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Adventures of Two Poodles & a Mouse
This is a children's book based on the adventures of three very unusual friends - two poodles and a mouse. Through no fault of their own, they always seem to get into unusual situations. By working together, and with some help from friends they meet on the way they always come out on top. Based on two agility dogs-  no one knows where the mouse came from - and written by an agility widower. Dedicated to Acecliffe Star Blazer (aka Rupert) Written by By Wilfred (aka Derek) Cheek and reviewed by Gill Pipe.
Dog Games – Stimulating play to entertain your dog and you Dog Games
A quick and easy read for anyone who just wants to have more fun with their dog. This book, by Christiane Blenski contains many ideas for games that you can play with your dog. It is aimed at stimulating play to entertain both you and your dog. Reviewed by Lesley White

Dogs & Children
A well-behaved dog is a joy to be with, and if a child has been taught to have a responsible and caring attitude to dogs, they will have fun growing and learning together. An essential read for all dog owners with children or who are planning on having children by experienced dog trainer Barbara Sykes. Reviewed by Iain Fraser.

First Aid for Dogs
A 'vet's eye' view of first aid emergencies and all the common health problems and diseases of the dog. It gives a level of detailed information and guidance that is missing from many popular dog books, yet explains the often-complex nature of canine diseases in a clear, jargon-free way. Each body system is considered separately. Reviewed by Nicola Williams.

Living with a Rescue Dog
Preparation for what life might be like with your new companion. As well as detailed information on choosing the right dog, there is advice on caring and training a dog throughout its life. Including a case study of a competing agility dog. Approved and recommended by DogsTrust. Reviewed by Yvonne Goode
Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats
A paperback book penned by Kymythy R. Schultze CCN, AHI who shows you how a species-appropriate diet of raw, natural foods can lead to an enhanced quality of life. You'll learn how to easily prepare a nutritious homemade meal which can help you dog develop a shiny coat, healthy skin and digestion, clean teeth, bright eyes - and also reduce flea problems and bad breath. Reviewed by Roy Hatton.
This is a step by step guide to training that will allow you to take your time at each and every stage, helping you to work it through with confidence, innovation, and creativity all in the safety of your own home. Written by Lauren Langman and the Devon Dog Team and reviewed by M.C. Scott.
Puppy Training
The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has an unparalleled reputation for breeding, rearing and training dogs. Now for the first time, this great bank of knowledge and expertise has been made available to all owners so that they can transform their lively, mischievous puppy into a beautifully-trained adult. The only training book officially approved by Guide Dogs. Reviewed by Julia Barnes.
Ready Steady Click
An introduction to the scientific principles behind the process of learning, this book places an emphasis on practical solutions to behaviour problems encountered by dog owners, trainers, rescuers, boarding kennels and pet behaviour counsellors. Reviewed by Joanne Steward.
Understanding the Border Collie
The Border Collie is an extremely versatile breed, faithful enough to be a loyal friend, honest enough to be a hard worker and intelligent enough to be an asset in rescue and other services. This comprehensive, illustrated book gives essential advice on how to become the pack leader by understanding and interpreting the body language of man's best friend. Written by Brabara Sykes and reviewed by Norman Hetherington.
Understanding Dog Aggression
Barbara Sykes' handles the very thorny subject of dog aggression with a common sense approach. She explains in plain English what aggression is, how to recognise it, how it develops and how to deal with it. Reviewed by Aileen Clarke.
Your Dog & The Law
Booklet written to help not only dog owners but also others who may have cause to be involved with the law about dogs. It brings together concisely all the law pertaining to dogs and presenting that law in a readily understandable form. Reviewed by Marie Poole.



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