Co-sponsors of the 2023 Winning Out Certificates

Ready, steady, go for it...

It's true that not everyone can qualify for Olympia or Crufts but there's an extra 'fun run' qualifier t many shows for every Grade level now, not just the Advanced dogs. You can find a heat of a qualifier near you by using the Qualifiers button on the Show Diary page. Don't be shy. Go for it.



Naylor Agility Challenge

Naylor Agility, a leading manufacturer of competition tunnels and equipment, have continued their support of the agility community with the title sponsorship of the Agility Challenge.

The Agility Challenge, open to Large dogs Grades 1 – 4, was first held in 2009 and is now in it’s 15th year. The competition aimed at both experienced and new competitors with large dogs is certainly one to look for on summer schedules and add to your aims for 2024.

The Naylor Agility Challenge qualifiers and final location will be announced in February along with this year's final judge. The 2024 edition will host eight qualifiers, taking the top five competitors from each to the final at the end of the Agility summer season.

Naylor Agility have recently launched the new Non-slip+ Tunnel which has improved grip. These will be featured throughout the competition along with Naylor Agility tunnel straps. Made it Britain and with 40 years experience , their products provide a safe a reliable experience for your dogs.

John Grice, Naylor Agility MD, commented, 'We are delighted to support the forthcoming Naylor Agility Challenge and we look forward to each of the qualifiers and the final at the end of the year.  We do find our involvement with clubs, trainers, teams, and competitions beneficial in understanding what is required at the highest level.  This involvement has resulted in  more new development of our NON-SLIP+ tunnels, NON-SLIP Sandbags and end caps, which have been extremely well received by the agility community.'

Luke Taylor said 'We are really pleased to welcome Naylor Agility as the title sponsor of the Agility Challenge. The competition was set up by my dad, Graham Taylor in 2009, with the aim of offering competitors with lower grade dogs a chance of a final in a public environment. Finalists have gone on to many successes including competing at Crufts, London International Horse Show (Olympia) and representing their countries on the international stage. We have always had Naylor Agility products with our equipment and it’s great to grow the partnership that has been going since the late 80s.'

Look out for updates through the summer to on the competition as we find the 2024 Naylor Agility Challenge champion.

The full range of Naylor Agility products can be found at . Social media updates can be found on Naylor Agility and Country Shows Agility.

Introducing Two New A4A Sponsors

All 4 Agility (A4A) is proud to announce two new sponsors for 2024 - The Edge Canine Hub and Cotswold Caravan Hire.

A brand new sponsor, the Edge Canine Hub is situated in a quiet little village on the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire/Herefordshire borders which is the home of Amy Lawson's successful multi-service business. In addition to a Clinical Canine Massage and Sports Conditioning Clinic, she offers training Courses and workshops which include - but are not limited to - agility, lifeskills and scentwork.

Also available is a little Shop, housing a few products such as ioint supplements, food, harnesses, conditioning equipment and Magnetix coats.

Amy said, 'We will be back open fully with more training opportunities as well as expanding the shops products and attending a few shows from March 2024. Watch this space...

The second new sponsor is 5* rated Cotswold Caravan Hire which welcomes multi-dog families to stay, whether it's for a short break, a weeks holiday or an agility show. Agility people can also benefit from the exclusive added bonus of the fully Coveva fenced garden included in the price as well as the possibility of shorter stays to accommodate 2-day shows, depending upon location.

Cotsworld Caravan said, 'We very much look forward to supporting Agility 4 All this year, which includes giving away £100's worth of prizes at the Grand Finals. Good luck, everyone!'

Please contact either sponsor directly for details of their services.


SWAT Team Sprint Heats Announced

Following their announcement of a new relay Team event, the clubs who have agreed to host a heat for 2024 include:-

  • Wessex AC - 12th-14th April
  • Wallingford DTC - 21st April
  • Blackdown AC - 11th - 12th May
  • SWAT - 25th - 27th May
  • Wye Valley - 1st - 2nd June
  • DBDT - 16th June
  • Cornwall AC - 11th = 14th July
  • Colchester DAC - 26th - 28th July
  • SWAT - 2nd August

The final will be held at SWAT on Saturday, 3rd August 2024.

The SWAT Team Sprint allows all heights and grades to participate in a fun event. The course will include only jumps and tunnels and will be of a fast, flowing design. Teams will include four dogs of the same height,

Full details will be on the schedules as well as on the SWAT website.

Jewlnick Dates for Your Diary

This year will be the 10th anniversary of the Jewlnick Jump & Twist Pairs.

The confirmed heats for 2024 are as follows:

  • Southam - 18th September 2023
  • Norfolk Autumn - 7th - 8th October 2023
  • Norfolk Easter - 30-31 March 2024
  • Worcester - 18th May 2024
  • BSDS Show - 24th - 26th May 2024
  • Dartford Tigers - 31st May - 2nd June 2024
  • Wye Valley - 1st - 2nd June 2024
  • Whirlwind - 15th - 16th June 2024
  • Golden Valley - 15th - 16th June 2024
  • Wellingborough - 6th - 7th July 2024
  • Bromsgrove - 24th - 25th August 2024
  • Southam - 13th - 15th September 2024

Make sure you get your partners sorted, you won't want to miss it. It will definitely be a bit special.

The SWAT Team Sprint

Somerset West Agility Training (aka SWAT) is excited to announced a new team event for 2024.

Toni Davis said, 'We took our inspiration from the old Team Dash. This will be a sprint relay, designed to be suitable for dogs of all grades, with a final at our early August Show. The course will be of a simple and flowing style consisting of jumps and tunnels. There will be awards for all heights of dogs. Full rules will be available on our website shortly.'

If any clubs would be willing to host a heat before July 2024, please contact SWAT asap by email

Toni added, 'We will, of course, be continuing the Junior challenge as well with our new sponsors The Agility Orchard.'

4th October 2023


Changes to The Agility Club Starters Challenge

As agreed at the AGM this year, The Agility Club is changing how members qualify for their Starters Challenge.

Finalists will qualify via the Agility Club Grade 1 leagues. The top eight dogs from each height in Grade 1 will qualify for the final, with the final held at the Agility Club annual show. Qualifying heats will no longer be held across the country.

Why is it changing?
The Starters Challenge was originally set up for newcomers to the sport, before Kennel Club regulation changes on 1st January 2019 new handlers were Grade 1 and Grade 2, Experienced handlers started at Grade 3 with any new dog. This change will bring the Starters Challenge back to it’s original purpose of being for complete new comers to agility.

What will happen to Grade 2 dogs?
The Novice invitational will change to include Grade 2. From next year Novice invitational will combine Grade 2 to 4, Senior invitational will also change combining Grade 5 to G7.

Details will be updated on our website shortly.

Should you have any questions regarding the final, email

Jewlnick Jump & Twist Pairs Heats

The popular Jewlnick Jump & Twist Pairs is back again for 2023 thanks to the continued sponsorship from Julie and Nick of Jewlnick Leather.

The following shows will each be hosting a heat of the Pairs, so pick your partners and get ready to qualify for the prestigious final in September at the Southam show.

In addition to the Final, Southam will be hosting the last year of the 2023 competition and the first heat of 2024.

  • Worcester - 20th May

  • Dartford/Upanova Tigers - 2nd-4th June

  • Wye Valley - 3rd-4th June

  • Whirlwind - 17th-18th June

  • Golden Valley - 17th-18th June

  • The Agility Club - 28th June - 2nd July

  • Wellingborough - 1n25 -2nd July

  • Wirral - 15th - 16th July

  • Bromsgrove - 26th - 27th August

  • North Derbyshire - 9th - 10th September

  • Southam - 15th - 16th September


SWAT Junior Finals Report

The Finals of the SWAT South West Junior Challenge were held at the SWAT show on Saturday, 6th August 2022, after the rings had all finished. A large audience brought chairs to sit ringside and cheered on the Junior handlers.

Heats had been had held at various local shows from Cornwall to Bristol for the previous 12 months. All judges were asked to design flowing jumping courses with the aim to build confidence in the handlers. The younger handlers clearly look up to the older Juniors and the support they all give is wonderful to see, congratulating each other even when their own run hasn't gone to plan.

2022 had more finalists than Pre- Covid, four dogs in the Under 9s and 18 in the Overs. The standard of handling was phenomenal!

Martin Tait, International and Championship Judge, judged the evening finals, setting a wonderful course that everyone could attack. Natalie Mitchell, who had judged all day, kindly agreed to do the commentary bringing a touch of Crufts to the atmosphere. The crowd participation encouraged all the handlers and their smiles were infectious. There were definitely a few tears of happiness shed.

All the finalists received a rosette and sweets, with the winners and reserves getting lots of prizes including goodies from our sponsors Skinners Pet Foods.

SWAT was not only delighted that Martin agreed to judge the finals - especially after judging in the day - but was also so encouraging of all the young handlers.

Afterwards he commented, 'I wanted a fast but handled course and the Juniors did not disappoint. They were a wonderful bunch who ran hard and celebrated with their dogs at the end whether clear, faulted or eliminated. All in all, an amazing day.'

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part, but especially to our winners - Thomas Newsam did the double in the Under 9s!


Under 9s

  1. 1st Thomas Newsam with Betty

  2. 2nd Thomas Newsam with Monty

Over 9s

  1. 1st Gaby Farrar with Oreo

  2. 2nd Maisie Wiltshire with Mike.

Heats for 2023 are already being planned and once again, the finals will be held at the August SWAT Show at Shapwick.

Sunset over the winners

Jewlnick Pairs Final 2022
Report by Moira Bowden

At last, the long awaited final! After a long two years without this fabulous pairs class, the stage was set for the Jewlnick Jump and Twist Pairs Final 2022!

We had our venue, the ever welcoming Southam Show. We are so lucky to be able to host the final here each year. We had our prestigious judge, the talented Gary Murphy and we had 32 very excited pairs, eagerly looking at their running orders for the Final.

The show closed after the last presentation of the day, and the finalists walked the course which Gary had set. Spectators began arriving with chairs, nibbles and glasses of something alcoholic as they took their places around the ring.

Our sponsors, Julie and Nick Ross from Jewlnick, always add an extra twist at the Final. This year, they gave everyone - spectators, competitors, judge, Scrime, and helpers -  literally everyone who attended a fruit lolly (pot luck if it was sweet or sour 😁) and a raffle ticket. The 1st prize was a bespoke collar designed by Nick for the lucky winner with 2nd and 3rd prizes being a hamper of goodies.

Everyone was on great form, all adding to the great atmosphere. Gary had set a fast, flowing and exciting course. The first to run was the White Pair. They were running in memory of a dog that had passed away after qualifying. We felt it was a fitting tribute.

We were fortunate to have a very much sought after commentator in the form of the lovely Miranda Frankham. She was brilliant and did an amazing job. Just enough info about each pair combined with a helping of witty banter - perfect.

After a well supported final we had our results. Jewlnick had provided stunning Mango Glass trophies which were awarded to the top three pairs and to our judge. In addition, the Scrime and the last six pairs who weren't eliminated also received lovely mementos of the occasion. Another little ‘twist' provided by our sponsors. A nice mix of all heights represented here - maybe proof that size doesn't matter 🤣😁


  1. Maria Jenkinson with Flyte & Kathryn Stewart with Diva - 57.118 C/C

  2. Colin Veal with Milo Helen & Veal with Mayhem - 60.829 C/C

  3. Lorna Goodban with Tic Tac & Michelle Patient with Freesia - 62.010 C/C

  4. Paul Gordon with Di & Jan Gordon with Kwik - 62.912 C/C

  5. Michelle Oades with Poppy & Mark Pattenden with Izzy - 64.170 C/C

  6. Joanne Asher with Willow & Gill Ciantar with Betty - 64.632 C/C

  7. Kate Partridge with Willow & Morgan Looker with Roly - 65.039 C/C

  8. Tanya Glover with Twink & Avril Taylor with Hattie - 65.627 C/C

  9. Lesley Young with Lola & Sam Gregory with Finn (White Pair) - 85.339 C/C

  10. Katie Beauchamp with Violet & Helen Roberts with Peachey - 59.479 5/C

  11. Alan Gardner with Jess & Jackie Gardner with Tyler - 126 C/5

The first heat for 2023 has already taken place at Southam show with the remaining heats to be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

CSJ Highland Stakes Are Back

This year the CSJ Highlands Stakes Final will take place at the Scottish Game Fair on Sunday, July 3rd 2022 at Scone Palace. It will consist of a preliminary round and the final and each will consist of an Agility class judged according to KC rules and regulations.

The judge for the Finals this year will be Yvonne Reid.

Heats for the 2022 Highland Agility Stakes will be held at the following shows:-

  • Kingdom of Fife - 2nd April

  • Woodside DAC - 1st May

  • Fair City - 15th May

  • Scottish Kennel Club - 22nd May

  • Gleniffer DTC - 28th May

Heats will take the form of a Graded or Combined G6-7 Agility class, held under standard KC rules and regulations. There will be a class for all four heights of dogs – Large, Intermediate, Medium and Small.

The first two previously unqualified dogs in each height category from each of the heat will go through to the Finals at the Game Fair.  Where resulted in the heat are graded, the results will be combined for the purpose of qualification.  If a dog that has already qualified is in the first two, then the qualification will move down to the highest placed dog.

Finalists will be sent invitations in advance of the event with further details.

Any queries regarding the event should be made in the first instance to Sara Hawkswell at

Showtime Novice Cup Set to Return in 2022

After an enforced two year layoff, it's with great pleasure that Showtime has announced the return of the Showtime Novice Cup this year.

As previously intended for 2020, the Showtime Novice Cup will be for Grade 3, 4 & 5 dogs and all four heights.

Many thanks must go to the host clubs for their continued support. Look out for heats at the following shows:-

  • Kingdom of Fife - 2nd-3rd April

  • Fair City DTC - 14th-15th May

  • Gleniffer DTC - 28th-29th  May

  • Prestwick & District DTC - 11th-12th June

  • Tweedbank DTC - 25th-26th June

  • Bearded Collie Club - 16th-17th July

The Medium and Large finals will be held at Dundee Championship Show in August while the Small and Intermediate finals wil be at Gleniffer in September.

    Ian Malabar said, 'Our thanks to Dundee and Gleniffer for their continued support for this popular event.'

The Jewlnick Jump & Twist Pairs 2022

The Jewlnick Jump & Twist Pairs competition is back, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Jewlnick Leather.

A fun qualifier, the competition is open to Pairs of the same height, regardless of grade. All heights compete against each other for one set of results. One dog runs an Agility course which must include 12 weaves and three contacts which can be three different ones or any combination. The Twist in the title is the judge's choice of contacts and who goes first. The other dog runs a Jumping course which must also include 12 weaves.

Top four Pairs from each heat will qualify for the Final which will be held at Southam Agility Show in September 2022. Gary Murphy, hot from his prestigious judging appointment at Olympia (not Olympia), has agreed to judge.

It all started as a exciting Pairs qualifier, started as a germ of an idea about seven years ago while Miranda Frankham and Moira Bowden were enjoying a glass of wine at TAG show. At the time, they both had brilliant Small dogs and Pairs had always been one of their favourites. They felt it would be great to put a fun element back into agility and were absolutely thrilled when Julie and Nick from Jewlnick offered to sponsor the trophies and then, after the first two years, the rosettes, too. They continue to be generous to the extreme and there is always something special for everyone all to look forward to at the Finals.

Moira Bowden said, 'It's fast, furious and great fun. We have been delighted at the response from the agility world. It continues to be extremely popular and we have several different shows hosting heats this year.

The heats are as follows:-

  • Lincoln (April)

  • Shrewsbury (April) 

  • Worcester - (May)

  • Upanova Tigers (June)

  • Golden Valley (June)

  • Wellingborough (July)

  • Wirral (July)

  • Derbyshire (July) - TBC

  • The Agility Club (July)

  • Bromsgrove (August)

  • Shrewsbury (September)

  • Southam (September)

Southam will be the last heat of 2022 and the first heat for 2023.

To find more details about the shows, go to the Agilitynet Show Diary


Crystal Vision Qualifiers

Crystal Vision has announced which shows which will be holding the Crystal Vision qualifiers in 2022.

All the following clubs will be holding heats for Large G1-4 and G5-7, Intermediate G1-4 and G5-7, Medium G1-7 and Small G1-7. The 2021 Final will be held at the Agiity Vision show on 20th August 2022 at Catton Hall.


9-10 April

Scunthorpe O & ATC

17 April

Agility Vision

30 April

Agility Vision

3 June

Upanova Tigers AC

4 June

Agility Vision

9-10 July

Cornwall AC

10 July

Agility Vision

16-17 July

Nedlo AC

29-31 July

Derbyshire DAC

The following shows will be holding Crystal Vision qualifiers for the final in 2023.

27 August

Agility Vision

24 September

Nedlo AC

24 September

Agility Vision

24-25 September

Cornwall AC

The Win a Van Draw is on Again

After discussions with the Kennel Club, the Team has announced the the Win a Van draw at the Kennel Club International Agility Festival will now be taking place.

Martyn Hall said, ' Due to the last minute rush, K9 Transport Solution will not be able to facilitate a full trade stand and, therefore, vehicles on show will be limited to three plus the draw vehicle. We would like to thank everyone who has wished this event well. We will be giving out shirts to wear for the event. Let's make this draw happen!'

Tickets can be bought from 9am at the K9TS trade stand on Saturday, 14th August. All pledges will be contacted from 12.01 on that day when the link goes live.

Taming Canines & Phase Purple Step in to Save Walking Agility Competiiton

Following the cancellation of The Agility Club Walking Agility Challenge and after having been approached by several individuals to see if they could help, Taming Canines has announced that they will be going ahead with a similar event called Walking Pace Agility.

Hooper and Agility Kit by Phase Purple are still keen to sponsor this event.

Heats currently listed below but there is the potential for a couple more heats to make for an exciting final.

  • Phase Purple - November 2021

  • Nedlo - Date TBC

  • Kelluki - Easter Show 2022

  • Paws in the Park (Whitstable Group) - May 2022

  • Taming Canines - May 2022

  • Phase Purple - June 2022

  • Taming Canines - July 2022

  • Taming Canines (Final) - August 2022

Full rules will be released later this week, but this event will be fully inclusive to all handlers and dogs

For more information, email

#paragility #inclusivity #dogagility

The Agility Club Walking Agility Qualifier Cancelled

Following the announcement that the Walking Agility heat to be held at the Nedlo KC Open Agility Show on 25th September has been pulled, The Agility Club has taken the decision to withdraw all the qualifiers and the Final. 

Kate McLaren, Treasurer and Vice Chair, said, When we first announced the competition, we had what we thought was a fair, consistent set of rules, that offered a new competing opportunity and put no one at a disadvantage. However, it was pointed out to us, by several people, that the rules didn't adequately take into consideration agility's handlers who compete in wheelchairs and buggies. 

We sought clarification from various sources how we can ensure that a rule accommodating 'wheeled handling' could be consistently and fairly applied without detriment to either wheeled or walking handlers, or if indeed it was even possible. 

As we have not yet received this clarification, our only option was to pull the competition, as show organisers were keen to put out their schedules and needed a decision on the rules. 

It was never our intention to marginalise part of the agility community, and we apologise for not giving this issue greater consideration before announcing competition. 

Sadly, some people have pre-empted our announcement, and there is speculation about our decision and some very unkind social media posts based on that speculation. 

At no time has the Agility Club been threatened with legal action over the Walking Agility. The people who have corresponded with us on this issue did not want the competition cancelling, quite the opposite, and it is entirely and only a committee decision to do so based on practicalities. 

The Agility Club stands for all its members and for the wider agility community, and while we understand our decision is disappointing, we ask that in all things agility, you be kind.

Agility Club Special Walking Agility Competition
In association with Phase Purple

The Agility Club has announced a brand-new competition - The Agility Club Special Walking Agility. Qualifiers will be invited to a final at their annual Championship show. Phase Purple Agility and Hoopers Equipment has come on board to sponsor the inaugural competition.

What is walking agility?
Walking agility is exactly as it sounds – instead of sprinting to points to control your Ketchker and tidy your turn, the handler must walk. This is defined as having one foot on the ground at all times. Apart from that, the course is a normal agility course, and what the dog is required to do remains the same. The equipment and course are not modified in any way.

Why walking agility?
Walking agility tests a different set of handling skills to regular agility. Why not give it a try and see how you get on?

Where can I find a walking agility class?
There will be six heats for the years 2021/2022 with the final being held at The Agility Club Championship, Premier & Open show in July 2022.

The following shows have agreed to host a qualifier for The Agility Club Special Walking Agility in association with Phase Purple:-

  • Nedlo

  • Blackdown

  • Phase Purple

  • Agility Vision

  • Cornwall

  • Kelluki

You don't need to be a member of The Agility Club to enter, but only members can qualify for the Final.

Agility Club Special Walking Agility Rules
Standard Kennel Club rules will apply for each handler and dog entered into a Kennel Club show, however, this special class will be run under special rules as outlined below:-

  1. Heats will be held for Small, Medium, Intermediate and Large dogs.

  2. In order to qualify for the final, handlers must be a paid-up member of The Agility Club prior to competing in a heat.

  3. The winning dog and handler from each heat will qualify for the final. Once qualified for the final you may enter further heats.

  4. If the winner of a heat has previously qualified for the final, they may take the award but the next highest placed dog and handler will qualify.

  5. Heats will be held for Small, Medium, Intermediate and Large dogs; marking, jump and dog heights as per KC rules.

  6. There will be two judges for each class, one to observe the handler and one to observe the dog.

  7. It is recommended that the judges set a Grade 1-3 type agility course.

  8. Distance between obstacles: Minimum five metres, maximum seven metres.

  9. Dogs' approach and exit to contact equipment should be in a straight line.



  • The handler must have one foot in contact with the ground at all times. Five faults will be incurred for each judge's call of an incorrect foot placement.

  • Three incorrect foot placement calls = Elimination


  • As per Kennel Club rules for standard classes.

Dog and Handler course faults will be added together. Placings in order of the team with the least faults in the fastest dog's time. If either dog or handler are eliminated, they cannot qualify for the final from that heat but can enter future heats.


  • Trophy for 1st place and rosettes to 2nd place each class providing they have completed the course.

Competitors, please note this is a SPECIAL Class and does not count for Grade Progression.

Jewlnick Twist & Jump Pairs

Due to the uncertainty of shows being able to run, Jewlnick Leather has decided to hold over their heats until next year when hopefully more shows will be able to run, allowing all 10 qualifiers to be run.

Moira Bowden said, 'After much discussion with Julie and Nick, we have made the decision not to run the pairs qualifier in 2021. There is still so much uncertainty and we really have no idea how and when the shows will be coming back to some sort of normality. We hope you understand our decision and look forward to bringing it back in all its glory, fun and excitement in 2022.'


Longfield Solutions News

If the Longfield Agility show in August gets wiped out, Kenny Waddell told Agilitynet that the Longfield Grampionship and Longfield Novice Agility competitions will be rolled over to 2021 for those who have already qualified.

The Agility Club Starters Challenge Postponed

The qualifiers for The Agility Club Starters Agility Challenge for Large, Intermediate, Medium and Small dogs will be transferred to next year.

Crystal Vision Agility Cancels Qualifiers

Crystal Vision Awards has come to the decision, due to lack of qualifiers this year, to cancel the Crystal Vision Agility Final scheduled for August. All points gained in qualifiers going ahead this year will be carried forward to the 2021 Final.

Hope to see you all soon. Stay safe.

Triple Team Q Postponed for 2020

Sadly due to the current situation and heats being lost due to shows having to cancel, the Triple Team Q will be postponed for 2020 but it will return in 2021, hopefully with the same shows hosting heats.

Hannah Granthan said, 'Any shows with schedules out that may go ahead, the heat will just become a team class and rosettes will be provided (just NO final). Any shows that have not released their schedule yet that were going to host a heat will no longer have one, unless they decide to put on the class themselves. I'm gutted, but we will be back in 2021!


New Qualifier for the Over 50s

Longfield Agility Solutions has launched a new fun event for handlers aged 50 who could no longer run as fast backwards as they could run forwards. The Grampion Agility Championship qualifier will be a special class combining G1-7 and will combine the results from all heights.

There will be a Gramp Agiity round and a Gramp Jumping round with points being awarded from 20 for 1st place down to one in each round. There will be no points awarded for elimination but that will not stop you from qualifying for the Final. The top 20 handlers will go forward to compete in the Grampionship Final.

Points earned in each round will be entered into the CLS Massage Grampions League with the top 30 dogs being invited to complete in the League Final on Saturday, 17th April at the Longfield August show.

Handlers, aged 65 or over, should make Show Secretaries aware as they will be awarded separate points for T'owd Codgers Cup League. The winner will be announced on `7th August 2019.

Organiser Kenny Waddell said, 'One day I thought to myself that a lot of the fun had gone out of agility especially for those who could no longer run as fast as before and were being beaten by younger legs. I decided that a 'fun' Champ-style class was the way to go so I came up with the idea of a Jumping round, Agility round and then a Final at each heat. The name Grampionship Class was stuck in my head. The old codgers name came from Brenda Tenten.'

There will be heats at every Longfield Show, Hoolihounds, Maidstone (June) and Stardom (May) are hosting one and possibly some at the Hare 'n Hounds shows, too.

Crystal Vision Awards have very kindly sponsored the heat winners trophies while the August Final is being sponsored by CLS Sports Massage who expertise could come in very handy.

Agria Backs The Agility Challenge in 2019

Agria Pet Insurance will support the Agria Agility Challenge in 2019. With its regional heats for dogs at Grades 1- 4, this competition is for standard height Large dogs during the spring and summer, culminating in a thrilling final in September in the Top Dogs Arena at The Malvern Autumn Show.

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, said, 'We're delighted to announce continue Agria support of Agility in 2019.  It's fantastic to see the speed and skill of the rising stars of the Agility world and we cannot wait to watch their progress through to what no doubt will be thrilling final in September.'

Low 550 Scotland Jumping Cup Continues in 2019

As in previous years, there will be six qualifying heats for CG1-4 and CG5-7, for dogs competing at 550mm (KC Large LHO). The top two in each will claim their spot - but there are even more chances to qualify this time, with an extra 'last minute' heat on the same day as the finals the Weslo Show on Saturday, 10 August.

The fabulous trophies and rosettes at the heats and finals are being sponsored once again by the SMART Veterinary Clinic. 

Here's what they have to say 'The SMART Veterinary Clinic is pleased to have the opportunity to support continued improvements in welfare for sporting dogs. As Agility progresses, we welcome changes that enhance our ability to care for these outstanding animals and recognize that lower jump heights help preserve the health of body and mind. Likewise, KC Agility is a competitive sport and it is fantastic to see this recognized by an approved height proposal for 2020 that gives consideration to both individual goals and the athletic demands of the game. We wish the very best of luck to all competitors and enjoy your time in the ring!'

The 2019 competition will also see fantastic prizes for each final winner of a 3m pipe tunnel awarded by Wes Lo K9, and a space at a guest trainer workshop run by Train in the Ring for the runners up!

The dates for your diary are:-

Date Show Venue
5th May Woodside Biggar Farmers' Club Showground, Biggar  ML12 6BL
19th May Scottish Kennel Club Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh  EH28 8NB
25th - 26th May Gleniffer Lanark Race Course, Lanark  ML11 9SZ
15th - 16th  June Train in the Ring Black Isle Showground, Highlands  IV6 7RS
22nd - 23rd June Tweedbank Springwood Park, Kelso  TD5 8LS
10th - 11th  August Wes Lo K9 Vogrie Country Park, Mid Lothian  EH23 4NU

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Enquiries: Email  

CSJ Highland Stakes Cancelled

It is with much regret that it has been decided that the CSJ Highland Agility Stakes will not be run in 2019. The final is traditionally held at in the Main ring at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace as a main ring event but unfortunately this year this event clashes with East Lothian championship show .

Organiser Lisa Duggan said, 'With the generous support of CSJ, the event will be back in 2020. East Lothian has been able to confirm the dates won't clash in 2020, so we plan to run it again in 2020 with the introduction of the fourth Intermediate height qualifiers and final.

Thank you to CSJ and Ceri Rundle without whom this event wouldnot happen and all the clubs that agreed to host heats - Woodside, Kingdom of Fife, Scottish Border Collie Club, Fair City and Gleniffer. Apologies for the late notice but we were exploring alternatives once we realised there was a problem.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will announce this on Facebook once clubs, sponsors and equipment suppliers know thanks again.'

Showtime Novice Cup

Now that we know what is happening with future dog/jump heights we can announce that the Showtime Novice Cup will continue for 2019 under the established format. However, 2020 will see a complete revamp.

This will remain an agility competition for dogs of Grades 3 - 5. There will continue to be six qualifying rounds but, in 2020, these will expand to include all FOUR heights.

Ian Mallabar said, 'Further details will be announced nearer the time but we thank the host clubs for continuing to give their support to this increasingly popular event. Special thanks must again go to Dundee Alsatian & Training Club for their support in hosting the Finals at their August Championship show.'

New Competition at Blenheim Palace Announced

Adams Agility has announced a prestigious new competition for 2018. The Blenheim Palace Horse Trials Dog Agility Stakes will be open to Large dogs (full height only) G1-7. It will be held under under the appropriate Kennel Club Regulations H & H(1) in force at the time of the event and consist of five qualifying heats at various shows around the country.

Sandra Adams said, 'I have aspired to create something like this for years! It's wonderful to see it finally become real. My aim was always to look for an event which could parallel Olympia and really get people excited about qualifying for the Final.  The structure may change, but for the first year, it's just such a privilege to begin our relationship with Blenheim Palace Horse Trials , courtesy of SSangYong, their main sponsors.'

The top three previously unqualified dogs from each heat will qualify for the Final comprising of a minimum of 15 and maximum of 20 dogs.

The Final, judged by the much loved Charlie Wyatt, will be held at SsangYong Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials on Friday, 14th September 2018.

Sandra added, 'Charlie is known through the agility community for his flowing, spread out courses, ideal for the 80 x 40 metre arena. This may be Charlie's very last judging appointment, not just for the year, but quite simply, his last ever. He has threatened to make this his final year of judging, but really, what a fitting swan song if it is.'

For a list of Blenheim Palace heats, go to the Agilitynet Show Diary or Qualifiers News page.

The final will consist of one round of Agility which will be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Regulations H & H(1) in force at the time of the event.

  1. Competitors entering any of the Heats will be deemed to have agreed to abide by KC Rules as specified above.

  2. All heats must take place at Kennel Club licensed shows and the class name in the schedule should replicate exactly the name of the competition as stated in these rules.

  3. If the entry for the heat exceeds 400 the class must be split into two equal parts, with the top two previously unqualified placed dogs from each part going through to the final. If the entry exceeds 600 the class must be split into three equal parts, with the highest placed previously unqualified dog in each part going through to the final.

  4. Rosettes and trophies remain unchanged if the heat is split and will be given for each part.

  5. Handlers may enter more than one dog in the competition and may qualify more than one dog for the final event.

  6. Qualifiers may enter further heats for competition, providing they are eligible. Handlers who gaina qualifying place in a heat with a previously qualified dog should inform the Show Secretary on the date of the show of this fact.

  7. In the event of a dog and/or handler being unable to compete in the Final due to unavailability, illness or injury the reserves from that heat will be called up in numerical order.

  8. Rosettes will be provided to 20th place, and trophies to 3rd.

Animal Health Co Continues It's Support of

The Animal Health Company is delighted to announce that it will be continuing its Agility competition in 2018. The competition is open to all sizes of Agility dogs in a steeplechase style course that features the Westcotts Water Jump!

 With qualifiers across the country, there are 12 opportunities in 2018  for the top five to join us at the autumn final to seek a share of over £100 of prize money.

Animal Health Company's Sales Manager Jennie Westcott said 'We are delighted to continue sponsorship of this Agility competition with new heat hosts in 2018, and I look forward to meeting everyone at our first heat at the Scunthorpe Championship Agility Show in April.'

The Animal Health Company offers a range of products that will be ideal for the Agility dog including their new food, Westcotts. Unique to the market, it contains HypercCoat Prime, a popular supplement. Westcotts it is formulated with high levels of chicken and rice, is hypoallergenic, pro biotic and has no added flavourings or preservatives produced from quality ingredients helping dogs with a sensitive palate.

The Animal Health Company website has all the details.

For a list of heats go to Animal Health Co page or the Agilitynet Show Diary.

Agria Agree to Sponsor 2017 Brillo Bounce

Agria Pet Insurance and Country Shows Agility are delighted to announce support for the Agria Brillo Bounce competitions in addition to their support for a full programme for Large dogs.

The Agria Brillo Bounce competitions are specifically for Small and Medium dogs. Heats will take place across the country throughout the 2017 season and culminate in the finals, due to be held in October at the British Agility Championships in Bedfordshire in October, kindly judged by International Agility Judge Jorge Pires, using KC Agility rules.

From each of the 12 qualifiers at each size, the top three at each dog size will receive an invitation to attend the Final.

Each final will consist of two untimed rounds - one Agility and one Jumping - for each size of dog with the maximum course time specified. All double clears will go forward to the Final. In the event of no double clears at either size, a maximum of ten dogs with the minimum combined faults will be selected. All double clears will compete in the final round which will be a jumping round against the clock to find the 2017 Agria Brillo Bounce winner at each size.

Classes will be judged using current Kennel Club rules, and each host venue has chosen which grades are included for each size of Agria Brillo Bounce qualifier. All will run at standard heights.

Alastair Cook, Head of Sales and Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, said, 'We're delighted to continue our involvement in Agility again in 2017, and particularly enjoy our support of Brillo Bounce for small and medium-sized dogs. We wish all the dogs and handlers taking part in 2017 the very best of luck, and cannot wait for the excitement of the finals!'

For a list of heats go to Agria Brillo Bounce page or the Agilitynet Show Diary.

Northern Aloe are proud sponsors of the Northern Aloe ABC Agility Challenge, a new competition for all Large dogs Grade 1-7 excluding Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs or their crosses.

Peter Kemble said, 'We have an ABC dog and, as there are not many specific ABC competitions, we thought it might be fun to sponsor one.

The heats are being held at the following shows: -

  • Longfield - 30 March to 2 April.

  • Phase Purple - 30 March to 2 April

  • Phase Purple - 11 -13 May

  • Hare 'n Hounds - 9-28 May

  • Phase Purple - 15-17 June

  • Longfield - 16-17 June

  • Hoolihounds - 16-17 June

  • Hare 'n Hounds - 4-13 August

  • Longfield - 17-27 August (Final held 25th)

The Northernaloe ABC Final will be held, after the rings have closed, at the Longfield Agility Show  on August 25th 2018, at Hillside Rural Activities Park, Oaktree Bank. Knayton Thirsk YO7 4AX. The winner of the final will receive £100 voucher for

The first five dogs from the heat will be invited to compete in the final. The next five dogs will be held as reserves. If the class is split the top three dogs from each part will be invited to compete in the final and the next three will be held as reserves. The competition must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Rules in force at that time for a standard open class.

Northernaloe is a business created by Hazel and Peter Kemble in 1997 as business owners of Forever Living Products. They supply high quality consumable products in the health and well-being many based on Aloe Vera providing the benefits of this remarkable plant to both animals and their owners which have been recognised for over 5000 years.

 A selection of the most popular products is always available at our caravan and the full range is available online at

Their business model provides an opportunity for all to establish a substantial independent income working flexibly from home. They currently have openings for new business owners who will be fully trained and supported. For more information and an informal discussion, please contact Peter at or call m. 07831 238024.

The UKA South West Winter Finals

Agility Rocks, Dogs Matter and PAwS Shows have teamed up to bring you The UKA South West Winter Finals. We want to celebrate Agility in the South West and hope that this event will allow the best of the best in the South West region to compete against each other – and will provide an opportunity for handlers and dogs at all levels to prove themselves. You can qualify for the finals at various shows throughout the winter.

Qualifying heats for the UKA South West Winter Final will be held at Agility Rocks (AR), Dogs Matter (DM) and PAwS shows throughout the winter 2017/18. Please refer to the below table to see which heats will be held at which show:






Performance: Beginners/Novice

AR (Oct)

DM (Dec)

PAWS (Jan)

DM (Jan)

Performance: Senior/Champ

PAWS (Oct)

AR (Oct)

AR (Nov)

DM (Jan)

Steeplechase: Beginners/Novice

PAWS (Oct)

AR (Nov)

DM (Jan)

PAWS (Jan)

Steeplechase: Senior/Champ

AR (Oct)

AR (Nov)

DM (Dec)

PAWS (Jan)


PAWS (Oct)

DM (Dec)



Dog Vegas Qualifier News for the 2018 Finals

The Dog Vegas Team has announced some exciting changes to the Dog Vegas Finals for 2018.

PB Caravans has agreed to support the all new 550mm height Grade 1-5 Jumping heats for the 2018 Finals. This competition will be open to Large dogs who want to run at the new 550mm height. There will be 10 heats throughout the year, culminating in the finals at the Dog Vegas July 2018 show. 07549 794827.

Phil supplies a friendly, reliable mobile caravan service. This makes him strive to become the best qualified in the business with approved workshop and gas safe (LPG). They also have a stand selling everything from parts through to major caravan accessories 

All of the heats will be available on the Dog Vegas website once details have been confirmed.

The Paws Trading Large Grade 3-5 heats will soon have a new name and a new sponsor After many years of supporting them, Paws Trading will be bowing out of that competition but supporting the Dog Vegas All Sorts classes instead.

Paula Wilkinson of Paws Trading said 'Having grown our business alongside Dog Vegas, we have enjoyed supporting the G3-5 heats over the years, and the added exposure that we have gained from these, but feel it is time to freshen up the advertising a little and are delighted to still be able to do this by working alongside Dog Vegas in a slightly different way.'

Quill Trading will be taking over the 3-5 heats heats. Nothing will change about the heats or the final, apart from the name.

A little note from Coz Mclavy of Quill Trading, 'We are a new company which brings you T-shirts, hoodies, tops and leggings for competing, hiking, Cani-X and hanging out with your best friends, designed by Agility people for Agility people. You'll find us at most shows. Please feel free to stop us and chat and let us know what designs you would like to see.'

A complete list of all of the heats will be available on the Dog Vegas website when they have been confirmed.

Hazel Higgins, David Bew and the entire Dog Vegas team would like to say a massive thank you to all of our sponsors without whom we couldn't run these heats and finals.

  • Quill Trading

  • PB Caravans

  • First Contact

  • Longhedge Show Processing

  • Paws Trading

  • First Place Processing

  • Dog Vegas

  • Show Offs Rosettes



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