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First Show?

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Tips for agility newbies...

The number of people competing in the sport of agility has increased dramatically over the last few years and consequently there are many more shows - small, medium, large and huge. And all can be not just a little daunting if it is your first time competing. If you are a  newcomer to the sport, here are a few tips from Sally Rowe to help make your debut more successful.

  1. Want to start competing in agility? Compete already but find all the rules confusing?

The agility survival pack contains <I>Your First Agility Show</I> an excellent book with rules / regulations and general advice to help you survive agility shows, a bag of training treats, a ring clip and some poo bags.

Steve Croxford (Manager of the KC British Agility Team) thinks the book is an excellent comprehensive guide to anyone interested in agility” and makes entering your first and subsequent shows a doddle. 

Tony Griffin (Chairman of the KC Agility Council) says this book gives the reader the complete answer to what goes on at an Agility Show.

Author: Sally Rowe

*Last guaranteed delivery date before Christmas 2007 = Tuesday 18th December*When you first get to the show, find your ring. You will have a set amount of time to 'walk' the course (walk round it without your dog to find your way). Feel free to walk it a few times until you're sure you know it.

  2. You are not allowed to carry anything in your hand during your run. Take your dogs collar and lead off and leave them at the start line – there will be someone who puts it at the finish line for you.

  3. Wait for the timer/scrimer, the person in the ring looking at an electronic timer or stopwatch, to tell you when you can go. Otherwise you will be eliminated before your start.

  4. If you make a mistake on a course – carry on. Most Judges don't mind you finishing your round as long as you don't spend too much time doing it.

  5. Don't stop to pick up a knocked pole. Shows have special people called 'Pole Pickers' to do this for you!

  6. When you come out of the ring remember to thank the judge, they have given up their spare time to be there.

  7. Also remember to thank your dog, even if your round did not go well. Still play with your dog to let him know you still love him!

  8. Don't have a curry the night before! Tia's mum

There's lots more about competing at agility shows that you need to know including detailed information on the different levels, classes, obstacles, marking, getting and filling in entry forms, what to take to a show, forward preparation, and what to do on arrival etc. You'll find more invaluable tips Your First Agility Show by Sally Rowe which is available from Agility Warehouse

About the author...
Sally Rowe is currently living in Hertfordshire with her two dogs, Lady a Swedish Vallhund and Sandy, a rescued crossbreed. Since graduating from 'Applied Animal Behaviour and Training' at university, she has been working for Wood Green Animal Shelters and is building up a business which trains animals for film and TV work. Sally also runs evening puppy classes and when she finds a spare minute, teaches agility for YKC activity weekends