guy who I will always remember as a good friend.

We want something positive to come from our loss, and want to support Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the work and care they provide. We are grateful to all staff who are dedicated and very caring to all. 

We have set up a Just giving page in his memory.

Paul's funeral took place on the 14th February and was attended by close family, agility friends and work colleagues who all loved and respected him greatly.

With grateful thanks
Joanne & Siobhan Bingham

Neville Watson
Age 78

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to inform you that Neville Watson passed away peacefully in his sleep Monday, 15th January.

Nev competed many years ago, but he was well known in the agility community. He used to say that all you need to run a dog is two commands 1) Come here and 2) Go there.

He was a lovely guy - a true gent.

His funeral service will be held at The Parish Church of All Saints, 1921 Main Rd, Elm, Wisbech PE14 0AF on Friday, 2nd February at 11am

Elaine Towell

Elaine Towell became very poorly two weeks ago and has been fighting for her life since then. She was on life support, but sadly passed away at 1:15am from heart failure. 

She was a kind and funny woman who even when in hospital had not lost her sense of humour.

Lori Clifford

It is with great sadness that I inform you that after a long and bravely fought battle with cancer our dear long serving Club and Show Secretary Lori Clifford has passed away.

Des Lawrence

Dave Andreassen

The agility world has lost yet another legend.
It is very sad news that Dave Andreassen has died.
Our love goes out to all who knew him.

The funeral will be held at St Helens crematorium, Rainford Road. St. Helens which is just off the A580 (East Lancashire Road) WA10 6DF on Tuesday, the 19th December at 11.30am. Please no flowers. If anyone would like to make a donation In Dave's memory, the please contribute to a dog charity of your choice.

Afterwards, all wishing to join us to remember Dave will be very welcome at Eccleston Park Golf Club, Rainhill Road, Rainhill, St. Helens, L35 4PG.

John Gilbert
Died 13 November 2017

To say this difficult to write is an understatement. Sadly my sole mate for over 30 years lost his fight to live earlier this evening. No longer does he have to suffer the pain he was enduring the last few days. RIP Mr John Gilbert. With endless love from your family two and four legged.

John's funeral will be on Monday, 4th December at The Vale Crematorium, Luton, Beds. LU2 8DD at 3pm. Flowers from family only. If you wish to make a donation in remembrance of John, there will be collection after the Service for Aspire (Supporting People with Spinal Injuries) or follow the Just Giving link.

Following the Service you are invited for refreshments at Putteridge Bury, LU2 8LE. If you are thinking of coming please pm me so we have an idea for catering.

Jackie Brett

From Dave Ray...
The contribution John made to agility is immeasurable, right from the start of agility when there were no official rules and a group of us formed The Agility Club with the 'pound in a bucket.' John was first in the queue when it came to writing the voluntary rules that would be in use for the first few years until the Kennel Club recognised agility officially. 

John excelled in wording rules, proof reading them and being able to see through rules and pick up where they could be misinterpreted by accident or intention. In my time as Chairman of the Agility Council, John's contribution was outstanding both in the meetings and to me personally. This continued when he joined the Activities Sub-Committee which was the next level up. His contribution to the sport whilst active in The Kennel Club was first class. For John, membership of Committee was not about self-promotion. It was about improvement of Agility. In fact, that was Johns outlook in all his voluntary work in Agility.

When I took over as Manager of the Olympia Agility Stakes finals in 1990, I knew who I wanted as my right hand man - it was John. I certainly could not have made the necessary, radical changes at Olympia over the following years without him. The added bonus was that Jackie came along him. Her input and diplomacy was very welcome> She was also a key member of the team. It was sad day for me when John decided he would retire from Olympia.

When agility took off at Crufts, they obviously needed an expert. John was there again, officially as the Ring Party Manager, but unofficially also taking charge of the presentations, organising the collecting ring and overseeing the scoreboard etc.

Crufts can be a stressful event for competitors but John was always there to put competitors at ease. He made my role as a commentator so much easier as I knew John would ensure that everything would run like clockwork. He organised me as well. It was not unusual for John to whisper in my ear whilst I was commentating with one of his two pet instructions 'Get a move on - we are running late' or 'slow down - we are running early.' However slick we think the management of the Agility events in the main ring at Crufts is now its only because John put all the groundwork in over the years.

In 1996 the Kennel Club decided that they needed to have a flagship event in London due to Crufts being relocated to the NEC, The new event would called Discover Dogs and it's home would be Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

I was appointed commentator and, of course, the Kennel Club knew that they needed the best people in the Main Arena to ensure its success John and Jackie were asked if they would take on the ring management. 21 years later I can look back and see how it grew in the number of agility events and how successful it has been and the outstanding contribution that John made to that success.

John, of course, was also in demand as a judge and had an excellent reputation for both his courses and judging skills. He also 'had a thing' about judges being dressed properly and he led by example, always in a suit and with a hat on if outside. This was not only for judging whenever John had an official position at an event, he always looked like he was attending a business meeting.

From the very beginning, he took the view that if you want people to take agility seriously it starts with the officials dressing in a manner that sends the message to the audience that it is a professional sport. When I worked with him, I certainly I had to ensure I was well turned out as well!

Although John had always been very generous with his appreciation of other competitors' achievements, we must not forget an important fact and that is that John is the longest competing agility competitor in the UK and probably the world, he qualified for the Olympia finals in 1979 with his lovely GSD Becky and has still been competing in 2017 with his lovely Beardie Buffy who without this terrible tragedy after his operation without doubt would still been competing in the 2020s!

John, it is so sad you have left us so early. I can look back over the last 38 years at the outstanding contribution you made to the success of agility as a worldwide sport, and it has been entirely selfless. You have done so much because you just loved agility. Agility is a poorer place without you.

From Jill Spurr..
Agility lost another legend yesterday when John Gilbert passed away, having fought ill health for a long time.
Quite simply, agility wouldnít be what it is today without him.

He started competing in 1978, and only ill health stopped him. He has had significant involvement in developing agility in the UK and abroad, He trained people for many years and ran his own club with his wife Jackie. He judged to ticket level here and around the world. He was involved in the ALC and the Agility Club, and was editor of The Agility Voice for many years. Team GB, Heelwork to Music . His contribution to our hobby is huge.

Our thoughts go to his Jackie and his family, who are understandably devastated. Rainbow Bridge Agility Club just gained a legend.

From Lesley Olden...
John - Always cheerful Always smiling Always the same.

I've known John since the early 80 s when I was a new kid on the block and he was an Agility God- yet he always had time for everyone. I was in awe of him.

So many memories:-

  • The smart chap judging with the smart suit. For years I thought he worked for a gentlemanís outfitters! Then his white hat and pale trousers. I thought he was a cricket umpire!

  • One of the first BAGSD Hemel Hempstead shows when he and Peter Lewis decided to start an Agility magazine aka The Agility Voice and all those in favour put £1 in a bucket later to be The Agility Club

  • One of the main instigators in taking agility across the water, teaching agility and the first judges seminars

  • Hosting audiences with Mary Ray and the start of HTM .

  • Sitting on Neville Watson s knee pretending to be a ventriloquist dummy at The Rugby Agility Show entertainment was.

  • Escorting competitors into the ring at Olympia and Crufts with a little 'good luck tap' on the arm.

  • But most of all, sitting alongside John at many KC Council meetings when on occasions we were told off for 'talking in class' by The Chairman (whoops). His wit was second to none and his uptake on rule interpretation was spot on.

When a tribute page was posted on Facebook last year following John's retirement. I feared the worst  - as many did) -I bet that made him chuckle but so glad he was able to read them all.

Now itís for real. Yes, I m sad but feel so privileged to have shared so many memories with him. Thank you.

From Rosie Ison...
RIP dear John Gilbert. He will be very sadly missed. When I started agility 25 years ago with my Standard Poodles John was a regular trainer on the Poodle training days. Always complimentary and encouraging, and always smiling.

When I got my Disney he told me how much he liked him and said that heíd go far - and most certainly he did.

John always had time to stop and chat at shows and ask how things were going with both Disney and my future dogs , and I shall miss that.

As a judge he was always impeccably dressed no matter what the occasion. He was one of a kind a true gent. My condolences to Jackie and all his family. 

From Alison Milner...
Today I found out that my agility trainer passed away. What is so special is this man was there at the inception of agility at Crufts 1978.

I haven't been doing agility as long as others, only starting in my late 30s. I wasn't lucky enough to experience the good old days, or to have competed at prestigious events in the agility calendar. But directly and indirectly, this man has influenced my agility career.

When I hardly knew John Gilbert and asked for his help with my large Springer Spaniel Jerry who had suddenly lost confidence and took every jump on a course out. When people said I was mean and cruel, or suggested I retired him at the age of four. John said, 'No problem. I can help.' He gave me and my trainer valuable advice and helped to get my boy back to running full height Large, loving the sport again with enthusiasm and passion. Who acknowledged that Jerry wasn't bad for a Springer Spaniel and was there when Jerry won jumping in CG4-5 - amazing especially against all those collies. Who helped me with my crazy collie Neo, my naughty Pip and saw her go from Grade 4 to 6. And my little Chilli dog who attended Obedience and his first proper classes at John's.

The banter, mickey taking during class, never mean always just for a laugh! The surprise on his face when I rushed up to him at Keston show in 2016 and gave him a big hug for helping my crazy collie win Jumping a few days before! I have only been judging a few years, but it was such an honour to be asked to judge at our club show and for John to compliment me on my courses.

It's bitter sweet thatin  2018 Jerry will semi-retire knowing we have had a fabulous time and got to Grade 5 with top five placings under our belt and that wouldn't of happened without John's guidance and help. I would of so loved for John to have seen Chilli win this year (He came close). So thank you John Gilbert and rest in peace and to you Jackie Brett and your family, I know you have some tough days, weeks and months ahead but you can see from the out pouring on social media that John was truly loved and respected. I hope that will be some comfort over the next few months. Be kind to yourself and remember the good times.

From Amanda Pigg...
So sad to wake up this morning and read the news of John Gilbertís passing. If ever there was a man that shaped our hobby and gave us the fun we have today, then it was John. 

I remember disliking his courses when he judged. Why? Because he challenged you so much. But the sense of victory when you nailed one, huge. It was something we laughed about in my early agility days. 

John never walked passed you at show. He always had a smile, often a hug, for you. 

A great comforting and encouraging face to see at the start of any Olympia or Crufts. 

Thank you for the legacy you have left behind.

Joan Gardiner
Died 8 November 2017

It is with great sadness that I would like to inform friends that Joan Gardiner passed away Wednesday, 8th November 2017. 

Joan competed in agility for many years, starting with her GSD Blue along with her late husband Keith and his Collie X Freddie. They both helped with running The Summer Show for many years.

The funeral will be on Thursday, 7th December at 2.15pm at Ipswich Cemetery.

Sue Hollobone 

Jacqui Tucker
Died 6 October 2017

It is with broken heart that I need to tell friends of Jacqui Tucker that she passed away on Friday, 6th October, 2017 after a short but devastating illness.

Jacqui was the most amazing, creative, friendly, happy and lovely person you could wish to meet. She could brighten up anyone's day and it was my pleasure to have known her.

Jacqui had several dogs over the years competing in obedience, agility, working trials all with great success.

My thoughts and sincere sympathies are with her daughter Emma and all those who knew her.

Jacqui was one of a kind and I will never have the luck to meet such a person like her again in my lifetime.

Goodnight Jacqui. I hope you know how many people loved you.

P.S. I will post funeral details when I know them. Her dogs have already been safely rehomed.

Shirley Budgen

Liz Spreadbury
23 November 1940 - 6 September 2017

Lis Spreadbury died at 1.30 on the morning of 6th September, having put up a really good fight to beat that dreadful cancer invading her body. The treatment was too hard on her body and gradually it shut all her vital organs down over the last few days. Her husband Ian, niece Tabbi and second youngest sister Wendy were there to the end. 

His sister-in-law said that Ian is, of course, devastated and will need the support of the agility community now.

The one thing that comes across from comments on Facebook is how everyone remembers Liz's smile. This is what will remember too as she smiled through her days in hospital and the nursing home. The nursing staff all commented on that smile and she was still smiling on her last day!

No funeral arrangements yet but Ian is thinking the service will be at Easthampstead Crematorium but nothing has yet been discussed with any official. Watch this space for details.

Ian Spreadbury's address is c/o Perry Bridge Farm, Wokingham Rd. Sandhurst, GU47 8JB

RIP Liz xxx

Wendy (second youngest sister)

From Lynn Frances Cook...
Liz's funeral will be on 16th October at the East Hampstead Park Crematorium (REG40 3DW) at 2,15. No flowers but donations to PAT dogs (as Ollie is good at that) or Agility Against Cancer please.

Afterwards at Sean Deveraux Park Bistro (19 GU46 7SZ.)

Ian does not want people in black. Bright colours please to celebrate her life and energy. If you are thinking of going, could you please let Ian know so he has a rough idea for catering.

Sarah Vallom

It is with incredible sadness that I have to tell you that our amazing Sarah passed away on the afternoon of 4th September.

Many of you will be aware that she has been battling cancer since earlier this year but, despite her immense courage and bravery, our beautiful Sister has been taken from us.

With the amazing help of so many friends, family and carers we were able to keep her wish that she could stay at home, surrounded by her beloved Stig, Lilli & Kiss and her sisters Liz and Kate. Now free from pain, she has taken her last journey to find the love of her life, the Big Man Leigh and that is some comfort.

Sarah was such a beautiful person, both inside and out, so we know that a huge number of family, friends and Agility family will miss her as much as we will.

We will let you know funeral arrangements as soon as we can, but it would be a great comfort to the family if you could take the time to post your favourite photo of you and Sarah so we can remember what she meant to all of us.

RIP sis-in-law... until we meet again.

Sarah's funeral will be held on Friday, 22 September at St Richard's Chapel, Sussex & Surrey Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley RH10 3NQ. Start time is 2.15 pm.

Sarah added such colour to life and was a great competitor with horses and& dogs so the family invite you to wear a rosette in her honour to the celebration of her life. Don't worry if you can't as you will all still be welcome.

Family flowers only please but donations to St. Catherine's Hospice, Crawley would be most welcome. Funded by donations it provided welcome help to Sarah recently and she was a great supporter of it after they gave Leigh dignity in his final days, too

Andrew Towner

Gary Bye

It is great sadness and shock that we announce that Gary Bye passed away on Sunday 3 September 2017.

Gary has been at the heart of our show office for the last seven years and helped us with so many different things during that time.

Our thoughts go to his wife Lyn, step son Ryan and all Gary's family.

He will be missed hugely by all in the CSA team.

Luke & Graham Taylor

Catherine Emery

On behalf of Craig Emery - and with his permission - it is with deep sadness that I have to tell you that Catherine Emery passed away last night at 10.25pm with her husband and her family beside her. She was the most amazing, strongest, bravest person and she fought to the very end.

I would ask that you give Craig and her family time to grieve for their loss. An announcement will be made re funeral etc. when known.

The agility world will be a sadder place without her. Goodnight, my bestie.

Anna Allan

Tony Edwards

It is with great sadness that we announce that Tony Edwards passed away peacefully on Thursday 6th April.

He will be greatly missed by the agility fraternity.

The funeral is to be held at Guildford Crematorium on Wednesday, 19th April at 11.15 am. Followed by a garden celebration of Tony's life at Stonehousewood (RH5 5PL) Family flowers only all donations to St. Catherine's amazing hospice in Crawley.

Sam McCracken

The world became a sadder place yesterday. Sam McCracken was called home. 

He was Best Man at our wedding and he really was the best man. He was the best friend anyone could ask for.

Sam achieved so much in his doggy career. I first met him in 1979 when I joined Lisburn & District Dog Club and we've been friends ever since.

Sam is part of an elite group who have qualified dogs for both Champ Obedience and Champ agility. He also was part of the Northern Ireland Obedience team who won the Obedience World Cup in 2010. Sam also won Irish Dog of the year which qualified him for Olympia. Sam has also had an illustrious judging career judging at the KC Festival, too.

On a more personal note: Sam has been my right hand man for all those years and a more dependable friend you could never meet. I will miss him more than any words can express. I'm proud that I could call him a friend. Sam left the life the way he lived it - no fuss and peacefully.

Sam, you really were the BEST MAN and I miss you already.

Michael McCartney

Chris Barrett

Chris Barrett passed away on 8th January and is now pain free. He always had a smile on his face and you always new a conversation would end in laughter. He will be missed.

For those who wish to attend his funeral, it will be held on Friday, 10th February at 12.00pm at the Medway Crematorium (Bluebell Hill), Robin Hood Lane, Chatham, ME5 9QU. The wake will then be held at The Gamecock Pub, London Road, West Kingsdown, Kent TN15 6EL.

Christine and Lynn want to celebrate his life and would love to see people wearing bright colours on the day. Black is not necessary. Also, flowers will be from family only. There will, however, there will be an opportunity for donate to the Ellenor Hospice. If you wish to attend, please could you let them know just so they can work out catering.

Yvonne Goode

Yvonne Goode lost her battle with cancer, and passed away peacefully in her sleep at 1.35am on 17th December. It's a very sad day for our agility family.

The agility community has lost a brave and inspirational lady.

Audrey Rogers

We have known Audrey and her husband Reg Rogers for over 30 years from when we went to one our first Agility shows - the Rugby show at Olney Prison in 1986. We borrowed a tent so that we could compete over the weekend, but it rained constantly from the time we arrived on the Friday throughout the weekend. We got chatting to Audrey and Reg and they could clearly see that our first camping experience was dreadful so they invited us into their cosy warm caravan for a cup of tea and a warm up. From then on we became firm friends.

They ran agility shows under the name of Watford Agility Club and we would help them out in any way we could and vice versa.  Reg would judge for us and Audrey would come along and scribe at the show or do any other job that was required, always with a happy smile on her face.

We also met up with them each year when we went to Jersey where there was one venue -  a farmerís field - where we would have to clear the cow pats so that we could compete in the ring.  Audrey had her run and the next thing we saw was that she had stepped into a cow pat, but Audrey being Audrey, just laughed it off.

Audrey was always very happy and helpful and she will be so sadly missed in the Agility world and by her family and extensive friends that both she and Reg made over the years.

The funeral will be held on Friday, 9th December at 3 pm at West Herts Crematorium, Garston.  Audrey wanted casual clothing and no black clothes and no flowers. Post funeral get together will be at Bushey Cricket Club, Eastbury Road, Watford WD19 4NR.

Rosemary & Ian Stowers

Ruth Mackintosh

We have just heard of the very sad passing of Ruth Mackintosh, a wonderful lady who will be sadly missed by all the agility community.

I had the chance to chat with Ruth via Messenger awhile back and - as you do - I said to her if there was anything I could do to let me know. The one thing she specifically said was that she knew she was not well enough to travel to Gleniffer, SKC and Prestwick Agility shows and she said she had hoped to come along to see her many friends and say goodbye as she knew how ill she was. So. I am passing this message from Ruth. Goodbye to her many friend that she has met through her and Kevin's love of the dogs. She is sorry she never got to say it in person

For those that would like to attend Ruth Mackintosh's funeral, it will be on Tuesday 8th November at 1pm in Inverurie. Please respect family's wishes of family flowers only.

Dawn GIlmour

Photo: Linda Gore
Tracy Flower

Tracy Flower fought hard her battle against stomach cancer but sadly passed away on Monday morning, 18th July. Pink Flower Sunday on Sunday, 24th will be occurring around the shows and afar to remember the beautiful Tracy that we loved as our friend.

Please let's show our love by wearing something ink and standing together to applaud Tracy's wonderful life and the strength she showed in battling this cruel disease.

Tracy is a champion of so many people's hearts.

On behalf of all the agility community, we would like to thank Nick Cirket for taking this opportunity to raise money to help Macmillan Cancer Support - via a Just Giving page - as per Tracy's wish. The agility press look forward to attending the handover of the cheque of the final funds raised to Macmillan Cancer. In loving memory for our dear friend Miss Tracy Flower.

Ruth Abrahams

From Helen Murphy on behalf of Nick Cirket
Tracy Flower's funeral will be on 3rd August at 2pm at St. Albans Woodland Burial Trust, Church Road, Keysoe, Bedford MK44 2JP. Family flowers only. Donations to the Just Giving site please. Attire is bright colours especially PINK. The site is set in 60 acres of woodland and the ceremony will be held outside. Dogs are welcome but please, please respect the area.

The funeral will be followed by a reception in the equestrian centre which situated at the entrance to the Woodland Site. All are very welcome.

Hazel Williams
Died 5 June 2016

For those people that don't know, last Sunday a very special lady passed away. Hazel Williams was one of the most happy, laid back ladies I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and training with. She was devoted not only her family but also her dogs.

We will be raising a glass at Oswestry/High Lane agility show also friends far as are friends - far and wide - who cannot be here are doing the same and on Sunday we will be holding a minutes silence in her honour.

For those who didn't know Hazel, she was often referred to her as the 'lady with the purple hair.' So drink in hand, purple hair clipped in, we raise to you Hazel. We miss you.

Lisa Jones on FB

Terry Felstead
Died 27 May 2016

I am very sad to say that Terry passed away peacefully last night. He had suffered for so many months fighting this cancer, and we were both optimistic that trying immunotherapy would help to give him some quality time, but it was not to be. He died fighting the disease with all that he had, which is what he wanted to do right from the start, but eventually the disease had taken too much of a hold. It was very quick and peaceful in the end though which is all any of us can wish for.

Terry's funeral will be held on Tuesday 7th June at 4pm at Parndon Wood Crematorium, Harlow, CM19 4SF with light refreshments afterwards atThat Amazing Place,  Hubbards Hall Drive, off Churchgate Street, Old Harlow
Essex CM17 0NH which is a B&B where Terry and I stayed at last summer.

Family flowers only please with donations in Terry's memory to The Margaret Kerr Unit which is the hospice that helped Terry so much in recent months, and where he was made so comfortable. There will be a collection box at the funeral for either cheques (made payable to The Margaret Kerr Unit) or cash, or if you would prefer please donate directly to the hospice via this JustGiving  and specify that the donation is to go to The Margaret Kerr Unit in memory of Terry.

All are welcome but please let either Terry's sister Jean or myself know if you will be attending so that we can ascertain catering numbers.

Karen Felstead

Tom Greening Memorial Trophy

Last year at Hatton Festival 2015, Tom Greening was one of the judges and the previous year he had been one of the Ring Managers. He was well known around the Midlands and judged at many shows - a true gentleman who always had a smile on his face.

Unfortunately last year a lot of Tomís friends were unable to attend his funeral as they were down at the Pembrokeshire by The Pond show at the time. The Red Jackets who run that show thought it was fitting to have a minute's applause for Tom at the mid-day prize giving - once again a touching moment in this closely knit Agility community.

The Red Jackets, who make charitable donations from revenue received, also decided to remember him by having a Tom Greening Memorial Award The 'Well Done' trophy commissioned Tom always enjoyed his judging appointments so we put the idea to Maddie Tomís wife and as most of the team that make Hatton work are also Red Jacketís we thought this show would be perfect so with her blessing here we came together to celebrate Tom's life with Dave Perry making a bespoke trophy.

Winners of the 2016 Tom Greening Class were: -

  1. Robin Gretenkort with Cories Black Toast - 32.281 (C)

  2. Ben Elseworthy with Tri Lola - 35 275 (C)

  3. Ruth Parker with Gwynion Aki - 35.574 (C)

Steve Tubb said, 'The Agility Community is one big family and many of us come together at weekends to enjoy this sport. Just like the Gary Woodham Memorial class which is presented at the Pembroke show each year, we hope that the Tom Greening Memorial 'Well Done' trophy will be presented at the Hatton Festival in years to come. '

Steve Tubb

Reg Rogers
11 November 1935 - 28 April 2016

We have heard the sad news that Reg Rogers has passed away this morning. He was in so much pain that it was a welcome release. His cheeky personality and the many tireless hours he spent judging at shows will be missed.

Antony Saggers

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Elizabeth Sagger's husband Antony on 23 March 2016. He was such a helpful man - always doing ring party when there were plenty of others who could have.

Rita Alderson
23rd September 1933 - 5th March 2016.

It's with great sadness that I am letting the Agility Community know that very sadly Rita Alderson passed away on March 5th. She will be greatly missed by all her Agility friends and even more so by her daughters Claire and Hazel. A truly inspiring lady who was well known at the shows for her amazing distance handling. Rita was still working her collie Millie well into her 80s.

They take a piece of your heart, as you likewise keep a piece of theirs. Never ever to be forgotten and with us forever. Our very dear friend Rita, we will treasure the swop. Thanks for being our friend.

She once told Nicolina Mansfield that she had seen One Man and His Dog and thought 'if he can do it so can I.'

In celebration of Rita's life, there will be a service on Wednesday, 23rd March at 10am at Peasmarsh Church, Peasmarsh, Rye, East Sussex TN31 6XS and afterwards at The Cock Inn, Peasmarsh. Perigoes are the funeral directors and any flowers need to be at their Northiam branch by 4pm the day before. 

If donations preferred then either Parkinson's Disease or St. Michaels Hospice. Please send c/o J. Perigoe & Son, Dixter Road, Northiam, East Sussex TN31 6LB.

Sue Culmer

Peter Webster
Died 10 March 2016

Peter Webster sadly passed away in L&D Hospital Thursday morning, 10th March after a short illness.

He was involved with the startup of BATS Club which was one of the first ever UK Agility Clubs. Although he didn't compete very often, his main passion being Obedience, he enjoyed training his dogs and was a BATS trainer for many years.

For those wishing to attend Peter's funeral service, the details are as follows: 3.15pm Tuesday, 5 April at The Vale, Butterfield Green Road, Stopsley, Luton LU2 8DD. No flowers. Then back to Pete's afterwards, if you wish.

Liz Stedman

Jan Guyan
Died 27 February 2016

Some sad news from North of the Border. Jan Guyan sadly passed away peacefully in her sleep on Sagturday, 27th February. She fought to the very end - a truly brave lady.

Graham and I were by her side. The care she received from the staff at Roxbrough House in Aberdeen was outstanding. We can not thank them enough for what they did for Mum in her last few days.

RIP Jan. Scottish Agility will miss you.

I'm sure you all would like to pass on your thoughts to Graham personally. However, he has asked me to say, please could you all respect his privacy at this time.

Funeral arrangements
It's been a tough couple of days but I can now confirm Mum's funeral arrangements below. Mum has planned the whole of her funeral, so, as I'm sure you all can imagine it's going to be anything but normal!

The funeral will be on Wednesday,9 March at Kaimhill Funeral Home, Kaimhill Road, Aberdeen AB10 7JL

I have included the Funeral Directors website below should you wish to contact them direct for further information.


Rob Farry on FaceBook

Dick Farrar

Very very sad and have shed a few tears tonight after hearing that the agility community has lost a true gent today - such a loving, caring, and supportive man who will be dearly missed by many.

Thank you Dick Farrar for all you have done for this wonderful sport and the many happy memories we have shared. We will miss you.

Thoughts go out to Rita and family at this difficult time - love and hugs.

RIP Dick - a bright star shining over us tonight.

Natasha Wise

Millie Paterson
20 March 1930 - 7 January 2016

Truly the most amazing loving Mother and Grandmother sadly passed away Thursday, 7th January 2016. Millie Paterson first started agility 20 plus years ago with her lovely wee sheltie Jess. She was a member of Chippenham Agility Club for many years where she met some wonderful friends.

Millie's love for agility was still present right up to the end. Whilst running a full course became increasingly difficult for her, she continued to train Lizzie weekly and enjoyed watching friend's run her dogs, too.

Grandma will be sorely missed by many.

For anyone that would like to attend the funeral, it will be held at Semington Crematorium, Semington, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 6HL on Thursday 21st January at 11.30am. The family kindly ask if you can all wear something cheerful to reflect the lady she was.

Amy Lawsonn