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Wag & Tone

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                                                        For dogs & owners...

By Karen Laker, Sue Holstead and Ruth MacGill
Reviewed by Mary Ann Nester

Description: Wag & Tone is an e-Book which has been developed by dog trainers and a fitness coach. It fills the gap between basic puppy classes and training for competitive dog sports such as agility, while complementing all dog activities. As well as improving fitness together and having fun, with Wag & Tone you and your dog will develop an understanding and a firmer bond, whether your dog is a pet or working animal.


  • Using This e-Book: Tips

  • Introduction

  • Starting Wag & Tone

  • The Exercises

  • Warm Up

  • Step up Sit

  • Bow Tie

  • Gym Ball Tap

  • Ladder Squats

  • Lunge Twist

  • Lunge Under

  • Mat to Mat

  • Slow Step Cavaletti

  • Lunge Back Finish

  • Superman High Five

  • Three Step Side Step

  • Quick Step Cavaletti

  • Cool Down

  • Wag & Tone for Instructors

  • Acknowledgements

Tell us about your experience with this product?
Wag & Tone is here and I couldn't be happier! I have road tested the exercises with my own pack which boasts dogs that weigh as little as 5 kg to full blown border collies competing in both agility and heelwork to music. They range in ages from 10 months to 14 years and love it!  It has become a favourite component of my training week, especially because the need for specialized equipment is kept to a minimum and I can work-out just about anywhere.

What did you like about this product?

1. Anyone can join in!  Wag & Tone invites those who are new to exercising as well as those who are ready to be challenged and progress.

2. It caters for the naughty or excitable dogs, not just the ones that are already well-trained.  A number of Wag & Tone Stories are included in the Introduction and illustrate just how easy it is to get involved.

3. Plus, there is also information on how to set up and run your own Wag & Tone classes. There is no doubt in my mind that the authors really do mean it when they say, 'If you have any queries at all, please get in touch!' They are keen to spread the Wag & Tone ethos!

4. The videos are the book's best feature. I loved the photos of dogs and handlers on different pieces of equipment, but the videos of exercises in action really made a greater visual impact on my learning. And the fun everyone is having is undeniable. The authors' voice overs are as clear and easy to understand as their prose.

What could be improved?
More music please! It would have been nice to hear some background melodies in the videos to add rhythm and I don't think it would have detracted from the commentators at all. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to the constraints of music licensing laws.

Also, I would have liked to see a few tune titles accompanying each exercise. My iPad is a bit limited and I wouldn't want to play something that would literally run me off my feet!  However, if you are a Faceboook fan, hit the like button for the, Wag & Tone page. Here, the authors will be discussion music and answering posts.

What did you think of the design and quality of production?
 I confess that it is my first e-book. I like to touch and turn pages so I reluctantly switched on the lap top and downloaded with trepidation. But surprise! I enjoyed the experience thanks to a great Using this e-book: Tips chapter.  Being able to go straight to web-sites or watch the videos was definitely added value.

Wag & Tone is available as a download e-book or CD-ROM. 80 pages.

Size: 18. 8cm x 13. 2cm x 0.8cm

  • ISBN-10: 1906314640
  • ISBN-13: 978-1906314644

Price: 19. 00

Rating: 10/10.  My dogs are my best friends and favourite playmates and the more things we can do together, the more fun we have together! We look forward to Volume 2

Value for Money: At 19. 00, Wag & Tone is good value especially when set against my gym subscription!  If I go to a Zumba class or swimming, I still have to exercise the dogs when I get home!

Would you recommend this product to your friends and family? Yes!

Wag & Tone is available from https://www.vivebooks.com/shop/wag-and-tone/?affiliates=16

About the reviewer...
Mary Ann Nester came to England from New York in the early 1970s and never went home.  Her most successful agility dogs have been miniature poodles, Brillo Pad and Daz. They were both finalist at Crufts and Olympia for many years and competed as members of Team GB at the FCI World Agility Championships in Portugal 2001, Germany 2002 and France 2003.

Committed to promoting dog sports to anyone with a dog, Mary Ann ran Aslan Dog Training as well as accepting teaching invitations to Portugal and Switzerland.  For many years she posed as the Agility Auntie for Agilitynet and combined her love of dog training with writing. Agility Dog Training, Dancing with Dogs and Smart Tricks to Teach Your Dog were published by InterPet.

Her last job was as the Clinic Administrator for Vets Now Out of Hour Emergency Services. Now retired to Devon, she is getting fat on cream teas!

First published 1 March 2014