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A fun pairs competition for everyone...

Jewlnick Jump & Twist is a popular Pairs qualifier which is meant to be a bit of fun in the somewhat serious world of agility today. It's open to all dogs G1-7 whether Small, Medium, Intermediate or Large. One dog completes an Agility course and the other a Jumping course with a baton change in between. Anyone can take part whether you have a fast or a slow dog and whether you can run like a gazelle or just hobble round. Co-founder Moria Bowden reports on how it all began.

The idea of a Pairs qualifier came to Miranda Frankham and Moira Bowden - as do so many brilliant ideas, over a glass of wine (or was it gin) at one of the many brilliant TAG shows. It's all a bit hazy!

At the time, Moira had a fabulous German Short Haired Pointer called Dash. In those days Dordale had an event in aid of the Air Ambulance which was held after the show closed. It was a really exciting event called the Tunnel Challenge which Dash excelled at. When the show finally was no more, Dash was the reigning champion with an unbeaten record of bounce jumps to a tunnel and back again with me behind the first jump. I think she did 21 jumps out and 21 jumps back all on Small height.

This set Moira and Miranda thinking. They wanted to do something that Twist, Moira's other bonkers GSP, could take part in with another equally mad large dog. Both Miranda and Moira had blistering Smalls at the time. It was then they decided they needed to run pairs together. They wanted to create a fast, fun qualifier with a final to aim for. And so that's how the Jump & Twist Pairs began.

How it works
One dog completes a jumping course and the other dog an agility course. The 'Twist' comes in several forms; the agility course must have three contacts, but the judge has the choice of what those contacts are. Donít think we have had it yet, but they could even have three seesaws if they wanted! The judge on the day also decides which dog goes first. Both courses must have 12 weaves and dogs of the same height compete for one set of awards, the top four qualifying for the final .

The first two years it was co-sponsored by Just So Rosettes and Jewlnick, but for the last nine years it has been sponsored exclusively by Jewlnick. We began to celebrate the 10th anniversary year with the first heat for the 2024 final being held at Southam. This lovely club and it's members also welcome us every year when we host the much coveted final after competition has finished on the Saturday night of the show.

The class has become more and more popular over the years and has enjoyed the generous support of Julie and Nick from Jewlnick. We try to hold the 12 heats at club shows, something we all feel quite strongly about - we need to do what we can to keep the club shows, we have lost so many over recent years and we hope we do our bit to support those that remain when they host a heat for us.


Dates for Your Diary

This year will be our tenth Anniversary. Make sure you get your partners sorted, you won't want to miss it. It will definitely be a bit special.

The confirmed heats for 2024 are as follows:

  • Southam - 18th September 2023

  • Norfolk Autumn - 7th - 8th October 2023

  • Norfolk Easter - 30-31 March 2024

  • Worcester - 18th May 2024

  • BSDS Show - 24th - 26th May 2024

  • Dartford Tigers - 31st May - 2nd June 2024

  • Wye Valley - 1st - 2nd June 2024

  • Whirlwind - 15th - 16th June 2024

  • Golden Valley - 15th - 16th June 2024

  • Wellingborough - 6th - 7th July 2024

  • Bromsgrove - 24th - 25th August 2024

  • Southam - 13th - 15th September 2024


1st - Amy Challis with Roy and
Marta Dec with Louie

2nd -Jeff Webster with Ami and
Kate Howlett with Rey Rey

3rd -Carol Priestley with Firefly and
Andrew Priestley with Peggy
4th -Sue Midgley with Zephyra and
Bellann Hollingbury with Finlay

The 2023 Final Report
16th September 2023

Where to start?

The day of the 2023 final had arrived. Several of our finalists were at the Olympia( Not Olympia) Semi and Quarter finals in Melton Mowbray but made a superhuman effort to get to the Southam show for the coveted final.

Altogether we had 34 pairs who had confirmed their attendance after qualifying at shows held around the country over the past year. The crowd who came after all the rings had closed to support the final was fabulous.

Competitors booked in, filled in their commentary cards and awaited the announcement that the course was walking.

Our judge this year was Alan Bates. His appointment was made even more special as it was to be his last judging appointment before moving up to Scotland to start a new job. And he definitely went out with a bang! What a rip roaring, fast, exciting course he set. A proper crowd pleaser.

Our sponsors, Julie and Nick Ross from Jewlnick come into their own at the final. efore the final started, everyone - spectators, organisers, competitors and even the judge - was given a lolly and a raffle ticket.

Tilt and I were the white pair, running with Katie Beauchamp with Bella who should have been in the final but their partner had been unable to attend.

And so the final began, starting with the Smalls.

The highlight was probably when Ali Oakley and Miranda Frankham ran Colby and Jed, both shelties belonging to Miranda. At the baton exchange, Colby decided he didn't like being left behind when his mum was running Jed, so he went with him. What a sight it was - two shelties, completely in sync with each other in the weaves, tunnels and jumps, and the crowd roared their delight! This very thing summed up what we have always believed this pairs should be, utter joy and fun. There is nothing like it.

As the final progressed, we had some absolutely stunning rounds with the lead changing all the time over three heights.

Then it came to the Large dogs. Everyone had arrived back in time from the Semis, and we were in for a few more blistering rounds. - Kate Howlett with Rey Rey and Jeff Webster with Ami powered round in what seemed an unbeatable time of 51.857, much to the excitement of the spectators.

Last to run were Amy Challis with Roy and Marta Dec with Louie. Despite the interloper in the form of a Spaniel puppy who slipped her lead and ran into the ring to get a closer look, they absolutely blasted round in a time of 50.307secs.

It was a blessing they were all quick as we only beat the fading light by a few minutes!

So the top six were:-

  1. Amy Challis with Roy and Marta Dec with Louie

  2. Jeff Webster with Ami and Kate Howlett with Rey Rey

  3. Carol Priestley with Firefly and Andrew Priestley with Peggy

  4. Sue Midgley with Zephyra and Bellann Hollingbury with Finlay

  5. Colin Veal with Milo and Helen Veal with Min

  6. Conrad Perry with Bruck and Lisa Perry with Buzz

The generosity of Jewlnick is present throughout the year, sponsoring up to 12 heats with rosettes and trophies but in the final they always do something extra special. There were stunning rosettes and Mango Glass trophies for the top three and special handmade mini log dogs for the bottom five pairs. Three lucky raffle ticket winners were given vouchers to spend on the Jewlnick stand.

Massive thanks
We would like to thank the following:-

  • Judge Alan Bates for his wonderful course

  • All the shows that held heats for us over the last 12 months

  • Southam Club which continues to make us welcome, holding two heats and hosting the final for us

  • Miranda Frankham for entertaining us with her witty commentary

  • Everyone who helped on the ring so that we could finish in daylight, just!

But most of all, thank you to Julie and Nick. They truly are the nicest people who just keep giving and they love this fun qualifier as much as Miranda and I do.

Moira summed it up saying, 'I'm sure you know how much work is involved in the organisation, paperwork, follow up etc of an event like this, but it's 100% worth it when you see the enjoyment and laughter and cheering when people run it. Next year is going to be a bit special. It will be the 10th Anniversary of the Jewlnick Jump and Twist Pairs. Look out for something a bit special in the final. Itís going to be amazing!

Sheltie photo: Paws Off the Floor

Jewlnick Jump & Twist Pairs Rules

  1. This class is open to pairs of the same height, Grades 1-7. It is open to Small, Medium, Intermediate and Large dogs.

  2. It is a combined class with one set of awards.

  3. One dog will complete an agility course and the other dog a jumping course.

  4. The judge will decide which course will be run first.

  5. The Agility course shall consist of 15 obstacles and must include three contacts - they do not have to be three different pieces of agility equipment - and the dog must complete twelve weaves.

  6. The Jumping course shall consist of 15 obstacles, one of which must be twelve weaves.

  7. There will be a baton exchange. A faulty baton exchange will incur 20 faults. The exchange to take place after the first dog has finished. There is no box.

  8. If someone loses their pairs partner, they may run with another partner provided the dog is entered in the show and in the Pairs class.

  9. Marking will be standard. However, should either dog be eliminated, the whole pair will be eliminated.

  10. The first four pairs will qualify for the final. Only the original handlers and dogs may compete in the final. There can be no substitutions.

  11. Once a pair has qualified they may enter other heats for competition but the place in the final will be awarded to the next highest placed pair who have not already qualified.

  12. The final will be held at Southam Agility Show September 2023

  13.  The sponsors will provide 1st place trophies and rosettes to 5th place.

With thanks as always to our generous sponsors Julie and Nick at Jewlnick leather for their continued support, putting the fun into agility with this exciting qualifier.

First published 8th November 2023



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