Supporting agility dogs with specialist lifetime cover

Approved and recommended by The DogsTrust

By Julia Barnes
Reviewed by Yvonne Goode

Description: Preparation for what life might be like with your new companion, As well as detailed information on choosing the right dog, there is advice on caring and training a dog throughout its life. Including a case study of a competing agility dog. Approved and recommended by DogsTrust.



  • Choosing a rescue dog

  • The process of adoption

  • Getting ready

  • Settling in

  • Caring for your dog

  • Training targets

  • Socialisation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Health issues

Best Features: Living with a Rescued Dog is enjoyable reading, well illustrated and informative. It is full of practical information and even includes a bit on the use of muzzles which some books are too scared to mention.

I especially liked the section on the agility competitor Jo Bird and her agility dogs - all rescued.

Because the book has been put together with the help of the DogsTrust, there is a interesting introduction by Clarissa Baldwin, its Chief Executive.

Could be better: Taking on a rescue dog can be hard work and I felt the book just held back from emphasising this together with some of the other issues such as the use of crates and what happens if things really go wrong.

Design & Format: A very good design with an attractive layout and lots of colour photos make for easy reading.

Overall Rating: 8/10. This is a very good attempt at covering all issues.

Price: 9.99

Value for Money: The book is meant to be a guide to choosing a rescue dog but could equally apply to anyone looking for dog, or equally to existing dog owners with issues.  The price though seems a little steep for the actual content which falls someway between a serious study and an enjoyable read. I feel that the book could have been produced, perhaps more cheaply, in paperback and perhaps formed part of the rehoming package presented when someone takes on a rescue dog

About the Author:
Julia Barnes
is a former journalist who has written many books, including several on dog behaviour and training. She was editorial director of Ringpress Books as it grew into Britain's largest specialist publisher of dog books.

In addition, she is an experienced dog handler and has been responsible for puppy walking a number of assistance dogs.

About the Reviewer...
Yvonne Goode
has five rescue dogs, four of which compete in agility. She is an instructor at Bromsgrove DTC and recently completed the  KC Judging  examination.

Published by Ringpress Books, a division of Interpet Publishing
Vincent Lane, Dorking, Surrey RH4 3YX

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