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Agility & Agility Related News

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Agility Council News
The Kennel Club Agility Liaison Council represents the grassroots of agility, providing a passage of communication both to and from the Kennel Club. It's purpose is to discuss issues regarding health and safety, competition and other matters of importance to the agility community and, if necessary to amend or propose new rules and regulations to safeguard it. (regular updates)
Agility Team News
From all around the UK, news of clubs and training groups large and small, KC and independent, competitive or 'just for fun!'
Charity News
Thousands of pounds are raised by agility clubs around the country via demonstrations, sponsored walks and other events. What have you done today?
In Memory
Remembering agility friends and family who have passed away.

Rescue News
News of the rescue organisations that do such a good job of saving those unwanted dogs who have found new lives and thrived in agility homes.
Show Snippets
Agilitynet came into it's own during the Foot & Mouth Crisis in 2002 and has not looked back since. It's here for you in times of crisis such as the spring floods or show cancellations or just the everyday cut and thrust of agility life. The Net is a fast and efficient way of keeping people informed about the little changes as well as the big ones whether it be from the Kennel Club, UK Agility or independent show organisers.

Sponsorship News
News from those nice people who support Agility.

Suppliers News
Keeping up with the people who supply the equipment and services that make the agility world go round.

Training & Education News
Where to train and retrain, if necessary, when and with whom.