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The Rescue page is sponsored by Akela WholePrey

Here are some of the latest arrivals but there are many more looking for active homes. Yes, there are quite a few collies but there are also other breeds of all sizes and, on occasion, some from outside the UK.

You can now add potential agility dogs direct, using the on-line form. This is a free service for rescue organisations and private individuals!


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  • The Orchard Summer Show is being held at a new venue. (Show Diary)

  • The Animal Health Company will be continuing it's Agility competition in 2017. (Qualifiers News)

  • The Scottish Kennel Club (SKC) is reviewing the format of the Scottish Agility Dog of the Year Competition and would like your input. (Show Snippets)

  • The Thames Limited Agility Show is now full.  (Show Diary)

  • Skipper’s Pet Products will continue sponsoring a range of classes at Agility shows across the country in 2017. (Show Snippets)

  • Kennel Club members have agreed fee changes for Agility licences. (Show Snippets)

  • The Kings March show has now been cancelled. (Show Diary)

  • The Downland show due to be held on the 2nd April has been cancelled. (Show Diary)

  • The Cornforth Show is moving to a new, hopefully permanent home at Spennymoor (Co Durham) (Show Diary)

  • Eastbourne show on the 29th July has been changed to 22nd July.  (Show Diary)


Training Places & Spaces
Looking for some new or experienced handlers to fill your classes? If your club has a vacancy or two or is starting a new class, email the details and we will post them for you.
  • Phoenix Agility Club (Leics)

  • A2Z Agility (Essex)

  • BarkAway

Agility Against Cancer
Cancer is all around us! It can strain daily life and finances, AAC can offer help with that bill or help to fundraise. If you are an agility person currently fighting cancer or know someone who is suffering. email for
support. Together we are stronger!
Qualifiers News
The beginning of the year is the time when when the heats for the various competitions are announced. There is something for every level from Starters to advanced with rosettes and trophies galore and, in some cases, cash prizes so well worth a go.

Training & Education News
Following the sell-out inaugural conference in 2016, the FORWARD Symposium is back on Sunday, 5th February 2017 with a new line-up of speakers, fresh topics and a larger venue of Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey.

Rescue News
Don't know what to do with your now defunct soft tunnel? Don't throw it away. Sue Culmer and Linda Seaton are hoping to rehome many of them to rescue organisations to use as shelters.


Events added in the last two weeks.

'The Agilitynet site has really helped me in the past to find training courses for me to attend. I have done training courses all over the country and thoroughly enjoyed them.' Marianne Tembey


It's not be practical to list ALL the schedules available here for space reasons so we've opted for those that we've received in the last two weeks. The shows in red are closing this week so hurry if you want to enter. Schedules can be downloaded direct from the Show Diary page.


DOGGO Parcours
Daniel Gee reviews these agility trainers designed by a German Championship handler and now in the UK for the first time.

Be aware... They are selling really well. Next shipment due in March so pre-order now to ensure you have a pair in time for the beginning of the show season.

The Animal Health Co Classic
The Animal Health Company will be continuing it's sponso
rship of their Classic qualifier with heats around the country. Handlers beware. This is a competition that could get you and / or your dog wet!

Senior Agility League
Congratulations to all the division winners of the Senior Agility League. Between them, the top five amassed 17,237 points.

  • Gold - Linda Seaton

  • Ruby - Jacky Orriss

  • Platinum - Hazel Kemble

  • Diamond - Julia Morter

  • Allsorts - Jacky Orriss

Altogether 515 dog/handler pairs participated in the 2016 League. Find out how you did or who placed where.

Note: We have made a change for 2017. Allsorts dogs have been taken out of the main categories and given one of their own. Due to the low numbers, we have combined all the age groups for this award.

Thank you to our new sponsor for making it all possible. The Big Dg Bed Company makes good quality, comfortable beds for dogs of all sizes as well as specialist, active recovery orthopaedic beds for working dogs.

You Tube
Please do not talk about dog agility... or how a woman turns every conversation into talk about dog agility. Sound familiar?

Global Judging Program
Global Judging Program is a two day seminar, presented by Greg Derrett and Lee Gibson, which gives judges an opportunity to test their knowledge and enhance their agility judging credentials. It has been designed to make a good judge into an excellent one. Becky Dixon has attended two GJP seminars and shares her experiences.

Pic of the Bunch (formerly Pic of the Week)
After a family health & safety meeting, it was decided that this is the best way to trim a hedge.

Lower Height Option  Data Analysis
The 4th Height Supporters Group carried out research on Kennel Club shows over a four month period in 2016 in order to analyse what was happening at shows where LHO was offered.

Dog StreamZ Smart Collar Review
Sue Culmer offered to review some Dog StreamZ collars which were kindly donated to her rescue to test and here are her findings.

In Memory
The agility world has become a sadder place. Sam McCracken was called home. He was part of an elite group who have qualified dogs for both Champ Obedience and Champ agility.

Chris Barrett passed away on 8th January after a long fight with cancer and is now pain free. He usually had a smile on his face and a conversation with him always ended in a smile. For those who wish to attend his funeral, it will be held on Friday, 10th February at 12.00pm at the Medway Crematorium (Bluebell Hill), Robin Hood Lane, Chatham, Kent ME5 9QU.


Crufts Car Stickers
The Kennel Club has kindly provided us 100 ‘I’ve qualified my dog for Crufts 2017’ car stickers to distribute to anyone who has qualified for Crufts 2017 -either as an individual or as part of a team. The stickers are free of charge but if you would like to make a small, completely voluntary contribution to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust that would be great. Just send a standard size SAE to Agilitynet, 38 Northolme Road, London N5 2UU.


Beware of Ball Flingers!
They may be fun but they could damage your dog's agility life. Lynn Weterhall shares her story how an innocent thing like throwing a ball injured her dog Smudge.

Proud to Choose LHO
Beth Rachlis has one of those smaller Large dogs. She's found the Lower Height Option made all the difference to her very nervous rescue dog, Izzie.

Agility Wit & Wisdom
Dear Weather... Dawn Gilmour appeals to the gods of climate change.


Looking for a bargain check out the Flea Market for unwanted agility equipment, car cages, caravans and camping accessories, dog vans and even puppies under the age of 6 months. Buy or sell. The Flea Market is the place to look first.


Agility Champ Dogs
Congratulations to Sam Lane with Daim, Hannah Houldsworth with Bell, Jenny Lambert with Wizz and Monica Kerr with Kayla who achieved Ag.Ch. status this past year.

Judge's A-List
Newly qualified KC and UKA judges, please put your name forward for the Judge's A-List. Show secretaries will be booking shows for next year and it is a great way to get on the radar.

Last 10 judges to join or update their entries:-

  • Ian Smith - Updated

  • Pat Wallis

  • Sophie Macbeth

  • Nicki Hyland

  • Alan Mitchell -Updated

  • Jordi Boix Baro (Spain)

  • Lisa Holler

  • Chris Huckle -Updated

  • Jen Slade

  • Hayley Howatt


Ball Thrower Bag
The Ball Thrower Bag has now gone international. Someone from California, USA has ordered one!

If you throw, launch or chuck balls for your dogs, you'll want to know more about this new product. Rosie Lander reviews the clever new Ball Thrower Bag.

But I Can't Take Treats & Toys into the Ring!
How do others seem to glide effortlessly from training to competition while you struggle? Would you like to know the secret? Janet Windsor reviews this 3 disc DVD, made by Brit ex-pat Lynne Stephens and Karen Mielke, which attempts to answer this and other questions about cues as reinforcers.

Agility Course Plans
Looking for some ideas for practicing in the garden or training at Club. Zeffrienne D’Ulivo-Rogers reviews Helen Anderson's new book which is chocked full of more than 250 suggestions for agility exercises and full size ring course plans .

The Adventures of Two Poodles & a Mouse
Gill Pipe reviews the delightful Adventures of Two Poodles and a Mouse. It's is a perfect gift for kids of all ages, not just poodle lovers. Based on two agility dogs and their little friend, it was written by an agility widower Wilfred (aka Derek) Cheek.

Julie Tai
t kindly reviewed the iFetch automatic ball launcher for Agilitynet with the help of her dogs Alfie and Poppy. What fun they had!


There's an extra 'fun run' qualifier for every Grade level now, not just the Advanced dogs. You can find a qualifier to suit you by using the Qualifiers button on the Show Diary page. Don't be shy. Go for it!

Qualifiers News
The beginning of the year is the time when when the heats for the various competitions are announced. There is something for every level from Starters to advanced with rosettes and trophies galore and, in some cases, cash prizes so well worth a go.

Royal Canin® Agility Challenge
International judge Barrie James' reports on the Royal Canin® Challenge Final at the popular Malvern show. It was a cracking final but don't mention the quackers!

Read Howard Richards' account of Team Hollie day out at the Finals to find out what happened from a competitor's point of view.

LOW 550
Starting in July 2016, there will be a new national jumping competition called LOW 550 for handlers wishing to compete in a prestigious qualifier at the same height as the Lower Height Option at Kennel Club Agility tests, sponsored by the SMART Clinic.

Brillo Bounce
Congratulations to everyone who has qualified so far for the Brillo International Bounce Finals which will be held at Blenheim ATC Agility Show Weekend on 10th September 2016, judged by Championship Agility Judge Mike Hallam.

Skinners Jumping Grand Prix
's never easy achieving two clear rounds in a row at speed but the winners of the second Skinners Grand Prix at the Chatsworth Country Fair did just that. The winner had to leave home for the show at 4am but it was worth it.

LOW 550 Scotland
LOW 550 Scotland got underway at Gleniffer  on Saturday, 4th September with a fast, flowing course designed by Judge Aileen Darling. Read her report on the first heat of this competition.


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