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Puppy Dog Tales


3 Legged Agility
G4 Deefer never misses a contact any more - well, hardly ever - now that she is running on three legs. She tells her own story with a little help from her handler Amy Lawson. (24 July 2007)
Bailstails Billionaire
Scud is Ann-Marie Froggatt's secret weapon. He's a guided missile on the agility course and a pussy cat at home.
Big Dogs Can Jump
Although Great Danes are not usually known for their agility, Blake, a 70-kilo Harlequin Great Dane, is ever ready to spring into action. When his owner Jill Gibson took him along to her local agility club, they said he was too big to cope with the obstacles.' Undeterred, Jill decided to set up her own agility club for giant breeds.
Backstreet Bonnie
When Yvonne Goode first saw Bonnie, she looked more like a discarded dirty rag than a dog. She cowered at back of the pen at the rescue home - her black and white coat more yellow and brown, but through it all her huge eyes glowed. Now Bonnie is the Canine Survivor of the Year 2003.
The Battle for Max's Leg
Until October 2002, Annie Redding and her dog Max trained once a week. Then Max had a very bad accident and lost part of his hind leg. Amazingly that hasn't stop them doing agility. This is the story of a very brave dog!
Carmen's Tale
An agility fable for today. Now if you are sitting quietly girls and boys, Uncle Rich will begin the story...
Casey's Story
From the start Casey was very difficult. Before Lesley and Colin Harpley brought her home from Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, she showed signs of nervous aggression to people and dogs, while at the same time being quite dominant. Lesley explains how they got over the problem.
Cassie - An Utter Nutter
Junior handler Gina Graham got her 'little freak' as company for her crossbreed Dizzy who had been in training for about five months. And what a dog she got! This is Cassie's story - a fruit 'n nut case makes good!
Choosing a Sunday Name
Anna Dieckfoss' collie was ready for competition but first she had to have a proper KC registered name. But how to choose? The Skye's the limit. (13/03/04)
Clyde's Story
Dawn Davies' dog Cannonball Clyde tells his own story in his usual modest way. They only did it for fun anyway!
Beamer - Jason's Next Generation Cosmic Sammies
It was in 1988 when Jill Crawford introduced 11 year old Jason Loper to the sport of dog agility. Little did she know that he would be hooked for life! He believes it's helpful for beginners to learn about other people's 'First Times' at an agility trial. With that he is going to tell you about his first show with his boy Quazar!

Crackerjack Freddie
The Ballad of Freddie the Wanderer and excerpts from Eric Trafford's diary after his JRT Freddie went missing after the Packington Show.

Crazy Daisy Moses
Daisy is a Jack Russell x Whippet – and quite possibly the smallest Lurcher you'll ever meet. This little whirlwind has won the Lurcher League 2 twice and competes
Disney's World
When Rosie Ison heard about an accidental mating between a Miniature Poodle and a Collie, she though this could be just what she wanted - a dog with the will to work. She had experience training two Standard Poodles who were 'hard work' to motivate. What she wanted now was a dog that she didn't have to wind up ten minutes before a run.
Dylan's Diary 2004
The next gripping instalments in the continuing story of a Dylan, a young rescue dog as he starts out in his agility life with Mandy Melville-Love. (21/03/04)
Dylan's Diary 2003
Having seen young Dylan on the Rescue Me page of Agilitynet and umming and ahrring for about three days, Mandy Melville-Love finally picked up the phone and called Sarah at Wiccaweys Rescue. Mandy has agreed to keep a doggie diary of his progress for all his new friends
The Flying Flynn
Flynn is a rescue collie who had a very bad start in life. Agility has given him a sense of purpose and helped him bond with his Guv'nor Rob White. While he might never get out of Starters, his rosettes actually outnumber the scars from the earlier part of his life. Like most collies, he has a wicked sense of humour...
Holly's Penny Black
Holly Davies always wanted a dog. She dreamt of the day when she be at Crufts with her own dog, but she was never allowed to have one - and that was that! But one day she was offered a tiny black puppy.
Jack Be Nimble of Valgray
We asked Ann Young to write something about my clever little boy Jack Be Nimble of Valgray who won the Valgray Rescue Dog of The Year 2012, without much help from her... or so she claims.
Jed (Longdon Student Price)
A celebration of life of Jed, Trudy Swann's Sheltie superstar who died aged seven in the prime of his life and agility career. (28/03/05)
Kai the Three Legged Agility Dog
Just after turning 18 months, Gemma Fisher's WSD lost his front leg in a car accident, but that's not stopped Kai from doing the agility he loves so much. AS story of courage and determination.  (11/07/06)
Keeta the Cocker
Julia and Alan Disbery had agreed that they would 'share' the next dog - Julia would do the obedience and Alan the agility training. Would this lead to trouble and strife?  (16/01/04)
Kye's Story
Kye has been using wheels to get around for the last 19 months after a serious injury two and a half years ago. By the time that Debbie found someone who knew what they were doing, it was too late. The damage had been done but she never gave up on him. He can't do agility any more but he still enjoys life.
Mabel Mabel
Renée Heginbotham and her husband were suffering from empty basket syndrome when they decided to get another puppy. They chose Mabel who ma be the fastest Westie in... agility. Oh yes, don't mention her ears!
The Magic of Merlin
He's deaf not stupid. If you have ever watched Lisanne Steen guide her WSD Merlin around an agility course, you would be surprised to learn that Merlin was born deaf. How on earth was he trained to be a good companion and agility dog?
Miss Gladys
Having been born with a deformed leg hasn't stopped Working Cocker Spaniel Gladys. She has agreed to give an interview to Agilitynet about being a 'differently-abled' agility dog and what it means to her and other dogs like her.
Niko AW(B)
Niko secured himself an early Christmas present recently as he jumped, ran and weaved his way to his Bronze Agility Warrant, making him only the second Pug ever to have achieved this award.
Paddington at 13 weeks Paddington's First Holiday
It's Dogs in Need time and the Smith family are off to an agility show in Suffolk with their three bears - Rupert, Big Max and their new puppy Paddington. Baby bear Paddington reads from his diary...
Peak Performance
As part of his final exams, Jonathan Watts, his agility dog Kyte and four of his classmates embarked on an expedition to the wilderness area of the West Highlands of Scotland.
Pudsey Bear
The weekend that her Medium Crossbreed won into Advanced will be one that Ashleigh Butler (14) won't soon forget. Ash says Pudsey is her once in a lifetime dog. Reprinted from Agility Voice (September 2009)
Raiders of the Last Bark
Read the first chapter in Bronwen Green's new book here first. Bron and her Cocker Spaniel Rowan enter their first agility show. (18/11/03)
Shani Patty Paws
Margaret Goulden decided that 2009 would be Shani's last year of competing at full height. Together they had an astounding  85% success rate including many places as well as clear rounds. Not bad for a dog that doesn't like to jump heights!  (25/02/10)
Shep's Sad Story
Shep is a lovely little dog who has really been to hell and back. He has suffered severe cruelty and abuse, but thanks to the courage and bravery of two elderly ladies, this young lad now has the opportunity to have the life he deserves. This is his sad story.

Sky's the Limit
It seems only a short time ago that vet Peter van Dongen was writing about his puppy Sky. Time flies and Sky is now  old enough to compete. Would she live up to her predecessor Basil?  Here is the story of Sky's debut on the show circuit.  (18/04/04)

Sparky - Third TIme Lucky
When Jo Davidson-Poston finished uni, she decided that she must have a dog. She decided that she wanted another Papillion. On meeting the breeder, she was told about Sparticus (Sparky for short.) He was 18 months old - the perfect age to start agility training. Seeing him run round the garden in a figure of eight and then stopping to pee up her sister's leg, confirmed that he was the dog for her.
Stevie the Wonder Dog
Irish rescue Stevie the Wonder Dog is bright fearless and totally blind. And he loves agility. Ann-Marie Froggatt writes about her most recent prodigy.  (05/06/08)
Tramp - Living with a Star
Brenda Tenton has a retired TV star at home. Her lurcher, Tramp, played the part of Claude Jeremiah Greengrass's dog in the TV series Heartbeat for six years. It came about by chance after Tramp had retired from agility because of back problems. Here is the talk she gave to the Scouts about him recently.
Your Dog's First Show
If your dog could speak - or even write - here's what it might say about it's first agility show experience.  (08/03/04)