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Competitive Training

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Agility Success: Training & Competing with Your Dog in the Winning Zone
A new book by Angelica Steinker for those people interested in 'The Zone' - that space one enters in competition where everything just flows. Reviewed by Nick Chettle. (29/06/00)
The Agility Training Cycle
Do you plan your agility training year or just leave it to chance and hope for the best. Steve Croxford, Manager of the British Agility Team, explains to improve your performance in the ring by dividing to divide the agility into distinct season.
All You Need to Know About Agility Shows
Lois Harris' beginners guide for newbies who are about to enter an agility show for the first time. Describes who and what at a show as well as what they need to do. Also written to help trainers prepare their classes for competition. Book review by Chris Mancini. (13/02/00)
Coping with Disappointment in the Ring
Is it a matter of life or death? After dipping out of Crufts, top competitor Chris Smith re-assesses her performance and attitude. (14/03/02)

How to Remember a Course
American agility trainer Julia Lane found that her students were getting very frustrated trying to remember a course, and so she compiled a list of top tips for her class. She has agreed to share with Agilitynet readers

Training in the Ring
Should we allow it? Lee Windeatt plays Devil's advocate.  (10/08/06)

Your First Agility Show - A Survival Pack
A useful guide for first time competitors as well as seasoned competitors. Includes rules and regs, ring clip, bag of treats and some poo bags! 6.00 plus 50p for p&p. Discount for 5+ copies

Your Secret Coach
Discover the secrets to winning agility as put forward by Olympia winner Chris Smith i her new book. Reviewed by Sally Jones. (24/05/01)