Supporting agility dogs with specialist lifetime cover

The essential reference for anyone involved with dogs

By Godfrey Sandys-Winsch, BA Solicitor
Reviewed by Marie Poole
Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition

Description: Booklet written to help not only dog owners but also others who may have cause to be involved with the law about dogs. It brings together concisely all the law pertaining to dogs and presenting that law in a readily understandable form.

Contents include:-

  • Ownership & Theft
  • Sales of Dogs
  • Owners' responsibilities Under Strict Liability & Negligence Rules
  • Dogs & Diseases
  • Dogs on the Road
  • Trespassing Dogs
  • Nuisances, Byelaws & Hygiene
  • Dangerous & Ferocious Dogs
  • Dog Collars & Stray Dogs
  • The Rules About Killing and Injuring Dogs
  • Boarding Kennels & Breeding Kennels
  • Guard Dogs
  • Cruelty to Dogs
  • Performing Dogs
  • Dogs & Game
  • Import & Export
  • Alphabetical Index

Best Features: This book gives a basic introduction to the law relating to dogs. It is well written and easy to understand. It covers most situations that the average dog owner may encounter.

Worst Features: The book is not a comprehensive guide, although to be fair, this is reflected in the price. If an owner was wishing to fight a case. I believe, that a more in depth guide would be needed. An A5 loose-leaf reference called The Dog Law Handbook, by the same author, is available at 35.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Price: 3.99

Value for Money: Excellent

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 Alternatively copies may be ordered from your local bookshop.

About the Author
Godfrey Sandys-Winsch BA is a solicitor. He has also written The Dog Law handbook, animal Law, Gun Law - all available from Shaw & Sons.

About The Reviewer
fairly new to
the sport of agility, Marie Poole admits that she has found it to be highly addictive. In her previous life, she was a dedicated horse owner. Then she did a Beginners Agility course! Now the  horse has now been given to a friend and all her horsy stuff sold to fund her new habit. The main advantage to this is that she no longer has to muck out! And she can never remember having to run so fast with the horse! 

She does have a doggy history though as she has been a police dog handler for the last eight years and currently works a GSD  called Bryn.

Marie started agility after acquiring a very timid rescue called Willow who got her addicted. Next came Toby, another rescue but far from timid, mad would seem more apt!  She travels to a lot of shows, mainly in the South, competes at Starter level and is endeavouring to win out!

Though only  involved in agility for approximately three years Marie has put her full energy and talent into the sport. She has set up a web site for agility courses and a chat room. Initially her website Agility Courses was designed to encourage people to take on rescue dogs by telling Toby and Willow's story. The site has evolved  and now includes information for Newbies, plans to build your own equipment and photos from shows as well as a number of agility courses. She is also very active on the Agility Forum.

Recently Marie has decided to branch out and offer her photos taken at agility shows for sale.

You can visit Marie's web site on


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