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ABC Dogs: Other Breeds for Agility
In other words, everything but collies. A virtual encyclopaedia of breeds of dog, rated as pets and agility dogs by the people who know them best, their owners and handlers.  (11/06/02)

Agility Council Representatives
The Agility Council provides a channel of communication between them and The Kennel Club. It consists of representatives elected by societies and branches which have an active interest in agility, have been registered at The Kennel Club for at least 12 months and hold a licensed agility event each year. Do you know your local rep by name? Could you recognise them at a show?

Application to Register a Dog for an Agility Test
Download Form 5 to register your dog for an agility trial. Application provided by


Cheekiest Dictionary Ever of Agility Terms
Just for fun - an irreverent attempt to put what we think into words. Terms you'll never to able to spell but everyone knows what you mean! With apologies to Messrs. Chambers and Webster.

Glossary: The Real Guide to Agility Terminology
We're looking to create the ultimate agility dictionary in words and pictures. Based on the official Kennel Club list, we've added some of the phrases heard on the agility course like flick flack and pull through but like any language it is always evolving so please send any words that we may have overlooked as well as any pictures to illustrate them.

1. 2. 3. etc.

Ground Rules
Rules and regs for various agility competitions.


Holidays with Dogs
Where to go on holiday if you have more than one dog... especially if it is not small and particularly well trained!  (November 2005)

The Intelligence of Dogs: What's Your Dog's Working IQ?
All trainers recognise that there are definite differences in intelligence and trainability of the various breeds. However, they also note that there is a lot of individual variation among dogs. Hence all winners are not collies and all collies are not winners. With new comments from Rocky Baudo. (13/08/00)
Ag.Ch. Kennel Club Agility Champions
List of those brilliant agility dogs (and their handlers) who have earned the right to use The Kennel Club title Agility Champion (Ag.Ch.)
Kennel Club Accredited Trainers
Who trains the trainers... and the judges. The official list from the KC.

Kennel Club Fact File
Proof of posting - It is not uncommon for a competitor to telephone the Secretary of an event a day or two beforehand to advise that passes have not been received. There seems to be some doubt as to the best way of dealing with these cases. The KC re-issues the guidelines that should be followed in such cases.
Kennel Club Rules & Regulations
All the Rules & Regulations that apply to all licensed Agility Tests and Flyball Competitions. Browse the 'red book' or download the section you need thanks to

Kennel Club Judges Training Programme
Effective as of 1 July 2006, anyone wishing to judge at a KC agility event for the very first time and those who will be submitting questionnaires to the Kennel Club for approval to award Kennel Club Agility Certificates will be required to have attended a seminar and passed a an examination.

Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) Fact Sheet
On 22 December 1999, the Government announced further details about the PETS pilot scheme, including the date the scheme starts, details of the certificates that dog owners will need for their pet to enter the UK under the scheme and the treatment that pets will need against certain parasites. The first dogs have now come across The Channel to a flurry of media attention. Are you ready for the trip? This fact sheet from MAFF describes the PETS pilot scheme in detail, explaining what steps you need to take for your dog to qualify.

Scottish Dog of the Year Rules & Regulations
The best north of the border

Size Matters
Official Measurers for Mini & Midi Agility Dogs (Regulation H(1)(B).5. Effective date 01/01/05)  (13/11/04)


Successful KC Agility Judges
Judges who have successfully attended the seminar and taken examination for Agility shows.  (27/05/06)

UK Agility Jump Heights
Why Greg, Laura and Jim decided on specific heights for their new style of agility. And what physics has to do with it all.

Venue Access
Guidelines for making show venues disabled handler friendly as well as a link to the DHA list of accessible show grounds.

Winning Out
Didn't they do well. Agilitynet recognises those girls and boys who won out/won into a higher class. Give them a pat on the back next time you see them.



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