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Fitness - Dog & Handler


If you have you ever said 'if my dog had a different handler he would be amazing' or 'I wish I could keep up with my dog.' then you'll want to find out more about a new physical regime called AgilityFIT which could improve your performance and extend your agility life. Personal Trainer Mike Wood has sent us this article. Read this article. It makes sense.
Be AgilityFIT
In January everyone sits back. We take stock of our expanding waistline and regret that extra helping of double cream. We make resolutions are made, hastily apply for gym memberships and trawl trawled the Internet for advice on dieting and exercise. But a month later... it's all gone out the window. That's why Personal Trainer Mike Wood and Eleanor Balchin of Pachesham Agility in Surrey have developed AgilityFIT, an exercise regime based on martial arts specifically for those who compete in dog agility. Mike tells you how to use AgilityFit for a fitter February.
Fit for Fun
Agility dogs are the athletes of the canine world and, as such, they are subjected to far more stresses and strains than the average pet dog.  In order to perform to their optimum ability, they need a good diet, a general fitness programme based on cross-training principles, sport-specific conditioning and training as well as adequate time for rest and recuperation. ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist Sally Medcalf, herself an agility competitor, strongly believes that prevention is always better than a cure...
Handler Fitness
Making plans for your winter training? Usually we talk about warming up the dogs but perhaps there should be more emphasis on warming up the handlers, too. Ruth MacGill, fitness coach for Agility Team GB, thinks it would be a worthwhile investment in your time and effort.  She has  written an interesting and informative article on physical fitness, not just for top competitors but also for handlers at all levels.
Your Dog is a Canine Athlete
With her background of human as well as both Canine and Equine sports and remedial massage, Julia Robertson thinks that agility is an area a lot where more can be done to improve your dog's current and future health. She believes that the more people start to talk about an essential part of competing, i.e. appropriate massage, ‘warming up’ and ‘warming down’, the more the interest will develop, the more the practice will become common place, with subsequent improved performance and health for our dogs!