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Dutch Rules
A look at how the Dutch handle the matter of grades and progression in agiity. An article by Relinde Peschier. (26/01/06)
Jess French v. German Agility Compared
Matt Tovey and his German wife Stella Moeller lived together, first in Germany and then in Rhones-Alpes region of France. Now they've now moved back to Germany. On the way, they discovered agility. Matt explains in an Internet interview... (25/07/00)

Finishing Touches
Jonathan Watts braved icy conditions to return to Finland to teach a series of training days to the 'agility mad' Finns.
Finnish First
The eyes of the agility world will be on Finland this month where the Fifth Agility World Championships are being held. Mari Hurskainen of Jyväskylä Agility Team has translated - and enriched this article - which appeared in the Finnish agility press. (12/09/00)

German Dogs in Danger
Most of you are probably aware of recent developments in German regarding certain breeds of dogs that have been singled out for specific discrimination. These 16 breeds of dog (including all the 'Bull' breeds) face an outright ban or severe restrictions under new legislation enacted by German States. The Kennel Club is urging everyone to lobby against anti-dog legislation which may follow. This is what you can do. (24/07/00)
Kat & Meg Going Dutch
Kat Nicholl's first impressions of dog training in The Netherlands now that she has moved to The Netherlands to be with her Dutch boyfriend.  (24/10/04)
Hungary for Agility
In Hungary, agility began in the early 1990s. At first only former obedience and guard dogs were doing it. After a while, it became the most popular dog sport, and that's when a lot of handlers bought our their future agility puppies. Bernadett Fellag explains... (11/05/00)
Italian Agility: More Fun Than Pizza
Agility came into Italy through the French border in October 1988 when some obedience trainers from some schools in Turin saw agility for the first time in France. Soon this new sport became a fast growing alternative discipline with recognition by ENCI. (the Italian Kennel Club). Various top International trainers were invited over to give training sessions. Italy now has well over 2000 participants representing a vast number of different breeds, but this was not achieved without problems. Nicky Rowley reports. (14/01/00)
Norway - What to Do in Agility Black Holes
Mike and Else Theiss live in beautiful SW Norway with their two Cairn Terriers and Flat-coated Retriever. Because they live so far out in the country, they don't have the possibility of participating in organised agility training on a regular basis, so they had to find 'alternatives.' (26/9/99)
On the Costa Agility of Spain
In what he calls his former life, Belgian Bruno Goffin was a very busy business man. Seven years ago he left his country and went to Spain where he and his wife manage a dog-friendly B&B. There he started a dog training club because he wanted to show his Spanish neighbours that you can do something else with a dog other than chain it up in a cage. And he did it his way! (28/01/01)
Portugal: Costa del'Agility
Luís Silvério is very keen on Agility and has done a lot to get it going so well in Portugal. He doesn’t know exactly when the sport began in Portugal, but he remembers how much fun it was in those first days. At that time they used a lot of different and 'unofficial' obstacles. Be safe and have fun - those were the rules. To do a jump or the slalom without the dog running off was a victory! (08/03/00)
Slovakia: Agility in the Heart of Europe
Mishka Mrackova, an enthusiastic young handler, writes about Agility in one of the newest members of the EU. (21/05/04)
Slovenia Revisited: It's a Small Small World
You may remember a pretty blonde girl with a small black dog on the cover of the Agility Voice (Sept. 1999). At the time, she wrote an article for Agilitynet on agility in the tiny country of Slovenia. Silvia Trkman is now a 21 year old student at University and is a member of the Slovenia World Cup Team. She updates us on the situation in that small small world. (03/06/01)
Starting Agility In Brittany
Theresa Lawrence arrived at her new home in Northern France, determined to get into agility as soon as possible. She found it wasn't as easy as she thought to do but ending up representing her region.  (12/04/07)
Swedish Success; A Sport for Everybody
Swedish agility developed over time as a sport for everybody. Emelie Johnson and Eva Bertilsson explain how Swedish agility has developed. The demand for clean runs at top speed have given them some of the best handling the world including the former World Champion, Jenny Damm  and the bronze medal-winning team at Porto. (04/03/02)
Switzerland: TheHills are Alive with the Sound of Agility
When Veronica Hanmer of the Union Canine de Trelex invited Mary Ann Nester to give a week-end agility course, she yodeled yes, yes, yes! Although she would have to leave her own dogs at home, she felt the opportunity to meet agility enthusiasts abroad was too good to be missed. Did she find a dog called 'Maria?'  (20/10/00)
Switzerland: Alpine Agility
Mary Ann Nester had lots of fun in Switzerland last year when she conducted an agility training course for Union Canine de Trelex and was surprised to be asked to do a repeat visit. After all, they had heard her repertoire of jokes already - in English and French! Now the big question is will her next dog be a black and white.... Schapendoes? (04/10/01)



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