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Boast Post Gallery

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   Winning Out Certificates


2016 Winning Out Certificates

Pardon our boast post, but the arrival of the Agilitynet Winning Out Certificates is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the agility year. It triggers a flurry of 'boast posts' whereby people can brag unashamedly about their achievements the previous year and post pictures of their dogs. Here are some that appeared on Agilitynet Facbook this year with comments from their proud owners. There are all breeds and all sizes and in no particular order. Apologies to anyone we've missed. And thanks again to Lintbell's who made the Winning Out Certificates possible.

Cathy Withall
Unashamed boast post.
Winning out certificates are arriving!

Amanda Dougal
This has come today. Thank you very much. I thought you had to apply for the certificates, I guess not.
Note: It turns out my daughter did it for me as a lovely surprise, thank you Georgia

Bernice Emanuel

Liz Dennis

Bethany Webber

Lucy Wheelwright

Robyn Connell‎

Ann Kruse
 Our very first winning out certificate!

Lynne Gressler
Tahoe's first winning out certificate but won't be the last. This girl did me very proud last year 

Sophie Smith
My little weasel dog is such an overachiever! It's crazy to see it all in writing.

Bell McLeish
Breeze with her winning out certificate.

Carol Avenell
Proud mummy moment.

Sandra Ross
 Just UKA for Molly (Getting to Champ Steeplechase) and Luna had Senior UKA (both S/chase and Performance) and making it to KC G6! Not bad for a little shorty!

Linda Jesson

Linda Jesson

Sara Killelay

Carol Catton

Carol Catton
I love my agility and can't wait for my shows to start this year . Thank you auntie Jacqui for my training. Look forward to making my dad run

Rebecca Harris

Brenda Tenten
Despite my very best efforts, The Dinky Diva somehow won into Grade 5 last year.

Kath Hudson
Storm's and Montydog's first ever certificates. 

Georgina Davies
Ours came today!

Bev Gittens
My boys played catch up with each other all season but finished in the same grade. Very proud of both of them

Trish McHugh
Very proud of my goof ball Ted. My only aim for 2016 was to keep him in the ring 

Sara Killelay

Sarah Prescott
So proud of my fur babies this year! Bumble hopes for a real one next year! Thanks to everyone who has helped us achieve this!

Carol Wye
Received the girls' certificates today, proud of them

Karen Howell

Shellie Smith & Marli
What a season for us last year! Proud of this little man, considering he is now 9.

V Vicki Young
So proud of these 2.

Theresa Mannion
Max and Star say a big thank you for their certificates. All the hard work is really appreciated. Lovely memories to keep.

Karen Cook
Sadie is very happy to receive her Winning out certificate. After a few mistaken photos, managed to get one sitting still.

Ellie Abbott

Wendy Withington
This dog is my world and I've definitely caught the agility bug. It started out as a bit of fun to take my mind off work and I thought if we got to G4, we'd be doing okay. I've two more dogs now, just bought a new van and had it expertly crated out, qualified as a judge and measurer, involved in a new training club with my mate and now started training. I've made 100s of new friends, bought a caravan and gone from high heels and wine bars to top quality running shoes and obscure country fields. Would I change a thing? Heck no!

Julie Baliff
Rio's winning out certificate arrived yesterday. I'm very proud of my baby boy's achievements in 2016 - all thanks to some great trainers 

Emma Steer
So very proud of my Opal at 9yrs young (now 10) she surprised me by winning out last year. After taking several years to get to Grade 2 it took a further two years to do this on our last show of the season. Despite being positively speedy at training, we lack confidence in a show environment. It was a very emotional day as a friend also won out of the Grade 1 in the same class. It was a shock to see both our names at the top.

Karen Boyle
So proud, Charlie with his winning out certificate 

Susan Page

Never thought we would get to Grade 3
so proud of her

Nikki Harris
Proud of my boy.

Erin Miller
Bonnie's one in a million and I love her loads! Now I'm going to try to handle her like I should do and try to get to grade 6? Here's hoping?

Sarah Jayne

Sue Bebbington
This is all because of LHO, I would not have competed Mia at KC shows last year if LHO hadn't been offered. In one year and the few shows we went to she won out of Grade 1 & Grade 2 and is now starting this season in Grade 3. This has made my day and Mia's, too, She loves to pose.

Pauline Sabey

Shell Bull

Pippa Wisbey
Scruffy mutt has been smartened up ready for our first competition of the season, looking very proud of herself!

Tracy Allen
Our first proper year competing and wow what a year it was, receiving this has just reminded me of how much we achieved together. Love this little girl so much.

Caroline Howes
Look what came today! Super proud of this especially as we achieved this 2 days before being told she needed both of her patella' replaced. Poor girl must of been in so much pain but still gave it her absolute all. Now here's to 2017 - following a summer of rehab and gentle build up we are ready for the new season.

Diane Berry
Very proud of my boy

Anne Chapman

Lesley Saunders

Mary Morgan
Proud of my wee man.

Isabelle Petterssen
Just to add to the many posts... Thank you for Ruby's first winning out certificate. Very proud of the old girl 

Zena Lee
So proud of this boy.

Donna Holmes

Kate Broadway
 Very proud of my boy!

Maria Johnson
We'd only just won into Grade 6 by the time applications for the certificates closed. Now we are only one win away from Grade 7! Fingers crossed to be looking forward to our final certificate this time next year.

Naomi Hosker
My amazing little Chihuahua x Skye has done me proud this year. I had no expectations and thought we would be forever Grade 1! As my first ever dog, we have gone from strength to strength winning into G2 KC. Anyone who has seen her run knows she's not the fastest! She was very lucky her KC name wasn't 'The Flying Hamster' as she is fondly known.

Louise Wingate
Very proud. Best photo I could get as he wanted to get back to the kitchen because someone is cooking 

Emily Osborne
So proud of this little man. Never thought in a month of Sundays we'd get one with a number 7 on it.

Mandy Almack
We are already two wins into our mission to get into Grade 7 this year! 

Mandy Slade

Diane Boreham
Yah...our winning out certificate arrived so very proud of my Freddy

Mary Gough
Our first winning out certificate for my lovely amazing girlie Ella


Samantha Hinchcliffe
 These are for us winning into Grade 2, but this year have since managed 3 & 4 with Ruby! Can't believe it. When I started, we didn't think we would be able to learn to do this sport, never mind about competing and winning! So pleased with my little Pinnys!