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Behind the Scenes at the FCI Agility World Championships
As usual it was British Team Vet Peter van Dongen's job to make sure that all the dogs were sufficiently prepared to travel to and from Europe, and to look after the dogs, were anything to go wrong, whilst abroad. He's recovered enough from an overdose of paperwork and red tape to send in this report.

British Supporter's Tour
Wave the flag, sing and support your National Team. Join the gang at the Agility World Championships in Dortmund in October. Book your place on the coach, stay in a four-star hotel and get a see the British Team compete against the best handlers in the world. (24/02/02)
The Day I Qualified for the British World Championship Team
Representing one's country must be one of the biggest honours a person can have, and Agility is no exception to the rule. Agilitynet asked the handlers who qualified for the British Team to go to Italy, asking them to describe their big day.  (31/07/04)

First Impressions
They were the best of the best. Competitors came from 32 nations from all over the world - South Korea and Mexico for the first time. Teams from Argentina, Brazil, Japan and the USA had the longest journeys. But how did the British Team fare on it's second visit and had we learned anything from last year? Was agility coming home? (11/10/02)
Going for Gold in Austria
A comparison with previous performances tell us the 2009 Team results were on a par with the best we have achieved since Agility Team GB have been competing at the FCI world championships. And what could have been better than the Gold won by Natasha Wise and Dizzy. (21/10/09)

An Open Letter from the British Agility Team
Some thoughts on the 2001 World Championships in Portugal with constructive comments and suggestions on where do we go from here, written by Greg Derrett and agreed by all the members of the Standard and Mini teams.  
Peter van Dongen's WC2003
A pictorial tour of the Agility World Championships in Lievin, upfront and personal by the British Team's own vet.  (09/10/03)

Postcard from Portugal
Lisa Wilson and Janet Mason left their dogs with husbands and went to Porto to watch the Agility World Championships. They enjoyed the atmosphere, found the natives friendly, the city a fascinating mix of old and new, rich and poor and learned a lot. (05/11/01)
Team Vet 2003
All about the red tape and papers work it took to get the British dogs to France and back for the 2003 Agility World Championships.  (01/11/03)
WC2003 Eyewitness
Assorted observations from people to travelled to France to support the British Teams.  (16/10/03)
Traci Gaunt What We Learned
It was a superb weekend. The results, however, speak for themselves. The British Team had a rapid learning curve before they started to perform to their best. Comments from the Team and their supporters, starting with what Mary Ann Nester brought home.  (11/10/01)

World Championships 2000 News
The Finnish KC is getting ready for the Agility World Championships which will take place in Helsinki at the end of this month. Around 250 competitors from nearly 30 countries will take part. Some 10,000 spectators are expected to watch the top agility dogs in the world compete. And next year we'll be there. See what you're missing... (26/09/00)

World Championships 2000: Review
Review of the World Championships in Finland with pictures compliments of the SAS web site. Also results on Guy Blancke's site. (08/10/00)
World Championship Diary: Guy Blancke's Very Big Day
You train for a whole year for the World Championships, and then suddenly that day is there. Before you know it, your things are packed and off you go. Guy Blancke won the Individual Standard Jumping at the World Championships in Dortmund with his Groenendael Unia. He kept this record of the big day. (13/10/99)



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