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Show & Tell


101 Tips for Newbies
Words of wisdom for first time competitors (03/05/01)
ABC Agility 2004
Lurchers in the limelight... Showtime for Shepherds... Publicity for pooches...  All the qualifying heats leading up to the 2004 ABC Agility Final at Tatton Park, plus the competition rules (courtesy of Newton Heath DTC) (21/03/03)
The Anatomy of a Show: Thoughts of a Show Manager
Roy Wilce was sitting on his patio in the sun with a coffee, and a collie lying at his feet. Life was good. The Show had gone well, but his thoughts about it keeping turning over in his brain like some demonic tumble-dryer. 'Perhaps...', he thought, 'it will help if I unload everything onto paper.' (05/07/00)
Bitten by the Bug
Beware! If you survive to the third week of your Beginners Course, you may be infected by the agility bug. Theresa McAteer explains how she started agility and why she would never compete! (17/10/05)
Day Parking
Most agility show organisers put a lot of time and thought into working out the layout of their show. They assess the risks of moving traffic and do their best to make the rings accessible while keeping the showground as safe as possible. So why are there always some people who take advantage? asks Christine Short.  (12/10/09)
Want to start competing in agility? Compete already but find all the rules confusing?

The agility survival pack contains <I>Your First Agility Show</I> an excellent book with rules / regulations and general advice to help you survive agility shows, a bag of training treats, a ring clip and some poo bags.

Steve Croxford (Manager of the KC British Agility Team) thinks the book is an excellent comprehensive guide to anyone interested in agility” and makes entering your first and subsequent shows a doddle. 

Tony Griffin (Chairman of the KC Agility Council) says this book gives the reader the complete answer to what goes on at an Agility Show.

Author: Sally Rowe

*Last guaranteed delivery date before Christmas 2007 = Tuesday 18th December* First Show
A few tips for new handlers contemplating entering their first agility show and hopefully ensuring it won't be their last!
The First Time Ever: Or How I Got To Be at Vyne
As a child Mick Chambers always had dogs around the house, and he would have loved to have one or two of his own. When he married Lorraine, they were both in full-time employment so they felt it would be unfair to have a dog. They agreed to wait until the time was right. That time was 20 years later! (02/06/00)
How to be a Mini Winner
Getting to the top of your sport is not easy. It takes more than a good dog and a good handler to make an agility round look simple. What do the ten Olympia mini finalist have that the rest of us lack? What turns a competitor into a winner? To find out, Mary Ann Nester went to the Pedigree Smackos Mini Agility Stakes Final held at the Olympia International Show Jumping Championships and spoke to the handlers, judge and sponsors.

I like butterflies

Is Agility Going the Way of the Dinosaur?
One theory about the demise of the dinosaur was that changing climates brought about a relatively rapid change in the vegetation. The dinosaur’s digestive system could not adapt to this different diet, and they became extinct due to chronic constipation. Aileen Clarke sticks her neck out and asks 'Are agility competitions heading the same way?' (06/08/02)
Judge's Special
Patch Guipago explains what these very special rosette's have meant to her and her deaf collie Defa.
The Morning After... Tuffley 2003
Ramblings of a show organiser and other reflections by Rob White.  (10/07/03)
Moving Up
To move up on points or wait for that elusive win - that was the question Lindy Margach faced with her talented yellow lab Bracken.
My First Show: A Wet Wet Wet Introduction to Agility
When Chris Bradley started agility training two years ago, she simply wanted to do it for fun. Being completely non-competitive and with a life-long horror of performing anything solo in front of others, she had no ambition to compete.
On Being a Team Player
Teams - love 'em or hate 'em. Just why do we do it? Dawn Williams talks about some of the advantages and disadvantages of running on a team.
One Wheel or Two?
You may have noticed judges walking around agility courses with a strange unicycle type contraption. These are known as measuring wheels and they are used to help judges set a realistic course time. Lynne Shore explains...
Paul Oldfield's Show League Table
Paul Oldfield has done his own end of the year list of shows that he attended, ranking them in order of points achieved. He stresses that these are his own personal opinions.

Acecliffe St. poodle puppies at 3 weeks old

Puppies & Agility Shows
Are they compatible. Chief Crufts vet Trevor Turner points forward The Kennel Club point of view. (02/12/01)
Recruiting Volunteers Can be Fun - Revisited
Yes folks, it's that time of year again. We all know that it can be difficult to get enough helpers to run an agility show. If a lot of people did a little, few would be burdened down with too much. Chris Hack, Show Secretary of Trent Park DAC, has come up with this ingenious device for recruiting club members.  (11/07/00)
Ring Etiquette
Rules of etiquette control the behaviour of particular social groups or social occasions and the agility circuit is no exception. (08/05/05)
Ring Party Jobs
There's fear of flying, fear of falling and fear of failure but are agility people developing a new fear - fear of ring parties. Is it because they think it is someone else's job, are too stressed to help, have too many dogs to run or just don't understand what's involved? We asked the Agility Whisperer to pontificate...  (14/05/10)
Ring Rage
Chris Smith is a mild mannered person, not given to tantrums and rages. Aside from the odd moment she may simmer but she rarely boils over - with one exception...  (05/09/02)
Setting a course for Judging
Getting the course right on the day can make or break a show for people. Lin Bergan shares some of her thoughts on designing courses for the right level of competitor.  (07/02/04)

Should We Take Advanced Out of Intermediate?
Should we or shouldn’t we? What are the arguments for and against? Three top handlers present their opinions - Jo Sermon (pro), Dave Cooper (con) and Mary Anne Nester with the Mini/Midi point of view. Read both sides of the argument and then vote on this hot topic on Rachel's Mini Poll. (29/07/02)
Show Ground Reviews
Given it's in everybody’s interest to have decent ground to run on, why do some clubs persist in treating this criterion as a negligible one? Agility handler Groundhog, who prefers to remain anonymous, reviews the running surfaces of some of the venues they've run on this year.

The Show Secretary & The Rain Queen
A behind the scenes look at the run up to an agility show by Gerhard Zeigler, Show Secretary of Empingham DTC.  (16/06/02)

So You're Going to Judge for the First Time
You're pleased. You're flattered. You're terrified. You've suddenly realised there might be some things you might not know or haven’t been told about. Experienced judge Lesley Wilks passes on some tips for newbie judges on what to do on your big debut. (14/12/02)
Show 'n' Go: Never Say Never
Quasar has had dogwalk problems from the very beginning. At 12 weeks he fell off, and it took nine months to get him back on the equipment. For nine months his owner Cindy Knowlton encouraged him with praise, a ball, his favourite dog treats, ice cream and his laser, until finally one day he took a leap of faith and scurried across. Cindy knew that he just needed experience, but how many new dogwalks would it take? Entering a show 'n' go was the only answer. (21/10/99)
Show Wish List 2003
Brenda Tenten's little list of some of the things which would make our agility shows even more fun!  (08/07/03)

Sky's the Limit
It seems only a shor time ago that vet Peter van Dongen was writing about his puppy Sky. Time flies and Sky is now  old enough to compete. Would she live up to her predecessor Basil?  Here is the story of Sky's debut on the show circuit.  (18/04/04)

Talking the Course
Handlers get the chance before the contest to 'Walk the Course' before they run it. So why shouldn't judges have the opportunity to 'Talk the Course' afterwards to  explain and, if necessary, justify the rationale behind it.  (28/07/04)

Taryntimer User's Guide: Time & Time Again
Martin Pollard is supplying electronic timing to more than 40 shows around the country this year. It is possible it may be used in your ring then or at another show in the future. In this case whether are a judge, a show secretary or competitor, you may find this guide useful. And if you have any doubts about the inevitability of electronic timing, try the simple little test at the end of this article. (12/02/01)

Yes, Designing Courses is Quite Difficult!
There's been a lot of debate recently about the suitability  of courses for a particular type of class. Some competitors are quick to criticise when things are not right for them, but very rarely give praise when things go well. Judges too, can misunderstand what their objective should be when designing a course. Barrie Harvey, Chairman of The Agility Club, puts forward his point of view.


YOU Make the Call
Have you ever sat in the dentist's waiting room, flipping through the pages of Seventeen or Cosmo and passing the time by filling in those cheeky questionnaires to find out if you were a wallflower or a glam queen, a thoughtful lover or a selfish cad?  Now you've got your chance to find out whether you be a good, bad or indifferent agility judge. And you don't even need a pencil - just press a key and your score is computed for you.  You may not like the result, but you probably didn't like what Cosmo had to say about you either! (17/10/01)