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Alphabet Soup
Breed acronyms used by the American Kennel Club (AKC) that are more than one letter. How many can you get?
Breed Quiz
'allo 'allo... How well do you know your breeds?
Chudleys Challenge
Work out your brain with these fun puzzles and competitions for a fitter agility mind and hopefully faster feet. Thanks to Chudleys for the little extra incentives.

Colliewobbles Cottage Competition
Win a fantastic weeks holiday at Laverock Holiday Cottages in Co. Durham

New Agility Equipment Competition
Win a Naked Pet Calendar by suggesting a new piece of agility equipment - real or fantastic!

Canine brain teasers. No vowels, no numbers and no pull throughs

Word Search
A good way to keep young children,  junior handlers and bored partners occupied while you are off running your dog!