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Ag. Ch. Dogs
The title Agility Champion (Ag.Ch.) is the ultimate prize on the Agility ladder of achievement. It is bestowed upon any dog - Large, Medium or Small - that has been awarded three Agility Certificates under three different judges, in accordance with The Kennel Club Regulations for Championship Agility classes. And it is very very hard to get!

Agility Governing Bodies
Different strokes for different folks. It doesn't matter what flavour agility you prefer. The rules may be slightly different but the game's the same. And it's all meant to be fun!

Agility Hall of Fame
We believe this is the first Agility Hall of Fame in the world. It's here to celebrate remarkable people and dogs and recognise their outstanding achievement and longevity. Nominations welcome.

Agility-related News
Lots of news from and about the people and companies that make up and support the agility community from charity campaigns, rescue organisations, sponsorship and new product and equipment launches. If it has something to do with agility, we want to know.

Agility Together
Lockdowns and restrictions can feel quite isolating, unable to see family or friends and, of course, missing the agility. Agility Together is a temporary FB group, conceived by Ruth Abrahams, which aims to support to agility folk during this winter pandemic by means of some friendly chat, a familiar face and sharing a moment of agility time.

Boast Posts
Ever since 2003, we've celebrated people's achievements in winning out of a KC grade or moving up at UK Agility by sending out individual, personalised Winning Out Certificates. Over the years, the number of people receiving them has grown from about 200+ to 1950+ and excitement has grown. People have started to write 'boast posts' on Agilitynet FB to say thank you to their dogs, Agilitynet and our sponsor, this year Agria Pet Insurance. Every story is different. Some will bring tears to your eyes. All will make you proud to be part of such a wonderful sport.
Fundraising & Good Deeds
There are many national and local charities - large and small - which benefit from and support agility people. Thousands of pounds are raised by agility clubs and individuals around the country via demonstrations, sponsored walks and other events. What have you or your club done today?
In Memory
Remembering agility friends and family who have passed away...
In Memory - 2016-2019
Remembering agility friends and family who have passed away...
Junior Handler News
The next generation is our future.
Image result for agility shows Major Shows
News of the largest agility shows and competitions on the agility calendar.
Image result for erainbow bridge Rainbow Bridge
Agility is the ultimate partnership between dog and handler. It's a pastime and an obsession that takes time and devotion. We are all part of a family that enjoys one of the most fun sports ever. The loss of just one team member saddens us all. Take a minute to reflect and celebrate the lives of the dogs and people who have left us
Rescue News
There are many amazing dog rescue groups and organisations around the UK which are run and staffed by animal-lovers who are dedicated to helping unwanted, abandoned and abused pets. They work hard to find forever homes for the animals and give them a second chance.
Show News
Agilitynet came into it's own during the Foot & Mouth crisis in 2002 and has not looked back since. It's been here for you in the good times and the bad with news of show changes and cancellations, team selection and advances in technology regardless of affiliation - KC, UKA or Independent.
Winning Out Certificates / New Years Honours List
There are many pleasures in Agility but the one thing that never changes is the thrill of moving up - winning into a higher level and being recognised by your peers. Here we celebrate the handlers and their dogs who won out at a KC and / or moved up a level at a UKA event. Please put your hands together for all of them and their fabulous dogs that achieved this distinction. We are proud of you.



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