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As Richard Wilson of One Foot in the Grave was often heard to say, 'I don't believe it!' Sometimes we astound ourselves with our achievements and equally... our failures. It can be a good thing to be able to sit back and crow about our successes or laugh when we mess up. After all, no one is perfect all the time. Just because you haven't won out, gone clear or qualified for a specific final doesn't mean you didn't have a good run, or you didn't accomplish something. So we're taking nominations for some occasions that you hope will never go into the Guinness Book of Records as well as those you will feast on at the pub for years.

Come on. Admit it. Send your monumental brags along with your boo-boos to Agilitynet.
And don't forget that experience is something you get just after you need it!

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Most KC Shows in One Month

Which club or show organiser is putting on the most KC shows in one month in 2024? Agility Vision is putting on four in May but are there others out there with more?

The Most Capped
Judge's Cap

It's not often that you get to do something 300 times especially when it's is something what you love doing, but Angelo (Doc) Doherty celebrated his 300th judging appoint under Kennel Club licences shows at the Lune Valley 2018 Show. The Club presented him with this cap. (25/06/18)

Update: By the end of 2024, Doc will have completed 500 judging appointments, a records which may never be broken. (17th May 2024)

The Vinyl Record for the Hoopers Show to Fill Up Fastest

The Go-Go Hoopers show in March 2023 filled up and closed within a minute of being posted by Agility Plaza? Is this a record?

The Most Family Members to Qualify for Crufts in a Single Year

Karl Benson and his two daughters have qualified three different dogs over six classes including Senior Large Singles, YKC Large ADOY, Medium ADOY, Large Graduate, Medium, ABC and Large Pairs for Crufts 2024. (10/12/23)

Three Generations of
ABC Agility Champions

Three generations of Agility Champions and not a collie in sight - all bred, trained and handled all by Nigel Staines.

  • Grandmother:-Zico Snr - Ag.Ch. Dragonheart Dark Destroyer AW/G

  • Mother: Scorch - Ag.Ch. Morgans Dark Destroyer AW/G

  • Daughter: Zico Jnr - Ag.Ch. Morgans Golden Eagle AW/D

* Not only was Zico Snr a formidable Agility Champion, even in passing, she has continued to keep on making Nigel's life a happy one. You can read more about her Zico Retires (23/10/23)

Most CCs

Natasha Wise has earned a total of 37 CCs. Can anyone top that? (21/08/23_

Triple Crown Winners

Stephanie Best has achieved Champ tickets with three dogs in three different heights including Ag.Ch. Rio in Large, Ag.Ch. Fate in Intermediate and Skedadle with his first ticket in Medium. Amazing!  (28/06/23)

Judge's Rerun Conundrum

Cartoon: Kim Blundell

Sue Culmer had this experience whilst judging. A dog which had been clear got to the last jump but took it from the wrong side. At the same time, a dog from the ring rang next door ran into her ring. It didn't look as if the run had been interfered with, but the dog was somewhat noisy so Sue offered the handler a rerun.

On the rerun, the exact same thing happened with a dog from another ring so Sue offered the handler a second rerun. Luckily, they were clear third time. What are the chances of this happening once let alone twice. And yes, it’s in the incident book! Sue Culmer (18/06/23)

Honourable Mention for the One & Only Husky to Compete in YKC Agility at Crufts...Yet

We think that our Siberian Husky bitch Okidoki was the only Husky to date to compete in agility at Crufts. In 2016 our granddaughter Chloe Sturge competed with Okidoki in the Young Kennel Club Agility dog of the year, after winning their  heat in 2015. On the big day at Crufts, they went clear but were just out of the cut off to compete in the main ring in the evening. Chris Bolton (02/06/23)

Record for Oldest Dog to Compete in a Major Agility Event

Chris Bolton's Freddie competed at Olympia for the last time at age 14 years old and other major Pedigree Chum tournaments etc. at the age of 15 - and he never had a day injured in his whole life. (10/02/23)

Most Times Qualified for Olympia (not Olympia)

Is Lesley Olden the Queen of Olympia (not Olympia.) She has qualified for Olympia (not Olympia) 31 times. Her first appearance was in 1983. She has been there about 10 times with a Small and Large in the same year. She had a break from 2012 to 2021 due to a knee problem, but is back in 2022. (12/11/22)

Quickest Rise from
Handler to Judge

Holly Jervis had only been competing in agility for three years - going from G1 to G7 with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Lady and Dash - when she decided take the Kennel Club Judge's Exam and, in October 2022, she passed. (13/10/22)

The Youngest Handler Achievement Award

Mum Katie Bell thinks her daughter Robyn might have been the youngest handler to get a clear round at a Kennel Club at age 4. Robyn has gone on to win a G7 class at the August Longfield show at the age of 8. (01/09/22)

Two Dogs / Two Tickets in
One Day Certificates of Honour

Alan Bray did the double, winning back to back Champ classes at the same show (Weardale). Ticket (Large) and Ticita (Small) kept their cool - both running last in their respective finals. (16/07/22)

Youngest Ag.Ch. Champion
Crown Jewels

Is Dave Munning's Ag.Ch. Gunran Misteree (Dobby) the youngest dog to achieve Championship status at the tender age three years and three months? He won his first ticket class at Dogs in Need and then won Crufts the following March. He died in 2021. (14/07/22)

Another nomination has come in... Nicola Garrett's Sheltie O'Bay Truly Driven (Indie) was born 5th May 2005. He gained his Champ title at DIN 2007, aged two years three months, a whole year younger than Dobby so was already an Ag.Ch. went Dobby was crowned.

Slowest Weaves
Merit Award

Christine Killelay's dog Bean just walked up to the weaves, lay down and fell asleep for about 20 minutes. She then woke up but went back into the same position for another 10 minute snooze. (15/07/22)

Mother/Daughter Team

Mother Andrea Miles and daughter Laurissa Miles won out at the same show on the same day in the year when mum is exactly double the age of her daughter. They like walking courses together. (26/04/22)

Maturing Nicely Award

Is Barry Parker the oldest person to win into Grade 7 with their dog? He won into Grade 7 at 74 and ran his first Champ at Bretfords at 75. He also won his first Grade 7 on his birthday! Don't tell him, we told you his age! (08/11/21)

Shortest Time to Make Up Two Agility Champions Crown

Stephanie Best made up two Agility Champions - Fate and Rio - in the space of one week at Scunthorpe and Lisburn respectively. To op it off, Fate was the first Intermediate Champion ever. (09/11/21)

Different Handlers for One Dog Stakes Certificate

Dave Roberts' Staffie R Kelly has so much energy that, when Ddddave broke several bones in his ankle and developed arthritis, he felt he had to find other people to run her or else she would lose her fitness. So far the number of surrogate handlers is 50 and no doubt there are more to come. (25/07/21)

Super girl R Kelly made her goal at Scunthorpe show of having her 50th different handler. Thank you to everyone who has run with her. She loves you all.

Sadly we've heard of Dave Roberts' passing. At the time, we believe that Kelly has had at least 71 different handlers. An unbeatable record. (17/02/23)

Karen Whitehouse's Chance is running 2nd is the race for the most 'guest' handlers with 23 different people including Karen. In August 2015, she fell running one of her dogs and tore her cruciate ligament. She's never been 100% since then. At the time, Chance was about two years old. Since then he's had three main handlers - Rob Morley, Aemillia Nicholson and Morgan Looker but other people have run him on various occasions. Chance is such an easy, honest dog that most people are happy to take him round a course, and he has managed to get to Grade 7 despite having so many handlers which is an achievement in itself. (16/08/21)

Most Shows of the Year

Kelluki ran 12 shows in 2020 as well as four Hoopers show. 15 shows have been scheduled for 2021. Sam Hatcher (15/09/21)

Shortest Progression
from G6 to G7

My dog DJ (Aviary Moon Beam) had his first G6 win on Friday, 10th September at Tenterden Magic show. That day, he won all four of his classes - 2 x Jumping and 2 x Agility. The next day, they went back and, after three Es, he ended the day winning the Agility class so he was G7 after just two days in G6. On Sunday, he won another Jumping and Agility Class. So proud of my baby boy! Sharon Eldridge (14/09/21)

Most Cover Dogs
in One Pack

 All my dogs - Zorro, Maggie and Orla - have appeared on the cover of a leaflet, a magazine or a Facebook page. Penny Heal (25/08/21)

Time in the Tunnel Trials

  1. My Lab Sasha must have the record for the longest time spent in a tunnel - usually on her back. At the 2017 Norfolk Easter show, my gorgeous girl Sasha managed a 23 second zoomie when she went from one end of the tunnel to the other on her back. Neet Lawrence (24/08/21)
  2. My Indie thought floppy tunnels were a wonderful massage machine. Put one at the beginning of a course and she would fly - I always planned my Gamblers course around a floppy tunnel start. I do remember her sheltering in one once in heavy rain. She was sensible (not a spaniel) Juliet Dearbergh (24/08/21)
  3. Some decades ago, my first agility dog, a terrier, used to go into the rigid bit of the collapsible tunnel - and stay there for what seemed forever while I begged, cajoled and pleaded with her to come out. Annoyingly, she was really fast on the rest of the course. I don't have an accurate time for the time she stayed in the tunnel, happily wagging her tail while I was cajoling /beseeching /begging and ultimately cursing, but it usually felt like it lasted about an hour and half. Kate Prosser (24/08/21)

Greatest Agility Show
on Earth

The 2021 Kennel Club International Agility Festival at the Rutland Showground boasted more than 2,500 dogs and their handlers and over 200 classes in 18 rings. (24/08/21)

The Shortest Round Rosette

  1. I’d like to nominate my young dog Kira in one of her first shows at South Devon . The start and finish lines were back to back with the  start jump on my left and the finish jump on my right. I set Kira up in front of the first jump and took off her lead. She then turned around and jumped the finish jump. Ha ha. Shortest run ever. Shirley Elkins  (18/08/21)
  2. Many years ago, at Barrow / Lune week I queued for about half an hour in torrential rain with my young Papillon Poppi. We went into the ring. She waited at the start. I called her over the first jump and she went over it and then kept on running all the way back to the caravan. The judge’s comment was ‘sensible dog.Gillian Barrett (06/08/21)
  3. My very first ever agility run years ago was at Blue Barn in the days of fancy fences. The first fence was a brush fence which was a gate type fence with some twigs making it look like a hedge. My dog Toby went to this first fence... lifted his leg and pee'd and we were whistled out. Quick round or what? Lin Bergan (17/06/03)
  4. Dave Howard ran Roscoe in Open TFO at Tauton and paid £2 for the privilege of knocking the first jump down! Kate Howard (17/06/03)
  5. At his very first round of his first show, Max, my German Spitz, stood on the start line. 'Hup' I commanded as I confidently ran past the first jump.

    'In yer dreams,' he replied as he spun round and raced in the opposite direction. He had already assessed all the hopefuls who were queuing up behind him waiting for his manly attentions, made his choice, and started humping the bitch of his dreams, with a rapt expression on his face.

    Mortified, I apologised profusely to the bitches owner, unhooked Casanova and returned to the start line. 'Hup' I said.

    'Bog off,' he said as he u-turned, raced back to the light of his life, and attached himself once more.

    Back at the start line. 'Please - Hup,' I said in desperation.

    "B****r off!" he replied, and returned to his floozy.

    Back on the line, I thought we must be eliminated, but no, the judge, bless her heart, told me that as we hadn't even crossed the start line, we couldn't be eliminated.

    So I 'helped' him over the first jump, after which he spun round and returned to his bit on the side, whose owner by this time was so fed up she had left the queue, saying 'I wouldn't care but my bitch has been spayed.'

    However, we did persevere, and seven years on Max has got about 40 rosettes and 4 trophies. Aileen Clarke

  6. I'd like to nominate Libby, my Standard Poodle, for the shortest round. It was about seven years ago at Longleat. We were unfortunate enough to be right at the end of a class and the rain had arrived in bucket loads half way through the class, because of this they decided to take all dogs as they arrived at the ring so the queue got enormous. We were totally drenched and the judge then decided that as the class still had a long time to run that it would be elimination and out. Having queued for what seemed like an eternity in the pouring rain , being soaked through to the skin and freezing cold I set Libby up for a wait and recall as it was jump turn right onto the dog walk. She broke the wait ran past the jump and planted 2 feet onto the dogwalk---didn't even get my monies worth out of getting to do a contact!!! That was it OUT we had to go. She didn't even do a single jump. As you can imagine I was very p****d off. Rosie Ison (01/05/03)

  7. At the last Hinckley show I was entered with Ozzie my Jack Russell in the Mini Time Fault and Out. Oz got the first jump down, the whistle blew and that was that! The ring party gave me a cheer because they all wanted to finish early and get into the clubhouse where they were showing the England match on the widescreen TV. I wished I had not bothered! Kay Westgate (13/06/02)

  8. My shortest round claim is that at our first show two weeks ago. I took my dog off lead at the start of the Novice Agility course, started toward the first jump and turned round to see my dog leaving the ring! He didn't even take one step towards the first jump! Once he'd checked that his friend was still there outside the ring, he returned and proceeded to jump a good round - we'd only have got 10 faults - if we hadn't been eliminated before we started! Kirsten Husselbee (21/09/01)

  9. Okay, my shortest round is my very first competition at the Shrewsbury & District DTC Open Agility Show on 5 May 2001. It was an Elementary Agility course with a double poled hurdle at the start. Obviously I was really nervous and when the scribe said 'in your own time' I totally lost it. Jess (Hint of Blue) was looking around wondering where the hell I'd brought her, I started running, Jess wasn't ready - and now I think back neither was I - so she went through the middle of the two poles. I didn't bring her back round and got eliminated after the first obstacle! I'm pleased to say that we've now got the hang of things and after just three months of competing we've managed to get three clear rounds with one 17th place.... phew. (03/09/01) Mandy Love

  10. It was my Midi dog Topper's first show. There three jumps in a straight row so I thought I'd do a recall. I sat him by the start line, said wait and walked forward. I got into position an called him. He stood up, turned around and ran out of the ring! (01/09/01) Sharon Mills, Berkshire

  11. I would like to nominate my mother in-law Ann Hawkes for the shortest round ever. In a standard agility round at Newbury show ground she set up her Golden Retriever Magnus with his lest favourite weaves unusually first. I think she was looking forward to getting them out of the way at the start. Anyway he set off from the line and made a great entry, then shot off left out of the ring though the crowd to visit the bones in the food stand. All he managed was one twelfth of the first obstacle. This was not his first or more surprisingly his last agility round. He still manages the odd veterans at the grand old age for a gundog of nine but he is never set off without a check to see where the burger van and to food stand are. (24/08/01) Richard Lea

  12. I would like to claim the shortest round rosie! Picture this - a Time Fault & Out, starting with the weaves. We had a refusal so we strolled three feet towards the weaves and three feet back to Start/Finish line! and that was it! This was with a Jack Russell terrier called (unimaginatively) Jack! Penny Garner-Carpenter

  13. I'm not sure if this is the right way to be sending this in, or not. I'd like to put forward my claim for the shortest round rosette. At her (and my) very first show, in our first ever round, my Meg (Meg of Woodshaw) was confronted with a jump with a filler underneath it. The filler had a hole in it, shaped just like the entrance to a kennel. Being a well-trained dog, she went straight through the kennel-shaped hole, and then on to the dog walk immediately after it. Exit us from our first ever agility round. We didn't enter another show for two and a half years! Joyce Turner

  14. At my Border Collie's first show at Burnham in September 1997, our first round ever was a Time Fault and Out. The first obstacle was a jump and we knocked it down. So her first show, her first class and out at the first jump. That was a very short debut. Amanda Pigg

  15. The Shortest Round Rosette is the only way my dog will get a place in the presentations, having run off to steal burgers after the first jump. K. Kitching

Rarest Breed in the Ring at KCI 2021

  1. Zym is (probably) the only Australian Silky Terrier competing in agility in the UK at the moment, and he's definitely the first to ever run in the Main Ring at KCI, running in the Starters Cup Semi finals. Georgia Hatton (14/08/21)
  2. Another rare (vulnerable UK breed) at KCI was a Lakeland Terrier. Heather Galliford (16/08/21)

Golden Gavel for Who Has Judged the most Classes in a Single Day?

  1. I judged 18 classes at a show a few years ago, not one of my more enjoyable judging appointments. Craig Stevens (15/08/21)
  2. Once I had 17 classes. She was originally told 14, but an extra three suddenly appeared at what was meant to be lunch time. Brenda Tenten (15/08/21)
  3. I judged 16 classes - all sizes and all grades - at the Frittenden Show on 15th August. It was a long and hot day! Chelsea Coles (15/08/21)

Achievement of the Year

1. We went to a show! We had dogs measured. Jan Stubbs

2. Not a single course done inside the time and 95% of them clear but over 25 seconds out of the time. Amanda Smith

3. I retired my young, fit and healthy dog because Agility just isn't his thing. That's a win in my book. Sara Seymour

Most Consistently Consistent Cup

My dog Dixie has roughly 98% Es. Glynis Smith

Top Pooper in the Ring

1. In terms of embarrassing moments, we were having a great run in an agility class at Kernow. My Spaniel Ripley slowed a bit coming over the dog walk, before ending up in the poo position on the contact. One lump slowly rolled down the contact as I moved him off. My highly supportive trainer spent the rest of the weekend sniggering every time she looked at me. That wasn't the first or last time he pooed in the ring. Sara Seymour (14/08/21)

2. My black Lab Bonnie managed a perfect balance atop of the A-frame and pooped. It was at at UKA Bromyard and the lovely Martin Cavill was the judge. Whilst Bonnie was pooping on the A-frame, ninja pup Merlin had escaped from his crate in my new van and caused £800 worth of damage to the front seat in a mission to find the hidden sausages. Not a show I will forget in a hurry! Helen Jones (13/08/21)

Ultimate Accolade for Most Appearances at a Major Event

Greg Derrett believes he has competed at 30 Crufts and 25 Olympias.(13/08/21)

Kudos for Being the Longest Serving Agility Council Liaison Representative

After 30+ years as South & SW rep, Lesley Olden is retiring to enjoy running her dogs. (13/08/21)

Champion of Ag. Champions

Ag.Ch. Boost Bite won his third ticket at Tuffley 2021, making him Dave Munnings' fifth dog to attain Champ status. (01/08/21)

Double Double Winners Medal

At the RVA show in July 2015 Nina Smith's dogs - Isla (GSD) and Deedee (Cockapoo) both won the same course on Large and Medium height, taking them both to Grade 3. Then just under two years later at the Godmanchester show in June 2017, her Cockapoo and collie Jessica both won on the same day - albeit in different classes - taking the Cockapoo from G4 to G5 and the Collie from G3 to G4. (18/10/18)

Oldest Handler to Make a Dog Up to Champ
Gold Watch

Clive Foden has made not one but two dogs into Agility Champions, the last one at the tender age of 72 years and four months when he and his Sheltie Poppy won the Woodside Champ class in 2015. (14/10/18)

Most Consecutive Places for Littermates Certificate

Fly (July Highflyer) and her litter-mate sister Flossie (Weavers Wave) have had eight instances where one won the class and the other was 2nd. There were two shows, Phase Purple Oct 2017 and Wigton 2018 where each won a class at the show with the other 2nd and also 2x 2nd and 3rd and 1x 3rd and 4th so altogether 11 sets of consecutive places. Dogs were bred by Laura Sivell. (27/09/18)

Smiley Emoji for Youngest Handlers to Win
a Champ Ticket

Sara Bacon, aged 15 years and four months, won the Large Ticket at the Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show at Bulith Wells in August 2018, while Ashleigh Butler won her first Medium Champ Ticket with Pudsey at the Nottingham Champ Show at the age of 15 and three months. Let's call it a tie as there are only days between them. (24/09/18)

Joint Highest Places for First Run at a Show Plaque

  1. Jean Tuck's Smooth Collie, Ross (Dark Motif from Misstoff / later Ch. Dark Motif from Misstoff AW/G) won his first class at his first actual show at Ribble on 22 September 2002 - an Elementary Agility class of over 100. (20/09/18)
  2. Laura Sivell's Fly (July Highflyer) got 6th in Agility at Wilmslow show in January 2016. Not only was it her first show, but her first ever run at a show. Her mum, Kite (Cefn Kite) got 3rd and 7th at her first show, but it was an interclub match not an Open show. (19/09/18)

Youngest Person to Win a Class (UK) Cup

Robyn Bell celebrated her 5th birthday with the best present yet - her first ever clear round, resulting in a win! (17/09/18)

Two on the Same Day
Double Rosette

Both of Julie Knee's two beautiful Shelties won into Grade 4 on 26th August 2018 at Roseland DTC. They won GC1-3 Agility - one in Small and the other in Medium - an even greater achievement in horrible rain and wind. Well done 11 year old Archie and four year old Rolo for making this an amazing day. (10/09/18)

The Same Litter Winners
Double Header

Last year at the Wellingborough Show, Ben and Ken Whittington won Grade 3 Jumping full height and Eric and Dave Timms won Grade 3 Jumping lower height both in the same class. Ben and Eric were both rescue puppies from the same litter at Many Tears. Has this ever happened before. (09/07/18)

Gold Watch for the Fastest Time to Fill Up Camping at an Agility Show

It took just 23 minutes to fill the available spots at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival - and all paid! Paul Sensky. (25/06/18)

Double Header Winners

  1. Jackie Gardner with Danny Boy and Alan Gardner with Bono Jamie Boy both won out of Novice on the same day. The dogs were from Karen (Smith) Felstead's first litter of Touchango dogs. (03/07/18)
  2. Alison and Tony Griffiths pulled off a remarkable double with Daisy, their Labrador, at Wrexham's 2003 show. Alison ran Daisy in the morning, and won Starters Agility taking Alison, Tony and Daisy out of Starters. In the afternoon, Tony then repeated the performance, winning Starters Jumping with Daisy. Same dog, different handlers. (17/09/02)

 The Agony & The Ecstasy Trophy
Linda Hutchinson's Indie

Scribing for the class that you are winning may be the best place to be but it's very nerve wracking! That's how Janet Wood did it. (17/09/02)

The Gold Watch for the Highest Placed First Time Competitor

  1. Can we nominate someone for The Highest Placed First Time Competitor Rosette, namely Selena Short, and Speckles (aka 'go geddum') for coming sixth place in their first two shows, Severnside and Honiton, both in Elementary Jumping! She even wrote a poem about it. (05/01/04)
  2. Would like to nominate Wendy Thorne and Sandy (Winter Bracken) for highest placed first time competitor. It was Wendy and Sandy's first show at Shrewsbury on 4 May and they came fourth in Midi agility. There were 45 in the class. It was not an easy course with many eliminations, and they did brilliantly in a very respectable time of just over 33 seconds! Christine Moodie (25/07/02)
  3. David Woodhead and Holly (Iffit Duzzitt) place 26th place in Starters Agility at their first show - and after only eight weeks of training! They started training at Tendering Agility Club in February when Holly was 16 months old. Just for the competition experience, they entered her at Downlands on the 7 April in Starters Agility and Helter Skelter. She was just 18 months old. All he hoped for was to get around! In Starters Agility she went clear and was placed 26th out of 278 dogs! To make it more impressive, he'd only taught her the weaves on the Friday before! Suzanne Morrison (27/05/02)
  4. Jake Walsh's Bearded Collie Billy (Bridus Billy the Kid) placed seventh at his very first show, although under orders to treat this season as 'training!' (08/06/02)
  5. Jasper (Beckdale Jaspher) my English Springer Spaniel achieved 19th place in his first competition at his first show which was at Downlands on 7 April. He was also entered in the Special Helter Skelter and only got five faults. (He overshot the weave entry.) I was completely stunned having been advised over and over - "only expect eliminations in your first year", 'you have a Springer - his nose rules. Get a Border Collie if you want to win something.' I didn't stop smiling for the rest of the week and my phone bill has gone up! Where do we go from here? Would you believe it - 14th place at Cornwall on 28 April and tenth place at Vyne on 6 May plus several eliminations and some five faults - all for the same thing as Downlands, along the way. Beginners luck maybe? Time will tell. Sue Taylor (31/05/02)
The Badge for the Most Embarrassing Moment

Illustration: Tina Fain-Evans
A few years ago I had a big, handsome white and gold collie called Mikah, who used to get very 'excited' when he finished a course, much to my consternation and any body else's in the vicinity of the finish line - ie: judge, the odd boy scout or girl guide. If I didn't catch him quick enough, he would rush back into the ring and mount any leg that happened to be in his path - and he had a very, very strong grip. If I tried to drag him off, I'd usually end up taking the poor judge or helper with us! I believe Alan Robinson and Barry Harvey were particular favourites. Away from agility it tended to be little girls on roller skates! Obedience temp test were a particular favourite just to see if I could be quick enough to grab him before he got judge or scribe - mind he never failed the test! Very embarrassing! Liz Catt

The Most Unlikely Thing to Happen in the Ring whilst Judging

Some years ago - more than I care to remember, but forever engrained on my memory - I was judging Open Agility at the Royal Vet College, South Mimms. T'was a lovely hot sunny day. In the middle of the class, I turned to look around the ring before the next dog ran. There sat on the top of the A-frame was a brilliant yellow and blue macaw. And what’s more this free flying parrot had little intention of moving. It took a couple of goes at shoo-ing to get it to fly away... I still reckon it either wanted to join in with agility or thought the course was crap and it could do better! Not least as it then proceeded to sit on the bronze life size statue of a horse in the grounds and watch several more rounds of agility! Anyone else remember it? Sally Sanford (19/06/03)

The Strangest Finish Mention

At Rugby last December, my dog Gwen who likes to play with her lead at the end of a round finished the course and looked around. No lead! It was actually in a bucket. She looked again, then looked down and started to dig frantically as if to say 'I'm sure we left it here. Who buried it?' Lin Bergan (19/06/03)

What Are the Odds Award?

1.  What are the odds for having four x running orders of number 1. My four No.1 runs are with two different dogs and they are in:-
  • Mini/Maxi Pairs (123)
  • Agility (179)
  • Helter Skelter (135)
  • Jumping (111)

Two of them are on at the same time with different dogs so I obviously won't make both, but I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this before and how often it occurs with the random computer orders. The other funny thing is I also scriming when two of those runs will be happening. Perhaps I need two of me. Good luck calculating. Sue Culmer

Editor's note: We think the odds are 32,992,474 to one! but if you are a mathematician and figure otherwise, let us know. Never was much good at maths!

2. Dave Howard was 1 and 2 in Intermediate Agility at Waldridge Fell and to make matters worse (or better) his wife Kate Howard was judging! Kate Howard (17/06/03)

The Oscar for the Most Expensive Show Jump

Clipart: BC Buddies

Went to Milton Keynes with a slipped disc at the weekend. Couldn't run the dog so palmed her out to three handlers - all of whom she knew and with varying degrees of persuasion! First round - lead off and back to me; second class - one jump and back to me; third class - start line and looked for me - making one jump in three classes. Works out about £9 per jump, not including petrol. Is this the most expensive jump at a show? Vanessa Hardin (21/05/03)

The Most Puddled Pup Award

  1. Kie, my Border Collie, has a lead fixation, I never taught him to run to his lead as he comes out of the ring, it is something he picked up himself. No pun intended! So far he has come out of the ring and picked up a lead that was attached to another dog, and brought it and the dog back to me. He has learned that the leads could be hidden in a bucket, and on one occasion came out of the ring and plunged his head in a bucket of water, but the worst one was when he came out of the ring and spied the stopwatch cord hanging down from the hand of the timer, thought that was his lead and grabbed it. Aileen Clarke (17/05/03)
  2. In line with Aileen Clarke (Most Puddled Pooch) I also have a dog that has taught herself to run and pick up her lead at the end of a course. Sometimes this means that, in her enthusiasm to find her lead, she goes for the finish a tad prematurely, so if the course demands that I pull her away from the last fence to do something else first I usually have to hide her lead. I tried this on one occasion but she ignored my loud and frantic pleas for a change of direction, finished her own course and, finding no lead, picked up the electronic timing cables and back-jumped the last fence to come back to me with the cables still in her mouth - bringing the whole lot crashing down. Cue a hasty and red-faced exit to the car park... Kate Prosser (29/05/03)

The Oddest Behaviour on an Agility Course

My oversized Papillon, Mister Bumble, goes on a go-slow sometimes in the summer. He has so far stopped to eat an earwig on top of the A-frame, then spent for ever on the seesaw and dog walk looking for another (he doesn't get fed often, poor lamb!); followed a floating feather at nose level through the weaves (that took a while too). Buzz the poodle did a cracking display at his first show. Having got to about obstacle 8 in a TFO before we E'd, on our way back he noticed a bag of overflowing rubbish at the side of the ring. He proceeded to run after it, drag it back into the ring, and upend the contents including tiny bits of cheese rind all over the course, while the judge rolled his eyes skyward as my attempts to catch him simply caused him to spread it all even further! Jane Tatam

The Knock Out Poo Jackpot

Cartoon: David Rowe

I nominate my dog Dan who stopped mid-way across the dog walk at last year's Supa Dogs and managed to deposit his poo neatly in the middle of the cross plank. A comment on the judge's course design perhaps? Anni Telford

The Golden Boot for the Loudest Round in an Agility Ring

I ran my Boxer Murphy in the Intermediate Jumping at Wallingford show recently. It was a very tricky course, so tricky that out of 205 dogs there were only 17 clear rounds. My Boxer came 15th and I was absolutely delighted.

On collecting my rosette the judge said to me 'That was one of the loudest rounds I have ever heard!' My friend queuing two rings away had actually heard the whole round, but if I remember correctly from my physics lessons sound doesn't pass through a vacuum so I have to shout loud to reach Murphy's brain!
Ele Rea

The Booby Prize for the Fewest Points in Gamblers

Cartoon: David Rowe
  1. I believe that I am vying against Evelyn Thomas for this position as both of us managed just two points. Evelyn's dog took the opportunity to gaze, Italian Greyhound fashion into the air to occupy the full 60 second course time without moving but my Hungarian Vizsla managed to complete two whole jumps but got the fastest time as she bulldozed me out of the way to leap on the table a tad prematurely (like 43 seconds too soon!).

    We could also go into furthest distance travelled to compete in a qualifier only to be eliminated (again) but that is a whole new can of worms. Kate Prosser

  2. I was judging last year and sadly had to eliminate a competitor so no points at all! I had previously wondered if you could be eliminated in Gamblers but couldn't think of a way but this dog wouldn't get back on the table at the end of the round so was eliminated. Penny Garner-Carpenter (12/05/03)

The Hottest Show of the Year Gold Award

  1. Derbyshire DAC would like to enter itself into the competition for 'The Hottest Show of the Year' with a temperature of 89 degrees F. at mid-day on Sunday, 28 July 2002 and still 84 degrees at 4.00pm. Andy Farrington (30/05/02)
  2. Down south at Bretons, I did hear somebody say in mid-afternoon on 28, July 2002 that they had recorded a temperature of 36 degrees C. (I make that about 96 Degrees F ) Looking at the number of folk who failed to run, a lot of people must have found it just too hot. Derbyshire? That's way up past Watford! It never gets that hot up there does it? Bern Hanreck

The Really Useful Club Citation

When organising their summer show, Corton got to thinking about what jobs their members were best suited for. They have come to the conclusion that they have a pretty useful bunch of people when it comes to running a show.

Amongst their regular attenders are two vets, two fully qualified vet nurses and a qualified pet behaviourist which should take care of all the dog problems. One the human side, there is also a doctor, a physio and the usual collection of first aiders.

They also have an optician, so when disgruntled competitors storm out of the ring, muttering 'that judge must be blind if he/she didn't see my dog get the A-frame/dog-walk/see-saw contact,' they can immediately rush the optician in to the ring to perform an on-the-spot eye test, and confirm absolutely that, in fact, the judge is NOT blind.

If the worst really comes to the worst and things get really out of hand, they also have two RAF pilots, who can load the entire committee and all the judges into their Hercules, and whisk them off to safety on sunnier foreign shores.

They're still looking to recruit a lawyer, though. Anyone know one, preferably with a couple of Advance dogs, that they might be prepared to run in our teams.

Can any other club do better? Joyce Turner & Club Corton DTC Committee (27/05/02)

The Highest Placed First Time Competitor Rosette

  1. Would like to nominate Wendy Thorne and Sandy (Winter Bracken) for highest placed first time competitor. It was Wendy and Sandy's first show at Shrewsbury on 4 May and they came fourth in Midi agility. There were 45 in the class. It was not an easy course with many eliminations, and they did brilliantly in a very respectable time of just over 33 seconds! Christine Moodie (25/07/02)
  2. David Woodhead and Holly (Iffit Duzzitt) place 26th place in Starters Agility at their first show - and after only eight weeks of training! They started training at Tendering Agility Club in February when Holly was 16 months old. Just for the competition experience, they entered her at Downlands on the 7 April in Starters Agility and Helter Skelter. She was just 18 months old. All he hoped for was to get around! In Starters Agility she went clear and was placed 26th out of 278 dogs! To make it more impressive, he'd only taught her the weaves on the Friday before! Suzanne Morrison (27/05/02)
  3. Jake Walsh's Bearded Collie Billy (Bridus Billy the Kid) placed seventh at his very first show, although under orders to treat this season as 'training!' (08/06/02)
  4. Jasper (Beckdale Jaspher) my English Springer Spaniel achieved 19th place in his first competition at his first show  which was at Downlands on 7 April. He was also entered in the Special Helter Skelter and only got five faults. (He overshot the weave entry.) I was completely stunned having been advised over and over - "only expect eliminations in your first year", 'you have a Springer - his nose rules. Get a Border Collie if you want to win something.'  I didn't stop smiling for the rest of the week and my phone bill has gone up! Where do we go from here?  Would you believe it - 14th place at Cornwall on 28 April and tenth place at Vyne on 6 May plus several eliminations and some five faults - all for the same thing as Downlands, along the way.  Beginners luck maybe?  Time will tell. Sue Taylor (31/05/02)

The Longest Time to Get a Clear Round in Competition

Alison Plant  goes to Kidderminster Agility Group with Jed, her 10 year old Border Collie X . They got their first clear round after five years so don't despair. Keep trying - remember Agility is FUN! (23/04/02)

The Shortest Time to Fill a Limited Agility Show

Image result for calendar

  1. Entry forms for the Spalding Limited Agility Show in October went out on 30 March and the classes were filled by 21 August, just three weeks. Margaret Kyriakou (22/04/02)
  2. Talking of shortest time to fill a limit show we (Donyatt) normally give out our schedules at a Sunday show and expect the show to be filled on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Rhona Birbeck will normally have a fair few entries handed to her at the show where we give out the entry forms, everyone else seems to post them on the Monday. Our show is not the only fast filling limit show in the South-West either - I once picked up a show schedule at a Sunday show, forgot to post it until the Tuesday morning and had it returned as over-subscribed. Tony Dickinson

The Tallest Dog to Hold the World 60 Weave Pole Record

I am and I think my generic dog Phantom should hold the record for the tallest dog, 30 .5 inches (76.2 cm +), with the fastest weaves of 60 poles. We were written up in Dog and Handler magazine. It was fun to see the confused and befuddled looks of the Border Collie handlers when they heard that a big ol' mutt had the fastest time of all. At the time of our competition we were competing at the Novice level in USDAA trials and we had only started agility training 12 months before that. Phantom is much faster now! Mandolina Moon (11/04/02)

The Most Dogs Bred by One Person that Qualified for Olympia in a Single Year

Is it a record to have breed five dogs (Lunarlites) that have qualified for Olympia in the same year (i.e. 2000). I know that I have bred six WSDs that all got to Olympia the same year but I can't remember the exact date - it was when Jeff  Bolton and Midnight Chocolate Chip, Alan Gardner and Midnight Chocolate Robbin, Sandra Harvey and Midnight Chocolate Sundee,  Sue Bishop and Midnight Chocolate Orange and Pati Jary and Midnight Chocolate Caramel, Sarah and Moonlight Taffy all got there together.
Chris Bolton

The Quickest Time to Win into Advance

Dianne Talbot and her Border Collie Chase (Pause for Breath) won into Advanced class in only ten weeks. Chase is out of Dave Blackshaw's Fly and Mary Ray's Quincey, a black and white with a smashing temperament.
Jim Gregson (19/09/01)

The Wooden Spoon for the Most Consecutive

How about this. My WSD Red Tyefold Red Rooster is five years old next week and has been competing since he was about two years old. During that time he has only not been eliminated once and then he collected 20 faults. It's a good job I enjoy agility for the people and not winning.
haron Hebden (03/09/01)

The Most Clear Rounds in a Row Ribbon

  1. If we are allowed to discount the dreaded time faults (the bane of my life!), my trusty 'Clear Round Hound' Fozzie can claim no less than 23 consecutive clear rounds over several shows last year. Mind you, there's no excuse for not going clear at the speed we go!  The longest run we have managed inside the time is 12 consecutive clears with just one placing at eleventh. The picture shows Fozzie demonstrating his inimitable style through the weaves which is where he manages to accumulate all those time faults! Janet Dilloway (30/09/01)
  2. My dog Tilly entered ten classes at Dog in Need 2001 and got ten clear rounds. (Shame about her partner in Pairs.) She also got an Eleventh in Novice Agility. Lynne (Goff) Hinton (08/08/01)

The Slowest Clear Round Ever

I think I might have done the longest clear round ever - certainly that's what the timer said - when my Collie X Redd (Redd Knight) did a perfect round in Novice Agility at Bretons in 114.14 seconds. The course time was 50 seconds. I guess that the only way to go is up.
Judith Leonard

Most Champions Tickets Won

Ag.Ch. Piquant Painted Sunshine (aka Chelsea) won 16 Championship Tickets. Was this a record? Dawn Weaver

Fastest Rise
from G1 to G7

Dennis Hilton and his rescue dog Chief went from his first show in Grade 1 to Grade 7 in just 23 weeks and 5 days. Quite an achievement and also very rewarding for the K9 Agility North Yorkshire trainers Kathy, Steve and Ron.
Ron Rawlinson

Two Size Trophy

Sheltie Ziga (Obay Tiz Magic) achieved two places on the same day at a Kennel Club Open Agility show in two different height categories after having been re-measured from Small to Medium. Elizabeth Saggers

Pat on the Back Award
Highlands & Islands

I am making a brag on behalf of a friend as I know she is too modest to do it herself. Her name is Julia Lecrivain from Jersey. She runs a Bearded Collie named Misty.

At the end of August, she came over to the the UK Mainland for the first time to compete a two KC shows - Dog Vegas 4-day and the Letchworth 3-day. She ran in 12 classes at Dog Vegas, gaining 10 places including two Agility wins, and two clear rounds. She also qualified for the First Contact final where she picked up her only elimination as her dog had never seen a Wishing Well and did not quite know what do  with it! The following weekend at Letchworth she did a further 12 runs, gaining a further three places and six clear rounds. All this has sent her back to Jersey as a Grade 2 handler with a massive 178 warrant points.

I also think Agility Folk deserve some praise, too. Although Julia was alone at the shows, she was delighted with the support and praise she received from her fellow competitors. Doreen Sizeland

Most Agility Dogs Judged

I filled out my record book and discovered that I have judged over 5000 dogs since 2002! Penny Cockerill

The Highest Placed First Time Competitor Rosette

I would like to nominate my husband Martin Conibere for this award. He had to come to rescue me from the UKA Tamasjie show as I had broken my leg whilst unpacking the caravan - not my wisest move - and was persuaded to run my dog Dooley in the Novice Steeplechase on Saturday. As he had never been near an agility course in his life, my friend Alexis gave him a crash course in how to walk a course, how to run a course and what to do with his arms. And then he was away. Not only did he manage to get a clear round, he also finished 4th. He was well and truly bitten by the agility bug that weekend and continued to run Dooley in the Steeplechase for the rest of the show. By Monday, he was feeling confident enough to have a go at everything with a little help from my friend Bobbi - Jumping, Gamblers and Steeplechase. He finished off his weekend by running the Beginners Agility and finishing 3rd. To top it off, yes we did get it on video. This is his first ever run and this is his agility run . Bless them. They made me so proud. Pat Conibere  

Dog with Least Clear Rounds Rosette

Clipart: BC Buddies

My rescue dog Bryn has never had a clear round. He always had one or nearly all the jumps down. He just did not understand that the idea was to leave them up, not that I have dared run him that many times. It always hurts to see 'You have no results for this dog' on the UKA website. The only rosettes he has ever got have been for Good Citizens. Peggy Sidewater

Most Consistently Placed Dog Bowl

Chris Stamp competed with his chocolate St. Poodle Barnaby for about seven years and says they never left a show without a placed rosette. Chris Stamp

Littermates with the Smallest Margin Between their Course Times Flag Pins

Mike Douglas’ Lulu and Jill Spur's Dali are litter sisters. Both ran the same Graded 3-5 Jumping at Nottingham, and recorded times that were just 0.175sec apart! Mike Douglas & Jill Spur

The Red Red Red Rosette Group Award

Tarny's Tossers managed a staggering 36 wins and numerous other places at the Hare N Hounds Agility Festival. Jacqui Tarn

More 'Es' Than You Can Shake a Stick At! Award




  1. Under the most eliminations - or Illuminations as they are known in our household - I have had about 570 this year between my three dogs! And that isn't counting multiple illuminations in one run. Jo Wormald
  2. At Tonbridge Wells show this year (May 2009) I had three eliminations before 08.50am and was in the car on the way home by 08.55.  Does not beat four eliminations, but beats the time. Anne Arbon
  3. Can anyone beat four eliminations before 10.00am! Jane Tatam
  4. I can't beat by 10am but I can beat four. I had five by lunchtime on more than one occasion.
    Leona Kadir
  5. Okay, I admit it - 43!  But - he, I (and the judges) enjoyed every one of them and each elimination had its good points. This was with my mad Springer Spaniel, Disney, in his first year - mainly in Allsorts, then Starters. At the end of the year he finally got ten faults, then five faults in the last two classes - light at the end of the tunnel! He treated every course like a Gamblers. It was a shock to me having such a fast dog after being used to 'normal' Springers. Luckily, at the beginning of his second year, he started picking up clears and places but he is still 'good entertainment value.'  Would not change him for the world but wish I was a better handler. Sue Taylor
  6. My old collie Chaz - whom I have just had to drop down to Anysize classes due to arthristis in his spine - ten in December. He was entered into his first show at 18 months old and he as only ever had 1 clear round at full height (in the year 2000) and probably only a handful of times on the scoreboard with faults. Every other time has been an E. Surprisingly now he has dropped down he has done 2 out of 3 clear rounds for me. Kirsty Luttman

The Most Special Special

1. My Springer Flossy got a special at Scunthorpe last year for having the flappiest ears - and lots of enthusiasm. My cocker Wisp got one at Weardale this year for being able to wag his tail frenziedly and jump at the same time. Jo Wormald

2. My rescued collie Luka and I are the proud owners of a Special for finding the most way to get eliminated in one run. Out of 20 obstacles, we managed three and that is not including the fault in-between. Liz Lyddon

1st Dog Club to Qualify Teams in All Three Sizes at Crufts
Derbyshire Dog Agility Club have successfully qualified a team in each of the three categories e.g. Small, Medium & Large. What a fantastic achievement.  Well done everyone involved. Pat Wallis

1st Individual Gold at the FCI World Champs for the GB
Natasha Wise and Dizzy won the first ever Individual Gold at the 2009 FCI Agility World Championships at Dornbirn, Austria. She was 4.4 seconds faster than the Silver Medalist.
Fastest G3 Win
Roger Teasdale accomplished the awesome achievement of winning his first ever run with Petnat by Jingo - a Grade 3 class at Wigan 2009.

Fastest Bronze Warrant

From his first ever run at the KC Festival to the weekend 5-6 September 2009, Eleanor Balchin’s fabulous Sheltie Smokey (Sheldray Smoke on the Water) had gained sufficient points - 200 with minimum of 50 points in agility - for his Bronze Agility Warrant. Ian Balchin

Most GB Team Members from a Single Club

Beacon ADTC is sending three members of the GB team to the 2009 FCI World Championships in Austria. They have a dog in each of the categories - Small, Medium and Large - in both Team and Individual events. Kate Howard
  • Large: Jackie Gardner with Borderstorm Tom Boy (Border Collie)
  • Medium: Alan Gardner with Touchango Again Girl (Border Collie)
  • Small: Nicola Garrett with Ag.Ch. Obay Truly Driven (Shetland Sheepdog)

Fastest Progression from G6 to G7

Lee Gibson's Scott (Taddymoor Scott) went Grade 7 at Dog Vegas. On Friday he won two Grade 6 Agility classes and one G6 Jumping. By 11am on Saturday morning, he had won another G6 Agility class.  He then went on to win another Agility and two more Jumping classes - a grand total of seven wins in a weekend! He managed to get all of the runs on video, too. Gina Graham

Most Faultless Rounds at a Six Day Show

Margaret Goulden had 18 clears out of 19 runs at Dashin' Dogs with her dog Shani - and only 1 pole down in six days. Margaret Goulden

The Most Faults to Win a Class Award

Clipart: BC Buddies

  1. John Williams won a Jumping G3-5 class with Manchester Terrier Skye (Eaglespur Rose Bay). It was at the Easter Agility Show at Shuttleworth - yes, the snowy one. They won with 21 faults 9 i.e. 1 x refusal and 16 time faults - all of which proves, don't stop running even if you've had a pole down! John Williams
  2. ! can challenge the Most Faults to Win a Class” category from a team run I had in Ireland quite a few years back. I had taken four dogs with me so I found three unsuspecting handlers from the other Irish competitors and we had ourselves a team. It was a pretty challenging course and we won because we only had 3 out of 4 dogs eliminated. All the other teams had all four dogs eliminated! Kate Cook
  3. Last year I won a Champion Maxi Agility at UKA with 32.89 faults.  I thought I had been eliminated because we had so many attempts at the weaves, but we had actually only got five faults for popping out before the end.  All the rest were time faults as I sauntered round praising my dog on her contacts and chatting with the judge.  As it happens I was the only person not be eliminated. Sally Jones

Largest Class at a UK Agility Show

Just working out my Supa Dogs running orders and one of the Novice Jumpings has a total of 1,036 dogs entered. Is this the biggest class yet? I remember classes of 900 and something but don't remember seeing over a thousand dogs entered before. Lorna Goodban

Best Agility Litter Ever


I would like to nominate a litter bred by Chris Bolton in 1988.
  • Sire: Mary Ray's - Mr Chips
  • Dam: Jeff Bolton's - Midnight Moonlight (Penny)

All dogs in the litter bar one made Advanced. Four of the litter were at Olympia at the same time, specifically Robbie, Boxer, Carrie, Chad, plus their full brothers Freddie and Chip from the previous mating.

There were four reds, one tri and one B/W. A very special litter!

Chip sired more than 150 puppies. (2006)

Best Irish Terrier
in Agility

Irish Terrier, Tollo (aka Marshcourt Sparrowhawk) has reached the dizzy heights of Grade 6, running as a Large dog. He had two Agility wins and one Jumping win at Grade 5, so he has moved up. It wasn't easy but it is a dream come true. Is this achievement a first for an Irish Terrier? Hilary Stewart

I’m sorry to disappoint Tollo and his handler but unfortunately, he’s not the first Irish Terrier to reach Grade 6. Vet Kath Darroch, who used to train with us, achieved this accolade and had considerable further success with her Irish Terrier girl Dill many moons ago. Mavis Sherwin



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