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Agility Foundation Training
Greg Derrett's new video demonstrating his initial training programme to prepare your dog for a successful agility career. Reviewed by Liz Morgan. (21/10/02)
Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty!
A unique insight into the character of agility's most popular dog breed, showing sheepdogs relaxing together in ways the average pet owner never sees. Reviewed by Diana Lowe. (01/12/05)
Cik&Cap - The Easiest Way to Perfect Turns Cik & Cap Turns
Step by step instructions how to teach perfect turns with real life examples and course plans, reviewed by Toni Dawkins.
Great Dog Great Handler - The Winning Combination
Revealing Greg Derrett's internationally renowned handling system which will give you the ability to use the advanced handling techniques you require for you and your dog to become a winning combination. Reviewed by Geraldine Thomas  (15/03/08)
Great dog! Shame About the Handler
The second video on agility training by Greg Derrett covering all the handling aspects needed to get the best out of your dog. Reviewed by Gina Graham.  (21/10/03)

Heelwork to Music Mary’s Way - The Advanced Freestyle Moves
Mary Ray
illustrates how you can train your own dog, using clicker training, to perform all the advanced moves that she so successfully incorporates into her fabulous routines. Reviewed by Elizabeth Morgan. (22/05/02)
Heelwork to Music Mary's Way
Mary Ray, originator of Heelwork to Music has at last produced a video of her methods of training the various moves in this exciting new canine pastime. Mary demonstrates her latest routine The Sorcerer and Her Apprentice (as seen at Crufts and on television) and shows how to train the movements. Video review by Ron Rawlingson
Improve Your Dog's Health Through Canine Massage
hy massage promotes good health and performance and how to do it. DVD from the Galen Therapy Centre. Reviewed by Lisa LeSigne  (08/09/05)
Living in Harmony with your Dog
The Dog Whisperer's DVD on basic dog training, aimed at getting consistent behaviour time after time. Reviewed by Nina Lacey.  (12/11/05)
Training an agility dog from 8 weeks to 18 months by Ruth Hobday and reviewed by Lauren Langman.  (20/09/04)



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