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All About Dogs 2002: Jumping for Joy
Britain's largest outdoor canine event will take place again over two days on 11 & 12 May with a special man vs. woman competition. Are you 'man' enough to represent agility in the Battle of the Sexes? (14/03/02)

The Axstane Invitation Team Challenge 2000
Many agility clubs rely on volunteers to stand car park attendant, pick up poles or lend a hand moving equipment. Axstane Agility Club invited clubs and individuals who had helped at their annual summer show to a Team Challenge. Mary Ann Nester says it was a great way to say thank you.

Battling for Britain
When Dave Ray was invited to put together a British Team for the Oslo International Horse Show, they struggled to raise the funding needed to get them to their first international test. Then Novartis Animal Health stepped forward with a package to sponsor the team that included (what else) a supply of Program, its prize-winning flea treatment. (13/11/00)

British Dogs Take on Europe: The Dream Becomes Reality
Taking a holiday in Europe with their dogs and competing against the rest of the world was something Karen Smith and Jackie Gardner had always wanted to do. They report on the adventures of a band of six British handlers who took an agility break in The Continent. (21/09/00)
Big Dogs at Crufts
Musings of a Mini/Midi handler. But was the real story, Mary Ann Nester ponders, the new artificial surface in the rings?  (16/03/02)
City of Birmingham Champ Show 2003
Report from the YKC finals, three semi-finals and that all important Olympia qualifier in the Pedigree end of year bash. (09/10/03)

Crufts Countdown 2002
The world’s greatest dog show will take place on the 7-10 March at the NEC, Birmingham. It will attract over 22,000 top dogs and 120,000 visitors, including the crème de la crème of British agility handlers. All eyes will be on the Special Events Ring and judge Yvonne Croxford. Including a schedule of events and list of qualifiers. (04/03/02)

Crufts: Everyone Can Be a Winner
 If someone told you that the snoring pooch curled under your kitchen table was going to do agility at Crufts, would you dare to believe them?  Yes, your wildest dreams can come true. They did for Linda Moore and her little crossbreed Lola who won the Eukanuba Mini Circular Knock-out at her Crufts debut. It just takes determination and lots of hard work. Mary Ann Nester explains that there's more to Crufts than Best in Show. (24/03/02)

Crufts 2001 - Judge's Report
When The Kennel Club decided that they would not go ahead with Crufts in March but were looking for an alternative date, many of us including the agility and flyball judge Bill Chuter couldn’t see how they would be able to re-schedule such an event. But they did and apart from the sun beaming in from the roof lights of the NEC you would not have noticed the difference! It was a tremendous achievement and everybody must have worked extremely long hours to make Crufts 2001 a success. (01/06/01)
Crufts 2001: Rescue Dogs Jump at the Chance to Perform
Five animal welfare charities will be participating in Crufts 2001 to promote Rescue Dog Agility. Meet some of the members of the team. (25/05/01)

Crufts Quips
No dog show is larger nor more controversial than Crufts. With more than 21,000 entries, it is always full of drama and individual stories of success and disappointment. The Agility ring is no exception. (15/03/02)

Dogs in Need 2002
Eleven years on... 700 caravans and 13,000 plus entries, and still the show grows. Dogs in Need Agility Society's own logo dog writes a report on the greatest agility show on earth. With colour photos of the winners and a few unexpected shots.

The 10th Dogs in Need in Pictures
Snap happy in Suffolk. How many of these people can you recognise? Extra points if you can name their dog, too. Clever captions wanted. (20/09/01)
East MIdlands Grand Prix Agilty Match Series
A report on the first of three unlicensed matches organised by the East Midlands DAC. What would the KC say or, more importantly, do about it?  (29/05/03)
Roadsign Four Nations Agility Challenge! 2003
Handlers from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland came from the four corners of the United Kingdom to battle it out for the titles of Best National Agility Team and Individuals in the country. It was a hard fought competition.  (12/09/03)
Longleat 2002
More than 2,000 dogs converged on Longleat in Wiltshire the weekend of 6-7  September 2003 to take part in one of the country’s biggest dog agility shows and to watch the Pedigree Novice Agility Grand National Final.  (15/09/03)

Tails from Olympia 2002
With apologies to G. Chaucer, we hear about the qualifiers, the grooms and the flyball competitors who met in the spirit of fun and competition at Olympia 2002. Tales from Mary Ann Nester, Iain Fraser and Jan Meekings. (16/01/03)

Olympia 2002 - Report
Reports and pictures from the Pedigree Agility Stakes at the Olympia International Horse Show which, for the past twenty four years, has provided the venue for one of the highlights of the agility calendar. Including comments from the Judge, an account of the first flyball event to be held at Olympia and photos from the official event photographer Kit Houghton.  (12/01/03)

Olympia 2002 - News & Qualifiers
The countdown to one of the biggest agility events of the year begins. Including all the Pedigree Agility Stakes Qualifiers and their running orders. How many can you identify? (06/12/02)

Olympia 2002: How to be a Mini Winner
Getting to the top of your sport is not easy. It takes more than a good dog and a good handler to make an agility round look simple. What do the ten Olympia mini finalist have that the rest of us lack? What turns a competitor into a winner? To find out, Mary Ann Nester went to the Pedigree Smackos Mini Agility Stakes Final held at the Olympia International Show Jumping Championships and spoke to the handlers, judge and sponsors.

 Olympia 2001- Report
Virtually every country in the world now has its own national dog agility competitions but none has become more popular than the Pedigree Agility Stakes with its final held at the Olympia International Christmas Horse Show. Agility arrived at Olympia the year after it was invented in 1979, hence this is the twenty-third year that the finals have taken place here. Dave Ray talks about the Pedigree Agility Stakes, who is running this year and when. (20/11/01)

Paw tree and corgis

Olympia Qualifiers Quiz
You've competed against them and read all about them on Agilitynet, now can you answer 10 simple questions about those magnificent Olympia qualifiers? There's a voucher for a 15 bag of Pedigree Chicken & Rice for a lucky winner who will be drawn out of a hat by a well known agility personality yet to be asked. Send your answers on an email to Agilitynet.
Olympians 2001
In the past, a hard copy catalogue used to be published for Olympia every year. It was very popular with the agility fraternity and provided a bit of background information about the dogs and handlers to us lesser mortals! Although the printed catalogue is no longer published, the Administrator has asked Agilitynet to create a special page to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Agility at Olympia. So we wrote to all the competitors and asked them a few questions about themselves and their dogs.

Olympia 2000
Ann Roberts
would normally be writing this report about the Olympia Dog Agility Finals but a very sad series of events meant that she and her husband Gwyn, who was judging this year, had to leave the show just after it had started. Dave Ray updates the story... (29/12/00)
Scone Palace, Perthshire, Scotland - home of the Stone of Destiny The Pedigree Highland Agility Stakes Final 2003
Dave Ray travels to Perth for the Game Conservancy Fair, a gala Scottish agility invitational event and a great weekend north of the Border.   (20/07/03)

The Pedigree-only World Championships?
Following on from Dave Ray’s comments in November’s Agility Eye, Jo Sermon asks, 'Is the discussion closed? How will our proposed team for these World Championships affect the sport in the UK? Should our jump heights be lowered? And should we change our rules to fall in line with the FCI?' And when you've finished reading this, you can let us know what you think using our NEW voting form.

Ringside Reports 2002
Show reports from organisers, judges and the people who were there.
Royal Show Stoneleigh
Ann Robert's excellent report on the Pedigree Agility Stakes finals at Stoneleigh including all the qualifiers for Olympia (07/07/03)
Town & Country Show 2003
Ann Roberts' report on the Pedigree Agility Stakes Semi-Finals at Stoneleigh. (06/09/03)
WC2003 Eyewitness
Assorted observations from people to travelled to France to support the British Teams.  (16/10/03)

World Championships 2002: A Comic Look
A  light-hearted look at what went on behind the scenes at Dortmund. Armed with his trusty camera, Team Vet Peter van Dongen caught those pictures you won't see in The Voice or Agility Eye. (18/10/02)

World Championships 2002: British Supporter's Tour
Wave the flag, sing and support your National Team. Join the gang at the Agility World Championships in Dortmund in October. Book your place on the coach, stay in a four-star hotel and get a see the British Team compete against the best handlers in the world. (24/02/02)

World Championships 2002 - First Impressions
They were the best of the best. Competitors came from 32 nations from all over the world - South Korea and Mexico for the first time. Teams from Argentina, Brazil, Japan and the USA had the longest journeys. But how did the British Team fare on it's second visit and had we learned anything from last year? Was agility coming home? (11/10/02)

World Championships 2001: An Open Letter from the British Agility Team
Some thoughts on the 2001 World Championships in Portugal with constructive comments and suggestions on where do we go from here, written by Greg Derrett and agreed by all the members of the Standard and Mini teams.  

World Championships 2001: Postcard from Portugal
Lisa Wilson and Janet Mason left their dogs with husbands and went to Porto to watch the Agility World Championships. They enjoyed the atmosphere, found the natives friendly, the city a fascinating mix of old and new, rich and poor and learned a lot. (05/11/01)

Wilton 2001 - Agility Against All Odds
The first outdoor show of the year, on full size rings and open to the elements after being pampered indoors, can sometimes be a shock to the system, and Wilton's show at Redcar on 18 March 2001 was no exception. In addition, there were many who questioned whether it was right to go ahead with the show in light of the Foot & Mouth crisis. Fiona Hulse reports. (24/03/01)
Traci Gaunt World Championships 2001: We Learned
It was a superb weekend. The results, however, speak for themselves. The British Team had a rapid learning curve before they started to perform to their best. Comments from the Team and their supporters, starting with what Mary Ann Nester brought home.  (11/10/01)

The World Championships 2000: Agility Sans Frontiers
In the year 2000 the honour of holding the championships was bestowed on the Finnish Kennel Club. For anyone with an interest in agility, it had to be the place to be. Personal reports from the British and American camps and the host country. (3/11/00)

World Championships 2000 - News
The Finnish KC is getting ready for the Agility World Championships which will take place in Helsinki at the end of this month. Around 250 competitors from nearly 30 countries will take part. Some 10,000 spectators are expected to watch the top agility dogs in the world compete. And next year we'll be there. See what you're missing... (26/09/00)

World Championships 2000: Review
Review of the World Championships in Finland with pictures compliments of the SAS web site. Also results on Guy Blancke's site. (08/10/00)
World Championship Diary: Guy Blancke's Very Big Day
You train for a whole year for the World Championships, and then suddenly that day is there. Before you know it, your things are packed and off you go. Guy Blancke won the Individual Standard Jumping at the World Championships in Dortmund with his Groenendael Unia. He kept this record of the big day. (13/10/99)


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