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Different strokes for different folks...

There are several flavours of agility in the UK. The rules may be slightly different but the game's the same. And it is all fun.

Kennel Club
We are the UKs largest organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs. Besides being a voluntary register for pedigree dogs and crossbreed dogs, we offer dog owners and those working with dogs an unparalleled source of education, experience and advice on puppy buying, dog health, dog training and dog breeding.

The North American Dog Agility Council, formed in 1999 in North America,  supports dog agility as a fast, safe and enjoyable competitive sport while striving to protect and advance the interests of dog agility by encouraging competition and responsible ownership.

UK Agility / Agility 4 All
Agility 4 All (A4A) is the new name for UK Agility was originally developed to promote the growth of agility with the thought of safety and fun for every dog. In addition, UK Agility encourages the advancement in training using reward based training methods. This not only helps to foster a better pet and handler connection, but also support the atmosphere of a relaxed and friendly environment for dogs, family and spectators. Our mission is to provide agility dog competitions that are designed with all competitors in mind and enable all dogs to achieve a level of success, while promoting high standards in competing, training and judging of agility dogs.



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