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2011 Crufts Stories

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I could be a canine soap opera...

Crufts 2011 - Seymour Photos It's got all the romance of a Mills & Boon book, the glamour of the X-Factor, the drama of Upstairs Downstairs, the humour of  Gavin & Stacey, the politics of the West Wing and a touch of the mystery and mayhem of Midsummer Murders. Coronation Street and East Enders have nothing on Crufts. So how about sharing your Crufts stories - past and present - with the rest of the agility community.

From Sarah Hedderly - Springs Things...
This was my first visit to Crufts and being on a trade stand (Springs Things) I did not get to see it all. I knew it was a big show but not that big! As our stand was in Hall 3, I managed to sneak off and watch the Young Kennel Club 6-11 year handling class. Some explosives dogs doing a demo for the Army as well as a Great Dane playing the drums! There really was something for everyone.

Oh and being situated near the Ben and Jerry's stand was another bonus.

From Monica Dixon...
A couple of years ago Beanie and I were sitting in the lobby of our hotel at Crufts having a G&T (me, not her) as they didnít allow dogs in the bar. A young Japanese lad came up and asked if he could sit in the chair next to us. He then admired Beanie and we talked about her for a bit. I asked if he had a dog so he said no, but he hoped to get one when he had finished his studies. He added that his sister did have a dog, so I asked what kind it was. A Golden Receiver, he said.

From Jill Gibson...
Had a nice surprise the other day when someone someone mentioned a new book titled Get Her Off the Pitch that has just come out. It is an autobiography of a sports journalist who worked for the Times newspaper. My friend asked what was the name of my Great Dane that went to Olympia?

There on page 210 was a half page mention of 'Blake, an enormous Great Dane' at Olympia in 1999! It is a lovely write up. Ten years on and that special Harlequin who started the Harlequin Agility Club which specialises in giant breeds all those years ago is still being talked about. What an honour it was to share my life with him.

I have two Harlequins and a Mantle Dane (white legs and chest) who enjoy their agility as much as Blake did - and I am bringing home an eight week old Harli girl on 15 March! No, I don't live in a big house - just have a lot of sofas!

First published 8th March 2011


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