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Unashamed brags...

Ever since 2003, we've celebrated people's achievements in winning out of a KC grade or moving up at UK Agility by sending out individual, personalised Winning Out Certificates. Over the years, the number of certificates sent out has grown from about 200 to 1984 and anticipation has grown. Normally shy people have started to put 'boast posts' on Agilitynet FB to say thank you to their dogs, Agilitynet and our sponsor, this year Agria Pet Insurance. Every story is different. Some will bring tears to your eyes. All will make you proud to be part of such a wonderful sport.

Its arrived! I have on numerous occasions been asked why do you bother running your dogs? Joy is an extremely nervous and timid rehomed Collie while my other is the total opposite and gets over excited - but I've mostly concentrated on Joy. Well, guess what? I haven't listened to non-believers. I sometimes have to listen to my body (arthritis, fibromyalgia) but with support from Faye Nemeth, Tracie Scott and Karen Booth and the many agility family who queue for me or help me get to rings, we've achieved. Thank you to everyone involved in these certificates. Viv Fendick

Thank you for our certificate. Ted won into G3. He is not amused. Trish Mchugh

Boast post for Mr Tubby. His Winning Out Certificate arrived. It's his last one as he now has the complete set! Super stray from Spain! Can't believe he started me on my competitive agility journey in just July 2016 when I was just hoping to get a clear. After a cracking year last year, at only four years old, we are starting our Champ show chasing! Ha ha love him. Lucy Wheelwright

Our first show was Dundee AATC 2017. I had no idea what to expect and was so nervous but now couldn'' see us not doing agility. So excited to see what this year holds for us and our friends whom we have made through agility.
Robyn Strong

Thank you for the Winning Out Certificates. Jazz is now G7 and Daisy G5.
Christine Summerfield

As a distance handler, my 'E' rate is likely well higher than average, so receiving Finn's Agilitynet Winning Out Certificate (G5) in the post today was a lovely reminder of the progress we have made. Thanks for doing the certificates. Sally Burch

Max would like to show you what turned up on his birthday -
winning into G5 certificate! Carol Caton

for the certificates for Hazel and Eddie.
Di Pondestre

Awwww yay! Look what arrived yesterday! My super duper G6 doggo! 
Half way to G7. Can we achieve it this year? 
Another rescue proving what she can do at age nine.
Sara Killelay

Keela received her winning out certificate today.
So so proud of my special little girl. 
Sandra Goodwin

Thank you to all involved in arranging the certificates. My gangs arrived today, a great reminder of what a fab year we had last year. Karen Brooks

Got Ringo and Millie's winning out certificates from last year.
So proud of these two after our best season in Agility so far.

Thank you for doing this. Ian Mcghee

Thank you for our certificate. Unfortunately it will be Brambles last one as, after only nine months of competing, she's won into G7!
Teresa McTag

Woo hoo it came today. Clover didn't do that many shows last year, only had one clear and won out. Might never get another but we enjoy it!
Margaret Aret

Yeah! Charlie's winning out certificate arrived today. Thank you everyone involved. G6 here we come.
Henry Tuna

ery proud of the kids. Yes, they had a good year and received their Winning Out Certificates. Beau made UKA Champ and Jade has made UKA Novice Steeplechase. Very proud and looking forward to this season. Amanda Atkinson

o pleased to receive these winning out certificates today. It's been a tough past year with Blue refusing to run for me after a misunderstanding which resulted in me falling on him and Kaspa really struggling to beat the faster breeds in Medium, combined with my two left feet. Having spent several weeks building Blue's confidence - he is now being handled by Allie Bunyan - this will be my last Winning Out Certificate for him. I'm sure Allie will build him up again and he will progress further. Who knows, maybe one day we might even get one for the mad one (Snow) if she can resist the fun of the zoomies mid run. Those that know her know her awful story before we re-homed her and every outing is just amazing to see her grow and gave fun. A huge thank you to Agilitynet for these Certificates that help us remember every achievement. Mark Bunyan

Very proud of my three who all won into G 5 at the Bromsgrove show in August 2018. It was Gwen's first year of competing and she went from G3-5. My boys Jack and Murphy are now slowing down at the end of their agility careers. Gloria Bates

The boys got mail today.
Kate Broadw

So very proud of this wee girl. Thank you for our certificate! I can't believe that we now have a full set! Dyan Reeve

Our certificates arrived today. Tig and Gwenni, clever fluffies.
Katherine Admas

Thank you for our Winning Out Certificate.
Ella Jeakins

Thank you for the Winning Out Certificates. Both Aston and Rudi achieved G 7 within two weeks of one another with their 12 year old handler Will who trains and runs them both. Michele Bacchus

Thank you for our winning out certificate, it's a while since I've had one and didn't think wee special Winnie would get this far. Angela Kelly

Thank you for our Winning Out Certificate. It's our fourth one,
but the first to have a KC grade on it. Alison Watson

So proud of Dougal. Here he is posing with his winning out certificate and his rosettes from last season. This has been a great achievement as he is not the fastest and I am not the best at remembering courses. He finished the year with 24 x 1st places and being the overall winner of the G1 Large LHO League. Thanks for the lovely certificate celebrating his achievements. Sharon Ramsey

First year of agility for both of us. Started at G1, finished G3. Stephen Golding

Thank you for my Winning Out Certificates for Bob and Bill.
I'm may be well past my sell by date,
but my boys certainly aren't. Jean Starnes

Took many months to get his final 1st place to win out of G5, but Vinny finally made it at Paignton Agility show despite the heat. He's usually not great in the hot weather. Gill Clark

Thank you for Skie's Winning Out Certificate.
So proud of her! Carol King

In 2016 I answered a call to rehome this little girl. She was wired to the moon and as nutty as a bag of frog. I gave her a year to settle in and then began to teach her agility. In January 2018 we entered her first show at Wilmslow and she had two clears from two runs. In December 2018 she won out of G3. Then on her 1st show anniversary at Wilmslow, she gained enough points to gain her Bronze Warrant. Payback for rehoming her? I think so. Such a special little girl. Thank you for these wonderful certificates. Steve Pegram

Got my winning out certificates for my girls today.
Last one for Holly who won into G7 and first one for Abbie who won into G4 and G5 in her first year of competing. Looking forward to seeing what this year brings. Wendy McAlenan

Got to say over the moon with the pins again! Another year and another three lots of certificates as they all moved up a grade again! Such a fab little trio- Rocket, Red and Ruby! Thanks for doing these again. They're really lovely to receive! Sam Hinchliffe

When the special snooze bed you bought for your special boy to mark a special milestone is a hit and the Certificate arrives on the same day.
Jo Robson

Not the fastest, not the fittest but we go out there and enjoy the experience of running together while we still can! Monique Rafique

Thank you to all involved for our lovely certificate.
Vicky Atkinson

Thank you for our Winning Out Certificates. It was Bramley's first season competing
and Pippin has got far further than I thought possible when we first started.
So proud of them both. Helen Cotterell

Crombie and I started the year at G1 and ended at G4 and we've had so much fun getting there. After a successful day Saturday, it was a bonus to arrive home to our certificate. Annabelle Smith

Lord Ralph Master of Chaos on his 10 birthday, celebrating winning in to G5 and achieving his ultimate agility goal. Happy Birthday to the the single bestest boy in the whole world. They say dogs are just pets PAH! This dog changed my whole life. Nicola Ayres

This will be Morgans Rescue Jackanory's last winning out certificate. He's got to G3 which is further than I ever thought possible but with changes to how you can grade up now, he'll not go any higher as only does jumping due to dodgy front leg, I'm the proudest mum as he's not the easiest to run but loves every minute of it. Louise Moore

Rupert and Bertie with their Winning Out Certificates. Really chuffed with them both.
Lynda Laird

Thank you so much for Pixies Winning Out Certificate. So proud of my pocket rocket. Janice Beresford

Super proud of my Erin - three years old. She began in 2018 at G5 and finished in G7.
She is an amazing little girl. Kay Molyneux

Many thanks for our Winning Out Certificates! Skye got to G6 for which I'm so very proud. At one time, I thought we'd be stuck at G5 forever as she had a bit of a complex about the scary seesaw and dog walk! Dave and Tyg made their debut in 2018 after a lot of hard work. Tyg has never been the most focused dog! But the efforts paid off and he won into G2 at his first KC show and G3 later in the year! Thanks also to all our trainers and classmates for all their help and support! Pam White

Thank you to for our very first Winning Out Certificate. 2018 saw us enter our first KC show, grade up into G2 and make it to The Starters Cup semi-final in the Main Ring at KCIAF. We had a blast in the summer, camping at Wellingborough and Letchworth with Alice Walford and Gatsby, dipping our toe into the water of Mini/Mixi pairs (Poodle power!) and not forgetting all the memories we made with all our friends, old and new! Can't wait for the 2019 season. Hoping to bring my Schnauzer out into KC this year, too. Jessica Haywood

Boast post!
Thank you for my Winning Out Certificates.
So proud of my boys. Natalie Woodford

Our lovely Ebony (Nightsabre Elara in Ebony) achieving G7/Championship as our 3rd Agility Groenendael, following Poppy (Ebontide Obsession) and Jess (Jetaime Elegance du Futur). Tony Parmiter

Yay! Got Charlie's Winning Out Certificate for last year, going from G3 to G4. He is such a wee star and has accomplished so much in the four years since he came to stay with us. Love my boy. Thanks for these lovely reminders of all we have achieved together. 
Donna Nixon

Teddy and Jim of Willow World.
Linda Jesson

Thank you for the lovely Winning Out Certificates! Unfortunately this will be Hatty's last one. After a amazing summer, she unfortunately went through emergency spinal surgery after she became paralysed in her rear legs, which has meant a early retirement from agility. I'm so proud of what she achieved. She's taught me so much being my first agility dog. Now I get to enjoy spending time doing different things with her through her recovery!
Jordan Vaughan

So proud of my baby boy. Diane Graves

Buddy on the day he won into G5 and his certificate, Thank you so much for organising these.

Jennifer Costello

Ben with his certificate.
April Whittet

My boys with their Winning Out Certificates and also with their trophies and rosettes. Thank you for organising the Certificates. Paula Triggs

Bit late to the party, as usual, and Lord only knows how everyone else manages to get their dogs to pose with a certificate without them stomping all over it, grabbing it to run around the room with, or being made to sit still and, therefore, assuming the 'I am beaten with sticks every day of my miserable life' look.
I am nevertheless very proud of little Squidge, who won up through all the grades in six months, mostly at big shows, and also got the runner up prize in her league of The Agility Club. Not bad for a second-hand dog in her first full season of competing. She also wins the prize for Best Counter Surfer, Dog Gate Jumper and Bed Chewer. It's a good job she's cute. Huge thanks for the lovely certificates. Kate Cook

Thank you for Joules winning out certificate. All credit to our three trainers at Weardale Dog Agility Club and especially Hazel Barker at Rock-it Dogs for taming the wild child ! Elizabeth Ward

I donít normally post on here but Jack had such a great 2018 season that I couldnít possibly not do a boast post for him. This year he won 58 rosettes, including 14 x 1st places and 31 x 2nd-4th places, got his first UKA CSC and moved up to Champ Performance. He also won his section of the Gundog Agility League - Small & Medium Grade 4 & 5, and the Best Medium Springer Spaniel across all Grades. Weíre looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings as we are aiming to compete in more KC Shows. Thank you for his third Winning Out Certificate. Mandy Slade

Many thanks for Barnaby's Winning Out Certificate. I have to say 2018 was an awesome year, and I am looking forward to getting hack to competing again in April. Off to the Agility Club AGM and Annual Awards this Sunday as winners of Medium G6 chart too. Really excited and proud of my boy and our achievements together. Rebecca Harris

Thank you to everyone involved in producing the winning out certificates. Here's Kobi proudly showing off his. Not the fastest dog in the world but fairly consistent. So glad to have found this chap as an eight month pup in the pound. Love him to bits. Kathryn Higgins

I am so pleased to receive my little dogs winning out certificate. Little Ricky has been a star and he won into Grade 4 when he was 19 months old but then had a few problems with his patellas. In January 2018 he had double luxation surgery and six months to the day of his operation he won at his first show back. He won out to Grade 5 before Christmas and he is still only two . For anyone out there who has to go through patella luxation surgery, don't worry. I couldnít find many positive posts on Google about it and, for me, it was one of the scariest few weeks post operation. Although the first few days are difficult keeping an eye on them and getting them out for garden duties, but I found my dog got used to all the attention. Having to keep him on a lead for around 12 weeks in and out the house became the norm. The time really goes quickly as long as you never break the rule of letting them jump up or lick stitches. Jenny Declerk

Our 2018 Winning Out Certificates arrived 😎 so proud of both of my wonderful pooches. Noah won into KC Grade 5, UKA Novice and then Senior Steeplechase and into Novice Performance. Poppy won into KC Grade 6 and UKA Novice Steeplechase. Big shout out to everyone that has been there for training, support and socialising last year. Couldnít have done it without you all and, of course, Agilitynet and Agria. Claire Taylor

Proud of my girlies Nell and Ding with their Winning Out Certificates. Thank you. Lucy Parkin

Laila was dumped on the streets of Cyprus as a pup. She went to a pound before going to a foster home and was then rehomed to the Isle of Wight which didnít work out and then into foster with a friend of mine in Bristol. So by the time she came to me, she was only eight months old and had already had so many homes.
The cat is claiming the winning out certificate!
Katherine HIlls

Bit late, but only just home from hols. Thank you Agilitynet and Agria. Julie Bearder




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