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Crufts Quips

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Overheard before, after and during the show

No dog show is larger nor more controversial than Crufts. Always full of drama, there are 21,000 individual stories of success and disappointment - never more poignant than so than in the agility ring. Here is a selection of comments overheard before, after and during Crufts 2003. If you have any comments you would like to add the the pot, send them to Agilitynet.

Does anybody else agree with me that there ought to be some coverage of the juniors competing at Crufts on the TV doing Agility. After all these kids are tomorrows champs.
Jackie Clarke

Just come back from my first ever visit to Crufts and I loved every minute of it - even if my bank balance didn't agree.
Sarah Robertson

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes at Crufts. They obviously worked as we were very lucky with our results!
Jayne Bray

We understand the secret of Mary Ray's success in the Obedience was her footwear. On the second day when others were scuffling on the 'long' astro-turf, she put on her dancing shoes!

When asked about her Daddy's run, baby Ashleigh Derrett said zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! She had slept through it.
Ashleigh's Grandma

At last we can run our dogs and show the public how agility dogs should be run.
Sue Culmer

Loved the Astro Turfy stuff!
Holly Davies

No, Tracey Hanreck hasn't been overdoing the choccies. She's expecting a major mini 'event' in early August. Does this count as 'double handling?'
Bern Hanreck

Did everyone see the agility coverage on BBC 2 last night? Exactly... there was none.
Mandy Love

With a first and a third (Louise) and a fifth (Anne) in the Mini/Maxi Pairs, you could say it was a very good day for the Challis household. Peter van Dongen


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