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The Agility Training Cycle
Do you plan your agility training year or just leave it to chance and hope for the best. Steve Croxford, Manager of the British Agility Team, explains to improve your performance in the ring by dividing to divide the agility into distinct season.

How to Remember a Course
American agility trainer Julia Lane found that her students were getting very frustrated trying to remember a course, and so she compiled a list of top tips for her class. She has agreed to share with Agilitynet readers
Running an Aggressive Dog
Agility is a great outlet for dogs that have issues, but you should always balance the benefit to your dog of that run in that place on that day against the risk of putting your dog into a position where they feel they need to bite. Of course things happen out of the blue but, if you know your dog is at bite risk, you need to manage that risk closely. Editor of The Voice, Jill Spurr has agreed to share her article.

A How to... Trainer's Guide to Preparing Competitors for Shows
As most of us know from our own experience, a handler's first show can be really quite daunting. Wellingborough Dog Training Club has developed a scheme to help their beginner handlers enter shows with confidence so they can have a positive experience. When they feel a group is ready, they run a special class to prepare them to enter the unique world of dog agility shows. Wellingborough trainer Joanna Loomes explains how they do it.

Lucy Tarpey & Diesel
Since Lucy Tarpey was age 12, her favourite thing to do with her Cocker Spaniel Diesel has been agility. She began training, using broom handles and a plastic hoop. Soon she was doing both Junior and Standard classes, sometimes against more than 100 adults which was a bit overwhelming for a youngster. She is now 17 years old and she has learned that sometimes you need to fail to succeed.

Training in the Ring
Should we allow it? Lee Windeatt plays Devil's advocate.  (10/08/06)

Your Secret Coach
Discover the secrets to winning agility as put forward by Olympia winner Chris Smith i her new book. Reviewed by Sally Jones. (24/05/01)



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