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ABC Day at Olympia 2006
Labrador handler Lindy Margach reports on the last day of the agility competitions on the last day of Olympia 2006... and not a collie in sight!
A Grand Day Out
Nicky Deakin reports on her first visit to Olympia! It was Medium Dog Agility Stakes Grand Final and the first day of dog agility competitions at the 2007 Olympia Show Jumping extravaganza. 
How to be a Mini Winner
Getting to the top of your sport is not easy. It takes more than a good dog and a good handler to make an agility round look simple. What do the ten Olympia mini finalist have that the rest of us lack? What turns a competitor into a winner? To find out, Mary Ann Nester went to the Pedigree Smackos Mini Agility Stakes Final held at the Olympia International Show Jumping Championships and spoke to the handlers, judge and sponsors.

Me and My Dog
Up close and personal with the 2007 Olympia qualifiers. Meet their dogs and get a small insight into their personalities.

My First Olympia
Keeping a lid on her excitement was not easy for Paula Triggs. It was like being a kid at Christmas. She didn't want her Vizsla Ross to catch the bug and go wild so she decided to pretend that it was just another run at a local show. But who was she fooling? This was Olympia!  (08/01/09)

Olympia 2004 Semi FInals
The Pedigree Agility Stakes event is only really comparable with the Agility Championships at Crufts. It is certainly the place all the agility handlers want to be the week before Christmas the festive and evergreen London International  Horse Show.

Judge Steve Croxford

Olympia 2004 Judge's Report
Steve Croxford and Ann Roberts report on the last Pedigree Agiity Stakes.

Olympia 2004 The Final Final
Pedigree passes on the baton to the Kennel Club but will continued to be involved with the Agility events at the London International Horse Show.

The Road to Olympia 2005
Olympia is not just another Final. There's nothing like it in the agility world. Just listen to what some of the handlers who took part in the 2005 Finals have to say about their experiences before, during and after.
A double DVD set featuring over 3 hours of splendid dog agility action from Olympia 2005. Olympia 2005 Report
What a show the 27th year that the Dog Agility Stakes Finals turned out to be! Report from Dave Ray and Judge John 'Johnny' Gilbert.

Olympia 2006
Our 'man' at Olympia Heather Noddle reports on the spectacle which is Olympia. Is it better than Crufts? Judge for yourself.

Olympia 2007 ABC Finals
It was a day of drama, triumph and tragedy and then there was the final - all reported on by Lindy Margach.

Olympia 2007
It was the 30th anniversary of the first ever agility event at Olympia and the most exciting yet. Report from Judge Kate Austin, all the results and photos, too.

Olympia 2009 Judges Report
It was the 31 time that the Agility Stakes Finals had been hosted by the Olympia London International Horse Show and what a show it was! Judge Charlie Wyatt reports.

Olympia 2009 Gallery
Meet some of the 100 dogs who qualified for the Kennel Club Olympia Agility Stakes.

Olympia 2010
Mandy Wallington talks with the winners of the Kennel Club Agility Finals.

Olympia 2010 Judge's Report
After many course planning sessions and revisions, judge Arthur Rodgers arrived at the Hilton Hotel, Olympia, confident about the courses he had designed, and he was not to be disappointed.

Olympia 2011
For Ian Mallabar who thoroughly enjoys judging to be able to watch the best dogs in the country run his courses in front of a cheering crowd of thousands was a wow! experience. With complete results and pictures of the winners.

Tails from Olympia 2002
With apologies to G. Chaucer, we hear about the qualifiers, the grooms and the flyball competitors who met in the spirit of fun and competition at Olympia 2002. Tales from Mary Ann Nester, Iain Fraser and Jan Meekings. (16/01/03)

Target: Olympia 2004
After 11 years of competition, what chance did Amanda Pigg  and her young dog Jag have of qualifying for Olympia 2004. In her own words, she tells of the excitement of qualifying for the Chums Semi Finals and then going on to the 'big one' at Olympia.  (27/01/05)



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